Tuesday, March 5, 2019

New Music On The Horizon From Iron Fire, Iron Griffin, Imprecation, Vircolac and Musket Hawk

As the month of March kicks off, there are a handful of new heavy metal releases to take note of. First off is the latest release from the power metal trio, Iron Fire. Their new album "Beyond The Void" features a dozen tracks that keeps it focus on writing songs that will find their way into the heart of heavy metal fans everywhere. Iron Fire kick things off with the high-powered attack of the title-song "Beyond The Void" and the more melodic tone of "Final Warning," which showcases the band's growth over the years. The band keep the energy turning with the electrifying guitar riffs of "Cold Chains Of The North" and also "Bones And Gasoline." They take their sound to the next level with the intense delivery of "To Hell And Back," before finishing with the classic heavy metal tones of "One More Bullet" and sonic blast of "Out Of Nowhere." To find out more about Iron Fire and their latest release "Beyond The Void," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/ironfiredk.

Next, is the full-length debut release from Finnish metal duo, Iron Griffin. The album feature the work of Mausoleum Gate drummer Oskari Rasanen, as he teams up with vocalist Maija Tiljander to create a classic metal sound on "Curse Of The Sky." The new seven-track release begins with a quiet "Prelude," which leads into the "Reign Of Thunder," as you are first introduced to Maija's high vocal range. The music carries a nostalgic NWOBHM vibe as displayed in "Lost Legion" and "Curse Of The Sky." The closing track is a seven-plus minute progressive rock track that showcases some of Oskari's best songwriting. To find out more about the new Iron Griffin release "Curse Of The Sky," please visit facebook.com/irongriffinmetal.

Also arriving on March 22nd are a couple of releases from Dark Descent Records. First up is the sophomore effort from the Texas metal band, Imprecation. Their new album titled "Damnatio Ad Bestias" includes eight death metal anthems, beginning with the buzzing growl of "Temple Of The Foul Spirit." The band quickly pick-up the energy with the hardcore sound of "Morbid Crucifixion," before taking it up another notch with the intense attack of "Baptized In Satan's Blood." The album continues with the thunderous approach of "Dagger, Thurible, Alter Of Death," which includes a shredding guitar solo, before Imprecation close their new album with the aggressive, neck-breaking sound of "Ageless Of None." To find out more about Imprecation and their latest release "Damnatio Ad Bestias," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Imprecation.

The other Dark Descent Records release comes from the hardcore death metal band Vircolac. Their new album titled "Masque" features seven tracks, as the band come blasting out of your speakers with the six-minute epic "Titan." They continue their sonic attack with the quick-pace of "Tether & Wine," before slowing down for the more progressive metal approach of "So I Hang From A Wretched Tree." Vircolac continue to blaze a trail of destruction with "Snake Among Men," before closing out their new album with the pounding two-minute instrumental "End Of A Beginning." To find out more about Vircolac and their latest release "Masque," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/vircolacdeathmetal.

At the end of the month of March is the  arrival of the sophomore release from the Baltimore-based grindcore metal band, Musket Hawk. Their new six-song release titled "Upside Of Sick" burns with the raw, dark growling screams of "Roidhead Swindler," They continue to melt your eardrums with the musical hardcore clash of "Hexagon," before picking up the pace for the intense, aggressive attack of "Punk Rock Ruined My Life." Musket Hawk wrap up their new short release with seven-minute, feedback-fueled, sludge-metal appeal of "Uncouth." To find out more about Musket Hawk and their latest release "Upside Of Sick," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/MusketHawkBaltimore.

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