Saturday, March 23, 2019

UB40 Are Preparing To Release A New Studio Album "For The Many" On March 29th

The English reggae/pop band UB40 are preparing to release their first album of new music in over five years. The new release titled "For The Many," is the band's 19th studio album and also features a load of special guests. UB40 may be best known in the U.S. for their number one singles "Red Red Wine" and "( I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You."

The new album kicks off with the upbeat, reggae vibe of "The Keeper," as their music still feels timeless. The band slow the rhythm down, but let the horns take over on "Broken Man," which features contributions from reggae singer, Kabaka Pyramid. It's time to hop aboard the "Gravy Train," as you feel transported to the islands of the Caribbean with the song's laid back vibe. The album's lead single "Moonlight Lover" is a fun piece of music as UB40 invite fellow Birmingham reggae artist Gilly G. to swap lyrics. The album finishes with the light-hearted island vibe of "Poor Fool" and the more emotional tone of "All We Do Is Cry," which features British/Asian pop artist Hunterz.

UB40 are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year with a huge European/U.S. tour this spring and summer. The are heading out on the road on March 23rd, before hitting the U.S. in August. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "For The Many," please visit

Friday, March 22, 2019

Todd Rundgren's Utopia Return With New "Live At The Chicago Theatre" Release

Arriving April 5th, from classic rock icon Todd Rundgren is a new live album titled "Live At The Chicago Theatre." The show celebrates his band Utopia, which originally formed in 1974. It has been over thirty years since Rundgren has performed strictly Utopia music live, and for this special occasion the entire concert was filmed in high-definition for this new special release. The new deluxe edition features a Blu-Ray, DVD and 2 CDs, while a special edition green double-vinyl version will also be released, but two weeks later on April 19th.

The show kicks off, much like Utopia's debut album, with the 14-minute, mostly instrumental "Utopia Theme." Todd Rundgren is joined onstage by Kasim Sulton (bass), Willie Wilcox (drums) and Gil Assayas (keyboards). The band perform a shorten version of "The Ikon," before rocking out to a cover of Electric Light Orchestra's "Do Ya." Utopia keep the energy flowing with "Freedom Fighters" and "Back On The Street," as this latest version of Utopia have the perfect chemistry. The first disc closes with the progressive rock appeal of "Overture/Communion With The Sun" and the more aggressive rocker "Last Of The New Wave Riders."

The show continues with the "Road To Utopia," which originally kicked off the band's 1979 album "Adventures In Utopia." Todd Rundgren's Utopia dives into their eighties catalog with the songs "Play The Game," "Swing To The Right" and "Princess Of The Universe." Utopia's two most successful singles "Set Me Free" and "Hammer In My Heart" finally find their way into the set list, as the audience appreciates the trip down memory lane. Todd Rundgren's Utopia finish up the show with the popular ballads "Love Is The Answer" and "Just One Victory."

Todd Rundgren is heading out on a two month tour, beginning April 3rd in the Netherlands, before hitting the U.S. the following week. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about the new release from Todd Rundgren's Utopia "Live At The Chicago Theatre," please visit his Facebook page at

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Give Us "The Best Of Everything"

Since the untimely passing of Tom Petty in October of 2017, The Heartbreakers, along with Tom's family, have released a giant set of unreleased gems titled "An American Treasure." It features over 60 songs from the Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers vault. It also seemed like the right time to sum up the career of a man who has touched so many rock 'n' roll hearts. Back on March 1st, Geffen Records/UMe teamed up to create the ultimate Tom Petty 'greatest hits' package titled "The Best Of Everything." This new set, released as a double-disc CD set or a four vinyl record set features 38 tracks that covers Petty's entire career with The Heartbreakers, as a solo artist and for the first time as a member of Mudcrutch. 

Of course, will all 'best of' collections, you are going to have some of your favorite songs not make the cut, but for starters, this set kicks off with the Petty solo greats, "Free Fallin'," "You Wreck Me" and "I Won't Back Down." Then it shifts to the Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' classics "Don't Do Me Like That," "Breakdown" and "The Waiting." Petty's last greatest hits set "Anthology: Through The Years" only reached up to 1995, while "The Best Of Everything" includes songs from his last four albums with The Heartbreaks, as well as his final solo release "Highway Companion."

The set does not run in chronological order, which actually helps you absorb each song individually, as Tom Petty worked on making each album it's own work of art. Some of the welcome additions to this career-spanning release is of course the song "Wildflowers," which certainly belongs on every Tom Petty "best of" compilation. Others that may not be as well known, are the Mudcrutch songs "Scare Easy," "Trailer," "Hungry No More" and "I Forgive It All," but they fit in perfectly along side other recent favorites like "American Plan B" and "Square One." This set also includes two unreleased songs, an alternative version of the title song "The Best Of Everything," which originally appeared on the "Southern Accents" album. This new version restores the lost second verse. The other previously unreleased gem, which is the latest lead single from the band, is the song "For Real," which was originally recorded during the sessions for "The Last DJ" album. It begins with just Tom strumming on an acoustic guitar, before the rest of the band join in on this ballad.

