Sunday, March 10, 2019

New Albums On The Horizon From The American Revival and Tylor & The Train Robbers

The country/rockers The American Revival will be releasing their new studio album "The Saint And The Sinner," later this month. It features ten tracks of energy-fueled, uptempo music, beginning with the short clap-stomp rhythm of "The Devil Lives In The South." The album continues with the guitar driven blast of "The Way You Can" and the swinging country style of "Lovin' I Gave You," as The American Revival grow stronger with each release. They slow the tempo down for the southern blues ballad "Remember This," before picking the energy back up with the solid guitar riffs of "Friday Night." The album finishes with the emotions of "Whiskey Kisses," the solid country rock of "Rise & Fall" along with the dark Americana tones of the closing number "The Saint And The Sinner." To find out more about The American Revival and their latest release "The Saint And The Sinner," please visit

From Idaho comes the sophomore release from country/Americana band, Tylor & The Train Robbers. Their new album titled "Best Of The Worst Kind" will be released on April 26th and features a dozen tracks filled with classic roots music. The album begins with the steady flow of "Lost & Lonely Miles," as you are introduced to the band's acoustic-based sound. The vocals of front man Tylor Ketchum display a passion for the album's subject matter, which celebrates the history of "Black Jack" Ketchum, a member of the Hole-In-The-Wall Gang and a distant relative to Tylor. His singing on "Good At Bad News" and "Still Getting High" sounds as if it comes from someone who is well beyond his twenties, which Tylor is only in his mid-twenties. The six-minute "Ballad Of Black Jack Ketchum" gives you the complete story of his ancestor with the song's steady pace and storied lyrics. Tylor & The Train Robbers deliver a nostalgic country vibe on "Pave Your Way," before finishing up their new album with the gentle ballad "Few & Far Between," which features vocal contributions from Jennifer Pisano, and the quiet acoustics of "Place Like This." To find out more about Tylor & The Train Robbers and their latest release "Best Of The Worst Kind," please visit

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