Thursday, March 14, 2019

Foreigner Digs Into The Vault For New "Live At The Rainbow '78" Video From Eagle Vision

As the band Foreigner continue tour the globe and mend ties with its former lead singer, Eagle Vision is ready to release a brand new Blu-ray/DVD of their sold out show at London's Rainbow Theatre from 1978. It featured the band's classic line-up of Mick Jones (guitars, keyboards), Lou Gramm (lead singer), Ian McDonald (guitar, keyboards, sax, flute), Al Greenwood (keyboards, synthesizer), Ed Gagliardi (bass) and Dennis Elliott (drums). The show took place in April, following the band's recording of their second album "Double Vision," as they were on the brink of superstardom. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this classic show, the film titled "Live At The Rainbow '78" has been restored, remixed and remastered for it's March 15th release date.

The 75-minute performance is captured in it's entirety, as the band come out rocking with "Long, Long Way From Home." As you watch the first few minutes of this film, two things come to mind. One is how good the video looks after sitting in the music vaults for forty years. The second is how great it was to capture Foreigner performing in this smaller theater setting, before becoming a huge arena rock act.

The best thing about watching classic concerts like this on video is that the film doesn't jump around every second to try and catch every little thing that may be happening on stage. This film sticks with one shot for was seems like more than a couple minutes, as you can feel yourself getting absorbed into the performance. The band is on fire performing the yet to be released songs, "Hot Blooded" and "Double Vision," as you can sense they are on the verge of greatness that will last for years to come. I can only imagine how great it must have been to be in the audience that evening, getting blown away by the shear force of this band. 

Foreigner's youthful energy reminds you of how amazing of a live act they were throughout the remainder of the seventies and eighties. While the film never directly shows the audience, you can see them enjoying the classics "Feels Like The First Time" and the set closer "Headknocker," as arms wave and fists pump into the air when the camera spans the entire stage. With younger audiences now  beginning to notice many of these classic rock bands touring the country year in and year out, this film is a true statement as to what made fans originally fall in love with them and follow these bands throughout their entire careers. To find out more about the new Foreigner live video "Live At The Rainbow '78," please visit

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