This new release also includes a new essay, specially written for this collection, from author, journalist, director Cameron Crowe. To find out more about Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' latest release "The Best Of Everything," please visit

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New Music On The Horizon From Bambi Lee Savage, Creature And The Woods and Faux Co

Arriving in May, is the new album titled "Berlin-Nashville Express" from Americana rocker Bambi Lee Savage. Bambi entered the music industry as an audio engineer, working on such classic albums as U2's "Achtung Baby" and Nick Cave & The Band Seeds' "The Good Son." After being featured on the "Sling Blade" soundtrack, Bambi entered the studio to release her debut album in 2003. Now sixteen years later, she is preparing to release her fourth studio album, which features ten tracks, beginning with the Texas-flavored, country roots of "Honey" and "This Blue Heart." She continues with the swift pace and sweet slide-guitar of "Get Out My Pillow (I'm Comin' Home)" and "Baby Come Back." Bambi pours her heart into the soulful ballad "I'll Have To Leave Town (To Get Over You)," before finishing her new album with the boost of energy supplied by "Drinker Of Gin" and the beautiful, sweeping melody of "Darlin' (Savannah Remix)." To find out more about Bambi Lee Savage and her latest release "Berlin-Nashville Express," please visit

Next, from sunny San Diego comes the new four-song EP from the Americana/rock band, Creature And The Woods. Their new album titled "J Tree" looks to follow the success of their debut album "Rise," back in 2017. The album begins with the pounding rhythm and slices of guitar during "Widow's Waltz," as the band come together for the powerful chorus of, "Dark days of the summer are ending now." They slow the tempo down for the bluesy feel of "Head Above Water," while "Oh, Well" is a modern, psychedelic rock masterpiece that plays perfectly with headphones. Creature And The Woods wrap of their new new four-song EP with the up-beat, acoustic sing-along of "Two Golden Coins." To find out more about Creature And The Woods and their latest release "J Tree," please visit

Arriving April 5th, is the debut album "Radio Silence" from Chicago's own Faux Co. Their new eight-song release begins with the bright, guitar-strumming melody of "Prozac Spaceman," as their sound seems familiar, but at the same time original. They mix together a sixties pop sound with an alternative rawness for the addictive "Set The Record Straight," before slowing down for the nostalgic trip of "Oh, Mother Night." Faux Co draw upon the influence of the early Rolling Stones' records during "Gimmie Sumthin'," before they close out their new album with the acoustic pop harmonies of "It's Nothing, Really" and the build-up of the psychedelic rock ballad "Get A Say." To find out more about Faux Co and their latest release "Radio Silence," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Emily Jean Flack, Jordan Indiana Gonzalez and Girls On Grass

From Canada comes the debut release titled "Throwing Stones" from singer/songwriter Emily Jean Flack. She is the daughter of Denise Flack, who is a member of the Celtic pop band, Leahy. Emily's new album begins with subtle touches of piano and guitar, while her voice simply soars with beauty on the opening track, "Another Year Gone By." The gentle acoustics of "One Word" are the perfect backdrop for Emily, as you will easily be drawn in to her vocals. She moves into a more pop direction on "Not Gonna Be The One," while also bringing in aspects of her Celtic background. Emily Jean Flack wraps up her new short five songs release with the most up-tempo track on the album, "Throwing Shapes." To find out more about newcomer Emily Jean Flack and her latest release "Throwing Stones," please visit

Next, from Nashville comes the latest self-title release from singer/songwriter Jordan Indiana Gonzalez. His new thirteen-song release begins with the energetic pop tones of "Wildfire," as the nickname "American Ed Sheeran" seems to be the perfect fit to describe Jordan's sound. He quiets down for the gentle ballad "Today Is A New Day," as you begin to fall in love with his stellar songwriting and warming vocals. He quickly returns back to the pop roots of "Losing You" and "Patiently Waiting," while the songs "Everything" and "Memory" are the perfect selections to get Jordan the recognition his music deserves. He wraps up his new album with the beautiful pop journey aboard "Starship" and "Burning Heart," as Jordan continues to follow the blueprint of mainstream chart success. To find out more about Jordan Indiana Gonzalez and his latest self-titled release, please visit

Arriving April 5th, is the sophomore album from Brooklyn's Girls On Grass. The new release titled "Dirty Power" features eleven tracks, beginning with alternative, Americana pop energy of "Down At The Bottom" and "Street Fight." The band deliver a more countrified sound on "Got To Laugh To Keep From Crying," before expanding into rockabilly territory with the swift pace and stunning guitar work of "Two Places." Girls On Grass showcase a nostalgic rock/pop sound with the addictive "Into The Sun," before wrapping up their new album with the guitar boogie of "Commander In Thief" and the up-tempo, acoustic strumming of "Thoughts Are Free." To find out more about Girls On Grass and their latest release "Dirty Power," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Monday, March 18, 2019

New Hard Rock Releases From Shallow Side, Red Sun Rising, I Prevail and 9Electric

