Monday, March 18, 2019

New Hard Rock Releases From Shallow Side, Red Sun Rising, I Prevail and 9Electric

After six years of performing live and releasing three EPs, we finally get the full-length debut album from Shallow Side, arriving March 29th through Thermal Entertainment LLC. The new album titled "Saints & Sinners" features ten tracks, beginning with the electrifying guitar riffs and high energy chorus of "Revival" and the southern hard-rock approach of the title-song "Saints & Sinners." Their sound gets even more intense with the pounding rhythm of "Sound The Alarm," before slowing down for the burning rock ballad "Temptations." Shallow Side come roaring back with the hard rock attack of "Hallelujah," before finishing their new album with sonic blast of "No More" and the arena-built sound of "Carry On." To find out more about Shallow Side and their latest release "Saints & Sinners," please visit

As American rockers, Red Sun Rising head out on the road beginning March 21st for a month-long U.S. tour, they are also releasing a new four song EP titled "Peel." It features three songs that the band have re-recorded from their last couple albums, along with a brand new cover version of The Beach Boys' 'Wouldn't Be Nice." The new album begins with The Beach Boys' cover, as Red Sun Rising do an outstanding job on the song, but it almost sounds too perfect, without adding anything of their own to give it another style. The new release continues with the acoustic based, up-tempo "Left For Dead," as the band seem more passionate about giving their own songs a new makeover. Red Sun Rising close out their new EP with the gentle ballad "Blister," as this release is a great addition for fans to get excited about their upcoming tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Peel," please visit

On March 29th, arrives the latest release titled "Trauma" from the hardcore rock band, I Prevail. Their new album features 13 tracks, beginning with the sonic blast of "Bow Down," as I Prevail come out swinging on their new album. They deliver a more melodic metal tone to "Paranoid" and slow down for the duet with Delaney Jane on the rock ballad "Every Time You Leave." The album's lead single "Break It Down" begins with the slow, moody tones of the opening verse, before the the crash of chorus powers the song's energy. I Prevail take it to another level on the hardcore attack of "Gasoline," while "Hurricane" will turn them into mainstream metal radio mainstays. The band wrap up their new album with the steady, swift rhythm of "Low" and the gentle ballad "I Don't Belong Here." To find out more about I Prevail and their latest release "Trauma," please visit

Also arriving March 29th, is the latest full-length album from the Los Angeles rock band, 9Electric. The original idea was to bring the band's re-vamped line-up into the studio to record one song, just to see how it goes. What resulted was a dozen new tracks that make up their new album "Megalith." They come blasting out of the gate with the aggressive attack of "No Evil" and the buzzing guitars of "God And Man." They keep the energy flowing with their cover of Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Wanna Be," as 9Electric add more emotion into their performance of the song, turning it into one of the highlights of the new album. Their new single "The Light" features contributions from Carla Harvey (Butcher Babes) as the song's raw, edgy melody is the perfect recipe for mainstream hard rock success. 9Electric lay off their attack for a moment, for the quieter ballad "Disposable Love," before quickly returning with the rhythm-fueled, arena rocker "Breathe." They wrap up their new album with another modern hard rock gem with "Nothing 2 Lose" and the intense sonic power of "Outta Control." To find out more about 9Electric and their latest release "Megalith," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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