Monday, April 22, 2019

Get Your Rocks On With New Music From Dead Superstar, Black Dawn and Psychic Lemon

The New York-based rock band, Dead Superstar recently released their new full-length album titled "I Did It For The Rock Gods." It contains songs from early in the band's career, mixed with brand new originals and one outstanding cover. The album kicks off with the raw, energetic alternative rock buzz of "Beware Of The Knife," as this album is a throwback to the '90's rock revolution. Dead Superstar take their musical passion up a notch with the more aggressive groove of "Medicine" and the hard rock anthem "Searching For The Sun."

The band has shared the stage with the likes of Sevendust, King's X and Drowning Pool, which reflects in the music of tracks like "Blood Moon" and "On The Ledge." Dead Superstar step outside of their hard rock comfort zone for a cover of The Temptation's "Papa Was A Rolling Stone," before wrapping up their new album with the nostalgic appeal of "Comes Around" and the short one-minute chant of "Nevermore." To find out more about Dead Superstar and their latest release "I Did It For The Rock Gods," please visit

Fellow New York metal band, Black Dawn will be releasing their fifth studio album on May 3rd, through Pavement Entertainment. Having performed together for over two decades, opening for bands like King's X, Biohazard and LA Guns, the band certainly has taken their time getting into the studio. Their new album titled "On Blackened Wings" features five tracks, beginning with the crashing guitar riffs and the Rob Zombie-like howling vocals of "Help Me." They slow the tempo down for the grinding, grunge-like delivery of "Hold Me Down," before picking the energy up again with the aggressive attack of "I Can't Believe." Black Dawn wrap up their new album with the bashing, heavy metal rhythm of "Through These Eyes." To find out more about Black Dawn and their latest release "On Blackened Wings," please visit

Arriving April 26th, is the new live album from the Cambridge, UK band, Psychic Lemon. It features three live tracks that were recorded last August at the Smokehouse in Ipswitch and two brand new studio tracks. The pre-sale for the vinyl sold out in less than 48-hours and will only be available on CD and digitally. They begin with the ten-minute, feedback-fueled guitar buzz of the "Interstellar Fuzz Star," followed by the dark, chaotic howling of "Satori Disko." Side one, the live side, closes with an explosion of energy during the frenzy of "Hey Droog!"

The two new studio tracks have a more psychedelic rock sound as the eleven-minute soundscape of "Jonny Marvel At The Milky Way" feels like a sonic space-jam. The other studio track, "White Light" is an aggressive attack of sound that keeps the energy at maximum capacity. To find out more about Psychic Lemon and their latest release "Live At The Smokehouse," please visit

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