After six years of performing live and releasing three EPs, we finally get the full-length debut album from Shallow Side, arriving March 29th through Thermal Entertainment LLC. The new album titled "Saints & Sinners" features ten tracks, beginning with the electrifying guitar riffs and high energy chorus of "Revival" and the southern hard-rock approach of the title-song "Saints & Sinners." Their sound gets even more intense with the pounding rhythm of "Sound The Alarm," before slowing down for the burning rock ballad "Temptations." Shallow Side come roaring back with the hard rock attack of "Hallelujah," before finishing their new album with sonic blast of "No More" and the arena-built sound of "Carry On." To find out more about Shallow Side and their latest release "Saints & Sinners," please visit

As American rockers, Red Sun Rising head out on the road beginning March 21st for a month-long U.S. tour, they are also releasing a new four song EP titled "Peel." It features three songs that the band have re-recorded from their last couple albums, along with a brand new cover version of The Beach Boys' 'Wouldn't Be Nice." The new album begins with The Beach Boys' cover, as Red Sun Rising do an outstanding job on the song, but it almost sounds too perfect, without adding anything of their own to give it another style. The new release continues with the acoustic based, up-tempo "Left For Dead," as the band seem more passionate about giving their own songs a new makeover. Red Sun Rising close out their new EP with the gentle ballad "Blister," as this release is a great addition for fans to get excited about their upcoming tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Peel," please visit

On March 29th, arrives the latest release titled "Trauma" from the hardcore rock band, I Prevail. Their new album features 13 tracks, beginning with the sonic blast of "Bow Down," as I Prevail come out swinging on their new album. They deliver a more melodic metal tone to "Paranoid" and slow down for the duet with Delaney Jane on the rock ballad "Every Time You Leave." The album's lead single "Break It Down" begins with the slow, moody tones of the opening verse, before the the crash of chorus powers the song's energy. I Prevail take it to another level on the hardcore attack of "Gasoline," while "Hurricane" will turn them into mainstream metal radio mainstays. The band wrap up their new album with the steady, swift rhythm of "Low" and the gentle ballad "I Don't Belong Here." To find out more about I Prevail and their latest release "Trauma," please visit

Also arriving March 29th, is the latest full-length album from the Los Angeles rock band, 9Electric. The original idea was to bring the band's re-vamped line-up into the studio to record one song, just to see how it goes. What resulted was a dozen new tracks that make up their new album "Megalith." They come blasting out of the gate with the aggressive attack of "No Evil" and the buzzing guitars of "God And Man." They keep the energy flowing with their cover of Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Wanna Be," as 9Electric add more emotion into their performance of the song, turning it into one of the highlights of the new album. Their new single "The Light" features contributions from Carla Harvey (Butcher Babes) as the song's raw, edgy melody is the perfect recipe for mainstream hard rock success. 9Electric lay off their attack for a moment, for the quieter ballad "Disposable Love," before quickly returning with the rhythm-fueled, arena rocker "Breathe." They wrap up their new album with another modern hard rock gem with "Nothing 2 Lose" and the intense sonic power of "Outta Control." To find out more about 9Electric and their latest release "Megalith," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Travel Into The Worlds Of Space Rock With Nik Turner And Progressive Rock With Exit North

English musician, Nik Turner, co-founder of the British space rock band Hawkwind, recently released a brand new studio album titled "The Final Frontier." He started his solo space mission six years ago with the release of "Space Gypsy" and has continued to release a new album every couple of years. This new nine-song release is a continuation of his last album "Life In Space," as he kicks things off with the nostalgic, psych-rock of "Out Of Control." Nik Turner slows the tempo down for the exploratory flow of "Interstellar Aliens" and the experimental hints of instrumentation on "Thunder Rider." Turner and his band get locked into the groove of "The Final Frontier Part 1," before traveling back in time for the psychedelic space rock of "Calling The Egyptians." Nik Turner wraps up his new album with the eight-minute progressive rock adventure "Strange Loop" and the quiet, floating tones of "PAD4." To find out more about Nik Turner and his latest release, "The Final Frontier," please visit

Arriving April 12th is the debut album from the progressive rock quartet, Exit North. The idea came together when Steve Jansen (co-founder of the band, Japan) formed a partnership with fellow artist Thomas Feiner on Jansen's 2007 album "Slope." Since then, the two have created a bond and brought on-board Ulf Jansson and Charlie Storm to create the band Exit North and the album "Book Of Romance and Dust."

The new nine-song release begins with the slow-building, atmospheric flow of "Best Bones," as you begin to get introduced to this group. The mood of the album continues to be dark and melodious with the songs, "Short Of One Dimension" and "Sever Me." The music of "North" allows you to explore your feelings with it's subtle hints of sound, before Exit North build the music back up once again through "Lesson In Doubt." They finish up their album with the nine-minute epic wonder of "Losing" and the gentle touch of "Another Chance." To find out more about Exit North and their latest release "Book Of Romance And Dust," please visit

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Joey Stuckey Trio Step Into "The Shadow Of The Sun" On Latest Release

Arriving March 29th, is the new album from the Joey Stuckey Trio titled "In The Shadow Of The Sun." It features the band recording at the legendary Sun Studios with the classic set-up of playing together in one room (like the original classic days) with only a few mics to record the music. It took the Joey Stuckey Trio all of about three hours to record their new album.

