Monday, March 4, 2019

New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving From Tyr, Orbiter and Eyes Of The Living

Arriving March 8th via Metal Blade Records is the new studio album from the Scandinavian heavy metal band Tyr, who also celebrated their 20th year together in 2018. The new album titled "Hel" features thirteen tracks filled to the brim with new progressive, melodic anthems, beginning with entrance into the "Gates of Hel." The excitement and energy continues to the flow through the swift pace of "All Heroes Fall" and "Garmr," as the band's musicianship continues to be one of the best in the world of heavy metal music. Tyr deliver the powerful message of "Sunset Shore" and the aggressive attack of "Downhill Drunk" to display what they've learned from the last 20 years. They keep the pedal to the metal on the super-quick rhythm of "Empire Of The North," before the more melodic and progressive feel of "King Of Time" takes over your speakers. Tyr finish their new album with the sonic blast of "Songs Of War" and the seven-plus minute heavy metal version of the traditional Faroese ballad "Alvur Kongur." To find out more about Tyr and their latest release "Hel," please visit their Facebook page at

Next from Norway comes the latest release from the hard rock trio, Orbiter. Their new album titled "Resist, Submit, Repeat" features seven tracks, beginning with the hardcore groove of "To The Crows." The album continues with the lead single, "Six Line," which showcases the band's aggressive, raw sound. Orbiter swing along to the chugging rhythm of "Misery Season," before picking the tempo with the aggressive attack of "Fratican Shitty." They wrap up their new album with the sonic build-up of the album's most experimental track "Voyage." To find out more about Orbiter and their latest release "Resist, Submit, Repeat," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally we arrive at the debut studio album titled "War On Dead - More Dead" from Eyes Of The Living. The individual members have had their music featured on television shows like "That Metal Show," "Ozzy and Jack's World Detour," " The Messengers" and "True Hollywood Story." In 2016, the Eyes Of The Living band was formed and were crowned the East Coast Winners of the 2018 WACKEN Metal Band USA competition. Their new 15-track release comes blasting right from the beginning with the one-two punch of "Count The Days" and "Run For You Life," as you begin to take notice of this new heavy metal juggernaut. They keep the energy flowing with the adrenaline fueled metal riffs of "Infected" and "Chemical Bath," before delivering the mainstream heavy metal melodic sound of "Stench Of Death." Eyes Of The Living move their attack to the industrial/nu-metal style of "War On Dead," before closing their new album with the aggressive appeal of "Survival" and the acoustic metal ballad "Dawn." To find out more about Eyes Of The Living and their latest release "War On Dead - More Dead," please visit

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