Monday, March 11, 2019

New RareNoise Records Releases From Sean Noonan's Pavees Dance and Chat Noir

Arriving March 29th through RareNoise Records is the sophomore release from drummer/composer Sean Noonan and his band, Pavees Dance. His new album titled "Tan Man's Hat" is a jazz fusion mix of rhythms and sound to create unique stories. He begins with the complex and slightly chaotic "Boldly Going," which centers around the journey through space on Spaceship Earth. He follows that up with the all out rock assault of "Gravity And The Grave" and "Tell Me," while "Martian Refugee" returns to the subject of space as the song's jazzy pop melody showcases the experimental steps that Sean and his band are willing to take with their storytelling tales. The tempo slows down for the nostalgic folk rock appeal of the title song "Tan Man's Hat," before closing out the album with the nine-minute clash of sounds on "The End Of The Inevitable" and the more graceful, sweeping melody of "Winter Inside." To find out more about Sean Noonan's Pavees Dance and their latest release "Tan Man's Hat," please visit

The idea behind the latest release from the electronic rock trio, Chat Noir's new album "Hyperuranion," is to create a soundtrack for the ideal realm of where the soul waits to enter the body. The "Hyperuranion" is Plato's vision for the search of truth and beauty on Earth and the band, Chat Noir deliver their new nine track album with that goal in mind. They begin with electronic beats and synthesizer rock groove of "Blisters," before delivering a more laid back jazz vibe with "Humanity," which features contributions by Norwegian jazz great Nils Petter Movaer. The album continues with the steady, avant-garde, synth-pop tones of "Overcome," while Movaer appears once again to lend a hand on the spaced-out jazz fusion of "Quasar." Chat Noir finish their latest album with the growing sounds of "Ten Elephants," which flows through with its worldly sounds and dance club beats, along with the experimental soundscape of "Quasar (Reprise)." To find out more about Chat Noir and their latest release "Hyperuranion," please visit

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