It features nine tracks, including two versions of their new single "You're So Wrong." The album begins with the high-energy, up-tempo rocker "You're So Wrong," which is very addictive and will certainly have you spinning this song multiple times. The Joey Stuckey Trio also try their hand at some other classics, like Van Morrison's "Domino," which has a raw, bluesy vibe, and the country ballad "Good Time Charlie," originally recorded by Danny O'Keefe and later made popular by Elvis Presley. Randall Bramblett helps out on the organ of electrifying blues of "Troubles Come In Threes," before the band pay homage to the Allman Brothers Band with a spot-on, energetic cover of "Whipping Post." To find out more information on the Joey Stuckey Trio and their latest release "In The Shadow Of The Sun," please visit

Friday, March 15, 2019

Happy Growl Records Is Paying Homage To '80's Rock Band, Locate Your Lips, With New Release

Back in the mid-80's, a local Milwaukee band Locate Your Lips took over the club scene and was one of the premier rock band's of the area. They had the energy of punk, mixed with the addictive melodies of pop, centered with the musicianship of progressive rock. The band recorded songs for an album that was never released, until now. On April 5th, Happy Growl Records is preparing to release the long lost album from Locate Your Lips titled "For Kenny." The title is a reference to drummer Kenny Baldwin, who passed away from cancer in 2015.

The new two-disc set includes a set of live recordings that were made and broadcast on WQFM radio station and a completed ten-song studio album. The group's sound will instantly bring you back three decades, with pop songs like "De Lon Jon" and "Alive," while they also flex their punk muscle with "Got A Lot Of Time" and "I Can't Take Another Taste Of This." The live disc is where you will discover the full potential of the band, as they certainly knew how to rock with the energetic ska-like beginner "Stethoscope." Their sound was certainly on point with the whole eighties rock vibe as Locate Your Lips perform songs like "Get Away" and "This World," that carry an addictive rock vibe that you can easily latch on to. This trio created some great indie-rock with "Waiting For You To Run" and "Dance Or Die," which allowed them the freedom to flow through many different genres of music. To find out more about this newly discovered release from '80's rockers Locate Your Lips, please visit the band's Facebook page at

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Foreigner Digs Into The Vault For New "Live At The Rainbow '78" Video From Eagle Vision

As the band Foreigner continue tour the globe and mend ties with its former lead singer, Eagle Vision is ready to release a brand new Blu-ray/DVD of their sold out show at London's Rainbow Theatre from 1978. It featured the band's classic line-up of Mick Jones (guitars, keyboards), Lou Gramm (lead singer), Ian McDonald (guitar, keyboards, sax, flute), Al Greenwood (keyboards, synthesizer), Ed Gagliardi (bass) and Dennis Elliott (drums). The show took place in April, following the band's recording of their second album "Double Vision," as they were on the brink of superstardom. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this classic show, the film titled "Live At The Rainbow '78" has been restored, remixed and remastered for it's March 15th release date.

The 75-minute performance is captured in it's entirety, as the band come out rocking with "Long, Long Way From Home." As you watch the first few minutes of this film, two things come to mind. One is how good the video looks after sitting in the music vaults for forty years. The second is how great it was to capture Foreigner performing in this smaller theater setting, before becoming a huge arena rock act.

The best thing about watching classic concerts like this on video is that the film doesn't jump around every second to try and catch every little thing that may be happening on stage. This film sticks with one shot for was seems like more than a couple minutes, as you can feel yourself getting absorbed into the performance. The band is on fire performing the yet to be released songs, "Hot Blooded" and "Double Vision," as you can sense they are on the verge of greatness that will last for years to come. I can only imagine how great it must have been to be in the audience that evening, getting blown away by the shear force of this band. 

Foreigner's youthful energy reminds you of how amazing of a live act they were throughout the remainder of the seventies and eighties. While the film never directly shows the audience, you can see them enjoying the classics "Feels Like The First Time" and the set closer "Headknocker," as arms wave and fists pump into the air when the camera spans the entire stage. With younger audiences now  beginning to notice many of these classic rock bands touring the country year in and year out, this film is a true statement as to what made fans originally fall in love with them and follow these bands throughout their entire careers. To find out more about the new Foreigner live video "Live At The Rainbow '78," please visit

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Don't Miss Out On New Music From Don Brownrigg, Galaa, Trampoline and Art Schop

Singer/songwriter Don Brownrigg recently released his latest album "Fireworks," along with the album's lead single "Strum And Rhyme." Brownrigg's fanbase has certainly grown with each release, as his music has shown up on television shows and at festivals around the world. He begins his new album with the wonderful, gentle flow of "From You" and the more mainstream alt-pop approach of "Bad Timing." His voice just glides along the steady beat of "Perfect Poem," as the music wraps you up like a comfortable blanket. The album's lead single "Strum And Rhyme" takes it's time, with no need to rush things, while his playful cover of Susanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" is a must-have on steady rotation. Don Brownrigg closes his latest album with the dark, emotion-filled "My Way" and the swirling piano ballad "You Know." To find out more about Don Brownrigg and his latest release "Fireworks," please visit his Facebook page at

