Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Check Out New Music From Drunken Prayer, Yes Gabriel, Karen Haglof, The Rayo Brothers

Singer/songwriter Morgan Geer is preparing the release of the fifth full-length album from, Drunken Prayer. The new album titled "Cordelia Elsewhere" contains ten tracks, geared toward the outlaw country, roots-based music fan. Songs like "Cordelia" and "Sparks" will relate directly to the classic sound of The Band, while "Rubble And Dust" and "Fifty Foot Locust" have a simpler, acoustic folk vibe. Drunken Prayer plug in for the up-tempo, guitar flurry of "It Happens All The Time" and the blues of "Sparks," before wrapping up his new release with the quiet, beautiful melody of "Time To Go." To find out more about Drunken Prayer and his latest release "Cordelia Elsewhere," please visit drunkenprayer.com.

Brooklyn based artist Gaby Alter is preparing to release his debut EP as Yes Gabriel. While Atler played most of the instruments himself, the album also features the guitar work of Sean McArdle and Alec Berlin (from Broadway's "American Idiot"). Alter has also written compositions for theater, television and movies. His new five song release begins with the acoustic, folk appeal of "Dear To Me," as his vocals are warm and inviting. Next, he moves into more pop oriented territory with the beats of "Rains In April," before slowing back down for the gentle flow of "You Got Through." He wraps up his new short release with the slow-build up of "Deep In February," which seems to belong in an upcoming Broadway show. To find out more about Yes Gabriel and his latest self-titled release, please visit yesgabriel.com .

Singer/songwriter Karen Haglof is preparing to release her third full-length release titled "Tobiano." This album follows quickly on the heels of her 2018 EP "Palomino Steady Rocking," as both releases were originally recorded around the same time. She begins her new fourteen song release with the raw, alternative rock appeal of "Tobiano Twirl" and the swift, country-like vibe of "Humbled And Chastened." Karen digs in with her rock roots on the energetic blast of "Because Of You" and the guitar driven blues of "These Are The Things." She steps away from her rock riff-filled sound, for the playfully addictive "Chew Toy" and for the classic western vibe of "Jane West Theme." Karen finishes off her new album with the addictive melody of "Charismatic" and the alt-pop flow of "Provenance Of Love - Let Em Go." To find out more about Karen Haglof and her latest release "Tobiano," please visit karenhaglof.com . 

From Louisiana comes the latest full-length release from The Rayo Brothers (Daniel & Jesse Reaux). Their new album titled "Victim & Villain" features ten tracks rooted in classic country and folk music. They begin with the gentle acoustic strumming of "Colorado," as you begin to warm up to their sound. The Rayo Brothers find the perfect balance of tempo and vocal harmonies on the Americana swing of "Darkroom," before slowing down once again for the emotion-fueled title song "Victim & Villain." Their music comes alive once more with a shot of energy in the form of "The Dream" and "Goodbye Jane," before wrapping up their new album with the quiet acoustics of "The House I Hate." To find out more about The Rayo Brothers and their latest release "Victim & Villain," please visit rayobrothers.com . 

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