Friday, March 1, 2019

Cleopatra Records Digs Into The Vaults For Unreleased Recordings From '90s Rockers Sponge

The alternative rock band, Sponge blasted onto the music scene in 1994 with their debut album"Rotting Pinata." It featured the top five modern rock hits "Plowed" and "Molly," as both songs receive significant airplay on rock radio stations. Sponge quickly followed that up in 1996 with "Wax Ecstatic," which scored them the opening slot on the KISS reunion tour that same year. The band's popularity started to waiver following the release of their third album "New Pop Sunday," which showcased a cleaner pop/rock sound. The band still continues to record and tour to this day, and the original line-up played their first show together last year, since 1994.

Now, another new release to bring back the glory of the band's "heyday" is the Cleopatra Records release, "Demoed In Detroit 1997-98." It features 18-tracks that continued the band's early raw, grunge-like sound, which was eventually shelved for a more polished, mainstream radio-friendly sound. Songs like "Falling For The Girls," "Once In A Blue Moon" and "Walk In My Shoes" display the talent that Sponge had for creating energetic rock anthems. This set also includes a trio of cover songs, as Sponge add their special touch to classics by The Doors ("Break On Through"), The Who ("My Generation") and Steppenwolf ("Born To Be Wild"). Rounding out this new release are two exclusive acoustic versions of Sponge's biggest hits, "Plowed" and "Molly." To find out more about "Demoed In Detroit 1997-98," please visit

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