Next from Toronto, Canada comes the full-length debut release from the alt-pop band, Galaa. The new album, "The Speech," is the work of singer/keyboardist Aley Waterman, along with Adam Hogan (guitar), Josh Ward (bass) and Ashley Chalmers (drums) and features ten exciting new tracks. We begin with the airy, electronic pop beats of "Open Eyes" and the more light-hearted, flowing melody of "Ender." The mood turns darker on the experimental electronics of "The Speech," while Aley's vocals seem to float on top of the stark backdrop of "Little Wonder." Galaa return with the more up-tempo pop feel of "Bloom," before finishing up their new album with the quiet rock ballad "Mirrors And Smoke" and the seven-minute adventurous tale of "Hunter." To find out more about Galaa and their latest release "The Speech," please visit their Facebook page at

Also from Canada comes the debut, concept album "Happy Crimes" from the melodic alternative rock band, Trampoline. Their new fifteen-track release begins with the spoken word "Prologue," which leads into the musical variety pack of "Apocalypse I (The Longing)." The energy continues with "Astral Master," as you can hear the band's influences shine through on this epic rock number. The band experiments more with their sound with "Don't You Want Love," bringing together a Broadway, rock-opera approach to this album. The songwriting of Trampoline is highlighted by the seven-minute storytelling piece "Apocalypse II" and the punk-like energy of "Mary Alice." The band wrap up their new album with progressive rock approach of "Emily's Tea Party" and the final rock assault of "Fin Manifesto." To find out more about Trampoline and their latest release "Happy Crimes," please visit

After nearly three years, singer/songwriter/philosopher Art Schop returns with his sequel "Death Waits II: The Writers." It pays homage to the lives of such famous writers as Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Dante and others through these ten brand new songs featured on Art Schop's latest release. He begins with a song for Dickinson with the title song "Death Waits II." The song's sweeping melody and emotional lyrics showcase Schop's love for Dickinson's writings. Next, he rocks out on "A Poor Aunt," for his homage to Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami, then quiets his sound on the sweet melody of "My First Goose" as Art Schop sings about Isaac Babel. The steady flow of "Have You Paid The Gasbill" for Sylvia Plath and the gentle touch of "Beatrice" for Dante, display the love and inspiration that has been felt while writing about his heroes. Art Schop wraps up his new album with the acoustic folk appeal of "Dublin To Trieste" (homage to James Joyce) and the grand closer of "Existentialist Nostalgia" (for Albert Camus). To find out more about Art Schop and his latest release "Death Waits II: The Writers," please visit

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Huffamoose, Evelyn Brown and Lili Anel

The Philadelphia-based band, Huffamoose recently released their latest album titled "...And That's When The Golf Ball Hit Me On The Head." It has been over twenty years since Huffamoose released their debut album "We've Been Had Again" on Interscope Records, and since then they have toured the U.S. more than a few times, as well as appearing on radio and television. Their new album features ten tracks, beginning with the alternative/jamband buzz of "Send Out Your New Song" along with the steady pace and guitar buzz of "Summer." The band showcase their softer side with the pop/rock ballad "Son Of A Gun" and the quiet flow of "Restaurant Manager." Huffamoose dig their heels into the blues with "Birds," before closing out their new album with the Americana appeal of "Wind Outta My Sales." To find out more about Huffamoose and their latest release, "...And That's When The Golf Ball Hit Me On The Head," please visit

Next up, is the latest release from New York-based singer/songwriter Evelyn Brown. Her new self-titled album features eight Americana/country tracks, inspired by her upbringing in Texas. She begins with the mainstream country vibe of "All I'll Ever Need," as you will instantly fall in love with her amazing vocals. She slows the tempo down for the bluesy feel of "Where Are You Goin'," before returning to the country pop melody of "Nothin' Without You" and the the highly addictive "Say We Did." Evelyn wraps up her new album with the gentle ballad, "Bullet Proof," the up-tempo rocker "Let Go," and the quiet, Americana vibe of "Secret." To find out more about Evelyn Brown and her latest self-titled release, please visit her Facebook page at

And last, but certainly not least we arrive at the latest release from singer/songwriter/performer Lili Anel. Her new album "In Spirit" features ten tracks that combine all of elements of her upbringing on Cuban, jazz and pop albums from the sixties and seventies. She begins with the beautiful sweeping jazz of "Another Place Another Time," as Lili pours her heart and soul into her performance. Her vocals take center stage on the quiet tones of "Climb The Wall," before picking the energy up with the funky groove of "Thin Line." She hits the mainstream with folk/rock anthem "Much To My Surprise," then dabbles with the jazz vibes once again with "I Don't Care." Lili Anel finishes up her new album with the blues of "Traffic Jam In A One Horse Town" and the soulful melody of "The Way Out." To find out more about Lili Anel and her latest release "In Spirit," please visit

Monday, March 11, 2019

New RareNoise Records Releases From Sean Noonan's Pavees Dance and Chat Noir

Arriving March 29th through RareNoise Records is the sophomore release from drummer/composer Sean Noonan and his band, Pavees Dance. His new album titled "Tan Man's Hat" is a jazz fusion mix of rhythms and sound to create unique stories. He begins with the complex and slightly chaotic "Boldly Going," which centers around the journey through space on Spaceship Earth. He follows that up with the all out rock assault of "Gravity And The Grave" and "Tell Me," while "Martian Refugee" returns to the subject of space as the song's jazzy pop melody showcases the experimental steps that Sean and his band are willing to take with their storytelling tales. The tempo slows down for the nostalgic folk rock appeal of the title song "Tan Man's Hat," before closing out the album with the nine-minute clash of sounds on "The End Of The Inevitable" and the more graceful, sweeping melody of "Winter Inside." To find out more about Sean Noonan's Pavees Dance and their latest release "Tan Man's Hat," please visit

