Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Cardinal Fuzz Label Rolls Out New Releases From Old Mexico, Stephen Bailey and Tengger

Just last month, we received the latest release from the musical trio Old Mexico. Their new self-titled album features six tracks, beginning with the fourteen-minute epic jazz fusion of "Past The Western Wall," as you notice the musicians each finding their own way through this number. They continue with the light, acoustic folk strumming of "Stellar Jay" and the slow-moving, psych-rock of "Black Matador." Old Mexico jam on the bluesy feel of "The Old Ones," before closing their new album with sound collage of "Madeline Kahn." To find out more about Old Mexico and their latest self-titled release, please visit jasonsimon.bandcamp.com.

Next, arriving February 22nd is the sophomore effort from singer/songwriter/musician Stephen Bailey. His new solo album titled "9" features ten tracks, beginning with a short one minute, atmospheric instrumental, which leads you into the alternative-pop melody of "Number 9." He delivers a more psychedelic tone to "Hyde," while also keeping the song's addictive pop beats. Stephen experiments a little more with the electronic instrumental "Run," before continuing with mellow pace of "Mirage." He closes out his new album with the wonderfully, upbeat, addictive sound of "Fairytale" and the steady, dreamlike delivery of "Quiet House." To find out more about Stephen Bailey and his latest release "9," please visit stephenbailey.bandcamp.com.

From Seoul, South Korea, we get the latest release from the duo itta and Marqido, who go by the name Tengger. Their latest release titled "Segye" began back in 2016, as politically unrest played an important part of the development of this album. It was originally only released on cassette, but is now being newly remastered for a vinyl release. The eight songs that make up this album are exploratory soundscapes, provided by the synthesizer talents of Marqido. Itta's voice highlights the repetitive melody of  the opening track "Donggrami," as your thoughts begin to drift, the further you get into the album. The swirling sounds of "Ollim" and "Neoulneoul" will relax your mind, before the sonic build-up of "Geuglag Wansaeng" takes you on one last ride through sound. To find out more about Tengger and their latest release "Segye," please visit tenggerggb.bandcamp.com.

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