Thursday, April 11, 2019

Check Out The Latest Releases From Heavy Metal Bands Myrath and Parting Gift

Arriving May 3rd, is the new studio album from Tunisian progressive metal band, Myrath. Their new release titled "Shehili" features a dozen tracks that certainly incorporates their heritage into their music, as the short "Asi" chant leads into the powerful "Born To Survive." On the song "You've Lost Yourself," Myrath combine classic heavy metal riffs with a Tunisian rhythm in order to make their music sound more worldly. The symphonic sound of "Dance" and "Monster In My Closet" gives Myrath's music an extra boost of energy and power, which makes them one of the most fascinating bands in heavy metal music. They deliver a nostalgic eighties metal sound with the mainstream appeal of "No Holding Back," before finishing their new album with the power ballad "Stardust" and the Middle Eastern influence of the title-song, "Shehili." To find out more about Myrath and their latest release "Shehili," please visit . 

Back in 2017, singer Zac Vernon built a new band from the loose ends of many other former projects. Thus, Parting Gift was created as a way for him to fully express the passion for music he had building inside. Along with guitarists Peter Vybiral and Jack Dutton, drummer George Barnes, Parting Gift released their first music in 2018, with the double A-side "Vein & Rensing." Now, the band unleashed their first EP titled "Ensom." It contains only five tracks, but is a great introduction to the band, beginning with the sonic attack of "Pale." Next, they settle down for the more melodic tones of "3:07 (Moonlight)," before quickly picking the energy back up for the progressive metal appeal of "Without Sin." Parting Gift close out their new album with the aggressive, emotional outburst of the title-song "Ensom." To find out more about Parting Gift and their latest release "Ensom," please visit their Facebook page at . 

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