The idea behind the latest release from the electronic rock trio, Chat Noir's new album "Hyperuranion," is to create a soundtrack for the ideal realm of where the soul waits to enter the body. The "Hyperuranion" is Plato's vision for the search of truth and beauty on Earth and the band, Chat Noir deliver their new nine track album with that goal in mind. They begin with electronic beats and synthesizer rock groove of "Blisters," before delivering a more laid back jazz vibe with "Humanity," which features contributions by Norwegian jazz great Nils Petter Movaer. The album continues with the steady, avant-garde, synth-pop tones of "Overcome," while Movaer appears once again to lend a hand on the spaced-out jazz fusion of "Quasar." Chat Noir finish their latest album with the growing sounds of "Ten Elephants," which flows through with its worldly sounds and dance club beats, along with the experimental soundscape of "Quasar (Reprise)." To find out more about Chat Noir and their latest release "Hyperuranion," please visit

Sunday, March 10, 2019

New Albums On The Horizon From The American Revival and Tylor & The Train Robbers

The country/rockers The American Revival will be releasing their new studio album "The Saint And The Sinner," later this month. It features ten tracks of energy-fueled, uptempo music, beginning with the short clap-stomp rhythm of "The Devil Lives In The South." The album continues with the guitar driven blast of "The Way You Can" and the swinging country style of "Lovin' I Gave You," as The American Revival grow stronger with each release. They slow the tempo down for the southern blues ballad "Remember This," before picking the energy back up with the solid guitar riffs of "Friday Night." The album finishes with the emotions of "Whiskey Kisses," the solid country rock of "Rise & Fall" along with the dark Americana tones of the closing number "The Saint And The Sinner." To find out more about The American Revival and their latest release "The Saint And The Sinner," please visit

From Idaho comes the sophomore release from country/Americana band, Tylor & The Train Robbers. Their new album titled "Best Of The Worst Kind" will be released on April 26th and features a dozen tracks filled with classic roots music. The album begins with the steady flow of "Lost & Lonely Miles," as you are introduced to the band's acoustic-based sound. The vocals of front man Tylor Ketchum display a passion for the album's subject matter, which celebrates the history of "Black Jack" Ketchum, a member of the Hole-In-The-Wall Gang and a distant relative to Tylor. His singing on "Good At Bad News" and "Still Getting High" sounds as if it comes from someone who is well beyond his twenties, which Tylor is only in his mid-twenties. The six-minute "Ballad Of Black Jack Ketchum" gives you the complete story of his ancestor with the song's steady pace and storied lyrics. Tylor & The Train Robbers deliver a nostalgic country vibe on "Pave Your Way," before finishing up their new album with the gentle ballad "Few & Far Between," which features vocal contributions from Jennifer Pisano, and the quiet acoustics of "Place Like This." To find out more about Tylor & The Train Robbers and their latest release "Best Of The Worst Kind," please visit

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Singer Bonnie Tyler Reaches For "The Stars" On Her New Album

Singer/songwriter Bonnie Tyler has been performing for audiences for over four decades now. She released her first solo album in 1977 and became a household name first with the singles "It's A Heartache" and the chart topping "Total Eclipse Of The Heart." She will be releasing her seventeenth studio album "Between The Earth And The Stars" on March 22nd, through earMUSIC.

Her new album contains fourteen tracks, beginning with the steady rhythm of "Hold On," as Tyler's vocals sound perfectly aged. Her first special guest to appear on this release is Sir Rod Stewart, who duets with Tyler on the classic rock appeal of "Battle Of The Sexes." Bonnie Tyler gets the blues flowing through "Slow Walk," before featuring the work of Sir Barry Gibb, as he lends a hand with writing the ballad "Seven Waves Away." Status Quo's Francis Rossi helps Tyler pick the energy back up with the pounding rhythm of "Someone's Rockin' Your Heart," before slowing down once again for the emotional "Older." Tyler flexes her classic rock muscle with the energy of "Don't Push Your Luck," before finishing up her new album with the R&B sway of "Missing You" and the thick bass line of "Move." To find out more about Bonnie Tyler and her latest release "Between The Earth And The Stars," please visit

Friday, March 8, 2019

The Tedeschi Trucks Band Show "Signs" Of How Great Their New Album Is

The husband and wife duo of Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks have been riding a surge of success, as one of the premier southern rock/jam bands to be on the road. The Tedeschi Trucks Band will be celebrating 20 years together next spring and the band recently released their fourth studio album, "Signs." It shows a band that definitely enjoy what they do, as the band seems to grow with each new release. They continue to carry the torch that has been passed along from the Allman Brothers Band upon their retirement.

