Thursday, March 7, 2019

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Tim Gartland, Joey McGee and Alex Wiley Coyote

Arriving April 12th is the the fourth solo album from singer/harmonica player Tim Gartland. His new album titled "Satisfied" features ten tracks, beginning with the bluesy shuffle of "Drinking For Two." He slows down for the ballad "Blues For Free," as Gartland displays some of his talents on the harmonica. The tempo picks back up with the country vibe of "Can't Paint A Prettier Picture," before returning to the classic blues sound of "You Best Think Twice." His deep vocals shine on the title-song "Satisfied," then he delivers the guitar-boogie shuffle of "Walk On." Tim Gartland finishes up his new album with the reggae-type rhythm of "Why Does The Room Begin To Sway" and the sultry, slinky blues of "Don't Judge Me." To find out more about Tim Gartland and his latest release "Satisfied," please visit

Next from Texas comes the soulful rock of Joey McGee and his new album "El Camino Real." It also features ten tracks, beginning with the steady flow of "Stuck" and the country shuffle of "Old Beat Up Car." Joey picks the energy up with the sonic blast of "Hurricane," before slowing the tempo down for the quieter tones of "Sunday Blues." He quickly returns to the big country rock riffs of "The War You Wanted" and the bluesy swing of "The Cape." Joey McGee wraps up his new album with the emotion-filled ballad "For The Likes Of You" and the southern country rock sounds of "Deep In The Heart," as Joey vocals always seem to rise above the music. To find out more about Joe McGee and his latest release "El Camino Real," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release from experimental pop/rock artist Alex Wiley Coyote. His new release simply titled "Alex Wiley Coyote II" will be released on March 8th digitally and on cassette. Alex kicks things of with the steady electronic beats of "Maintenance Man," as he carries an underground new wave sound into the keyboard driven "Bram in Dreamland." He also showcases his raw, rock sound on "Dead People II," before returning to the electronic pop of "(I'm Gonna) Kill You." Alex wraps up his new album with the experimental sounds of "International PSA," the punk-like energy of "Dead Fish" and the seven-minute sound collage "Where The Sea Meets The Land." To find out more about Alex Wiley Coyote and his latest release "Alex Wiley Coyote II," please visit his Facebook page at

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