Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New Music On The Horizon From Bambi Lee Savage, Creature And The Woods and Faux Co

Arriving in May, is the new album titled "Berlin-Nashville Express" from Americana rocker Bambi Lee Savage. Bambi entered the music industry as an audio engineer, working on such classic albums as U2's "Achtung Baby" and Nick Cave & The Band Seeds' "The Good Son." After being featured on the "Sling Blade" soundtrack, Bambi entered the studio to release her debut album in 2003. Now sixteen years later, she is preparing to release her fourth studio album, which features ten tracks, beginning with the Texas-flavored, country roots of "Honey" and "This Blue Heart." She continues with the swift pace and sweet slide-guitar of "Get Out My Pillow (I'm Comin' Home)" and "Baby Come Back." Bambi pours her heart into the soulful ballad "I'll Have To Leave Town (To Get Over You)," before finishing her new album with the boost of energy supplied by "Drinker Of Gin" and the beautiful, sweeping melody of "Darlin' (Savannah Remix)." To find out more about Bambi Lee Savage and her latest release "Berlin-Nashville Express," please visit

Next, from sunny San Diego comes the new four-song EP from the Americana/rock band, Creature And The Woods. Their new album titled "J Tree" looks to follow the success of their debut album "Rise," back in 2017. The album begins with the pounding rhythm and slices of guitar during "Widow's Waltz," as the band come together for the powerful chorus of, "Dark days of the summer are ending now." They slow the tempo down for the bluesy feel of "Head Above Water," while "Oh, Well" is a modern, psychedelic rock masterpiece that plays perfectly with headphones. Creature And The Woods wrap of their new new four-song EP with the up-beat, acoustic sing-along of "Two Golden Coins." To find out more about Creature And The Woods and their latest release "J Tree," please visit

Arriving April 5th, is the debut album "Radio Silence" from Chicago's own Faux Co. Their new eight-song release begins with the bright, guitar-strumming melody of "Prozac Spaceman," as their sound seems familiar, but at the same time original. They mix together a sixties pop sound with an alternative rawness for the addictive "Set The Record Straight," before slowing down for the nostalgic trip of "Oh, Mother Night." Faux Co draw upon the influence of the early Rolling Stones' records during "Gimmie Sumthin'," before they close out their new album with the acoustic pop harmonies of "It's Nothing, Really" and the build-up of the psychedelic rock ballad "Get A Say." To find out more about Faux Co and their latest release "Radio Silence," please visit their Facebook page at

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