The new album features eleven tracks, beginning with the wonderful southern blues of "Signs, High Times," as the horns and Hammond organ add a bit of funk to the song's shuffle groove. The rhythm slows down for the R&B flavor of "I'm Gonna Be There," which also includes a guest appearance from guitarist/singer Doyle Bramhall II. The Tedeschi Trucks Band dive back into the funk with the steady bass line of "Walk Though This Life," which gets highlighted by the dual guitar work of Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. The tempo slows down for the soulful ballad "Strengthen What Remains" and the beautiful piano work of Kofi Burbridge (who passed away in February) on the inspirational "Still Your Mind." The whole band seems to come together like a congregation for "Hard Case," before closing the album with the Allman Brothers Band-sounding "Shame" and the quiet acoustics of "The Ending," featuring the guitar works of Oliver Wood (from The Wood Brothers).

The Tedeschi Trucks Band will be hitting the road, beginning in Europe at the beginning of April, before returning the U.S. the following month. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new release "Signs," please visit

Thursday, March 7, 2019

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Tim Gartland, Joey McGee and Alex Wiley Coyote

Arriving April 12th is the the fourth solo album from singer/harmonica player Tim Gartland. His new album titled "Satisfied" features ten tracks, beginning with the bluesy shuffle of "Drinking For Two." He slows down for the ballad "Blues For Free," as Gartland displays some of his talents on the harmonica. The tempo picks back up with the country vibe of "Can't Paint A Prettier Picture," before returning to the classic blues sound of "You Best Think Twice." His deep vocals shine on the title-song "Satisfied," then he delivers the guitar-boogie shuffle of "Walk On." Tim Gartland finishes up his new album with the reggae-type rhythm of "Why Does The Room Begin To Sway" and the sultry, slinky blues of "Don't Judge Me." To find out more about Tim Gartland and his latest release "Satisfied," please visit

Next from Texas comes the soulful rock of Joey McGee and his new album "El Camino Real." It also features ten tracks, beginning with the steady flow of "Stuck" and the country shuffle of "Old Beat Up Car." Joey picks the energy up with the sonic blast of "Hurricane," before slowing the tempo down for the quieter tones of "Sunday Blues." He quickly returns to the big country rock riffs of "The War You Wanted" and the bluesy swing of "The Cape." Joey McGee wraps up his new album with the emotion-filled ballad "For The Likes Of You" and the southern country rock sounds of "Deep In The Heart," as Joey vocals always seem to rise above the music. To find out more about Joe McGee and his latest release "El Camino Real," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release from experimental pop/rock artist Alex Wiley Coyote. His new release simply titled "Alex Wiley Coyote II" will be released on March 8th digitally and on cassette. Alex kicks things of with the steady electronic beats of "Maintenance Man," as he carries an underground new wave sound into the keyboard driven "Bram in Dreamland." He also showcases his raw, rock sound on "Dead People II," before returning to the electronic pop of "(I'm Gonna) Kill You." Alex wraps up his new album with the experimental sounds of "International PSA," the punk-like energy of "Dead Fish" and the seven-minute sound collage "Where The Sea Meets The Land." To find out more about Alex Wiley Coyote and his latest release "Alex Wiley Coyote II," please visit his Facebook page at

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Expand Your Musical Palette With The Bucket List, DarWin, Fernando Perdomo and Ape Shifter

When you create a list of things that you would like to do or accomplish in your lifetime, it becomes your "bucket list." Well, one such "bucket list" features a new album from legendary artists Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta. This trio, who have named themselves, The Bucket List, have recorded an album of 12 instrumentals that showcase the wonderful talents of each member of the band. We begin with "Sometimes 11," which starts out like a beautiful, wide-open jazz number, before taking off into more progressive rock territory. Levin's bass leads the way on the funky breaks of "Fearless," while Keaggy's guitar work on "Midlife Crisis" is exceptional. The album continues with the quieter, experimental rhythm of "Stella Luna," as drummer Jerry Marotta pours his heart into this performance. The band expands their sound with the interesting tones of "Phil's On," before closing their new album with the beautiful melody of "Caravan" and the sunny jazz sounds of "Blue Hawaii." To find out more from The Bucket List, please visit

The new progressive rock band, DarWin recently released their full-length debut album "Origin Of Species." It features the work of legendary drummer Simon Phillips (Toto, Judas Priest, The Who) and veteran bass player Matt Bissonette (David Lee Roth), with guest appearances from Greg Howe, Jeff Babko, Dennis Hamm and Ernst Tibbs. The new release is a concept album about the future of the world as chaos and confusion ensues. It is broken up into two separate acts, as things kick off with the aggressive feel of "For Humanity" and "The Last Chance." The tempo slows down for the more melodic tones of "Taking Chances" and "Escape The Maze." The first part of the album closes with the addition of The Chamber Orchestra of London filling up the grand appeal of "Forever."

