Tuesday, March 12, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Huffamoose, Evelyn Brown and Lili Anel

The Philadelphia-based band, Huffamoose recently released their latest album titled "...And That's When The Golf Ball Hit Me On The Head." It has been over twenty years since Huffamoose released their debut album "We've Been Had Again" on Interscope Records, and since then they have toured the U.S. more than a few times, as well as appearing on radio and television. Their new album features ten tracks, beginning with the alternative/jamband buzz of "Send Out Your New Song" along with the steady pace and guitar buzz of "Summer." The band showcase their softer side with the pop/rock ballad "Son Of A Gun" and the quiet flow of "Restaurant Manager." Huffamoose dig their heels into the blues with "Birds," before closing out their new album with the Americana appeal of "Wind Outta My Sales." To find out more about Huffamoose and their latest release, "...And That's When The Golf Ball Hit Me On The Head," please visit huffamoose.com.

Next up, is the latest release from New York-based singer/songwriter Evelyn Brown. Her new self-titled album features eight Americana/country tracks, inspired by her upbringing in Texas. She begins with the mainstream country vibe of "All I'll Ever Need," as you will instantly fall in love with her amazing vocals. She slows the tempo down for the bluesy feel of "Where Are You Goin'," before returning to the country pop melody of "Nothin' Without You" and the the highly addictive "Say We Did." Evelyn wraps up her new album with the gentle ballad, "Bullet Proof," the up-tempo rocker "Let Go," and the quiet, Americana vibe of "Secret." To find out more about Evelyn Brown and her latest self-titled release, please visit her Facebook page at facebook.com/EvelynBMusic.

And last, but certainly not least we arrive at the latest release from singer/songwriter/performer Lili Anel. Her new album "In Spirit" features ten tracks that combine all of elements of her upbringing on Cuban, jazz and pop albums from the sixties and seventies. She begins with the beautiful sweeping jazz of "Another Place Another Time," as Lili pours her heart and soul into her performance. Her vocals take center stage on the quiet tones of "Climb The Wall," before picking the energy up with the funky groove of "Thin Line." She hits the mainstream with folk/rock anthem "Much To My Surprise," then dabbles with the jazz vibes once again with "I Don't Care." Lili Anel finishes up her new album with the blues of "Traffic Jam In A One Horse Town" and the soulful melody of "The Way Out." To find out more about Lili Anel and her latest release "In Spirit," please visit lilianel.org.

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