The second part comes blasting right out of the gate with the hard rock attack of "War Against My Mind," before delivering the beautiful harmonies of "One Horizon" and "Cosmic Rays." The band return to the progressive hard rock assault of "Walk Away From Earth" and "Just One More Day," as you can fully appreciate the stellar musicianship DarWin have to offer. They close out their new album with the spoken word introduction of the "Prologue," which leads into the return of "For Humanity." To find out more about DarWin and their latest release "Origin Of Species," please visit

Progressive rock guitarist Fernando Perdomo quickly followed up his 2018 album "Out To Sea," with the sequel "Out To Sea 2." This new album features seventeen tracks, beginning with the intense quick energy shot of "Two." Fernando keeps the energy going with the steady flow of "Super Woofer" and the exciting guitar work of "Boing!" He slows down for you to examine the wonderful soundscape guitar work of "Beautiful" and "Stairway To The Sea." Fernando Perdomo also shows that he can rock with the best of them on the uptempo blast of "Saturday Night" and "Flying To Utopia." He closes out his new release with a pair of live tracks, as he takes you on the adventure of "Angel" and the more intense rocker "The Architect (Tribute To Peter Banks)." To find out more about Fernando Perdomo and his latest release "Out To Sea 2," please visit

Two years after the release of their debut album, the progressive hard-rock trio, Ape Shifter return with their sophomore album simply titled "Ape Shifter II." It features thirteen tracks that the band has been working on since completing their two European club tours. The album kicks off with the high-energy opener "Gravity," as musician Jeff Aug explodes on the guitar. The music gets a little grungier on the heavy attack of "Mask Of The Ancient Warrior," before drummer Kurty Munch pounds his way through "Shoegazer." Bassist Florian Walter gets funky with the riffs of "American Eagle," before the band return to a more classic British heavy metal sounds on "7 Years Fat, 7 Years Lean" and "Die Rausschmeiber." Ape Shifter wrap up their new album with the rhythm-fueled "No Chords Allowed, Jonathan" and the quieter, worldly feel of "Matilda," which is also the only song that contains lyrics and vocals. Ape Shifter will be heading out on the road at the end of the month for another club tour of Europe. To find out more about Ape Shifter and their latest release Ape Shifter II," please visit

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

New Music On The Horizon From Iron Fire, Iron Griffin, Imprecation, Vircolac and Musket Hawk

As the month of March kicks off, there are a handful of new heavy metal releases to take note of. First off is the latest release from the power metal trio, Iron Fire. Their new album "Beyond The Void" features a dozen tracks that keeps it focus on writing songs that will find their way into the heart of heavy metal fans everywhere. Iron Fire kick things off with the high-powered attack of the title-song "Beyond The Void" and the more melodic tone of "Final Warning," which showcases the band's growth over the years. The band keep the energy turning with the electrifying guitar riffs of "Cold Chains Of The North" and also "Bones And Gasoline." They take their sound to the next level with the intense delivery of "To Hell And Back," before finishing with the classic heavy metal tones of "One More Bullet" and sonic blast of "Out Of Nowhere." To find out more about Iron Fire and their latest release "Beyond The Void," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, is the full-length debut release from Finnish metal duo, Iron Griffin. The album feature the work of Mausoleum Gate drummer Oskari Rasanen, as he teams up with vocalist Maija Tiljander to create a classic metal sound on "Curse Of The Sky." The new seven-track release begins with a quiet "Prelude," which leads into the "Reign Of Thunder," as you are first introduced to Maija's high vocal range. The music carries a nostalgic NWOBHM vibe as displayed in "Lost Legion" and "Curse Of The Sky." The closing track is a seven-plus minute progressive rock track that showcases some of Oskari's best songwriting. To find out more about the new Iron Griffin release "Curse Of The Sky," please visit

Also arriving on March 22nd are a couple of releases from Dark Descent Records. First up is the sophomore effort from the Texas metal band, Imprecation. Their new album titled "Damnatio Ad Bestias" includes eight death metal anthems, beginning with the buzzing growl of "Temple Of The Foul Spirit." The band quickly pick-up the energy with the hardcore sound of "Morbid Crucifixion," before taking it up another notch with the intense attack of "Baptized In Satan's Blood." The album continues with the thunderous approach of "Dagger, Thurible, Alter Of Death," which includes a shredding guitar solo, before Imprecation close their new album with the aggressive, neck-breaking sound of "Ageless Of None." To find out more about Imprecation and their latest release "Damnatio Ad Bestias," please visit their Facebook page at

The other Dark Descent Records release comes from the hardcore death metal band Vircolac. Their new album titled "Masque" features seven tracks, as the band come blasting out of your speakers with the six-minute epic "Titan." They continue their sonic attack with the quick-pace of "Tether & Wine," before slowing down for the more progressive metal approach of "So I Hang From A Wretched Tree." Vircolac continue to blaze a trail of destruction with "Snake Among Men," before closing out their new album with the pounding two-minute instrumental "End Of A Beginning." To find out more about Vircolac and their latest release "Masque," please visit their Facebook page at

At the end of the month of March is the  arrival of the sophomore release from the Baltimore-based grindcore metal band, Musket Hawk. Their new six-song release titled "Upside Of Sick" burns with the raw, dark growling screams of "Roidhead Swindler," They continue to melt your eardrums with the musical hardcore clash of "Hexagon," before picking up the pace for the intense, aggressive attack of "Punk Rock Ruined My Life." Musket Hawk wrap up their new short release with seven-minute, feedback-fueled, sludge-metal appeal of "Uncouth." To find out more about Musket Hawk and their latest release "Upside Of Sick," please visit their Facebook page at