Wednesday, April 3, 2019

New Heavy Metal Music From Whitechapel, AntropomorphiA, Exumer, Fractal Universe, Allegaeon and Ketzer

Here's a list of some upcoming new releases from Metal Blade Records artists, Whitechapel, AntropomorphiA, Exumer, Fractal Universe, Allegaeon and Ketzer. First up is the March 29th arrival of the seventh studio album from hardcore, death metal band, Whitechapel. This new release titled "The Valley," features ten tracks, beginning with the sonic blast of aggression in the form of "When A Demon Defies A Witch." The band just keeps the petal to the metal on the swift attack of "Forgiveness Is Weakness" and "Black Bear." Whitechapel also showcase their more mainstream heavy metal sound with the slow-down of "Hickory Creek," before quickly returning to the intense growls of "The Other Side" and "Lovelace." To find out more about Whitechapel and their latest release "The Valley," please visit .

Next up, the latest album from deathcore metal band, AntropomorphiA, titled "Merciless Savagery." The new nine-track release kicks off right away with the aggressiveness of the title-song "Merciless Savagery," quickly followed by the buzzing speed of "Requiem Diabolica." The chugging guitars and growling vocals lead to the seven intense minutes of "Cathedral ov Tombs." Then, only a couple of minutes is all they need for the sonic blast of "Apocalyptic Scourge," before closing with the dark, doom metal appeal of "Unsettling Voices." To find out more about AntropomorphiA and their latest release "Merciless Savagery," please visit the band's Facebook page at .

Fellow label mates Exumer will also be releasing an album of brand new music on April 5th. Their new release titled "Hostile Defiance" features ten tracks of thrash metal glory, as they pound their way through the song "Raptor," before blazing a path of destruction with "King's End." Exumer will simply make your ears bleed with the shear force of "Trapper" and Vertical Violence," before closing their new album with the classic thrash metal appeal of "Splinter." To find out more about Exumer and their latest release "Hostile Defiance," please visit .

Next up is the sophomore effort from the French death metal band, Fractal Universe. Their new album titled "Rhizomes Of Insanity" features ten tracks that bleed with passion as the opening track "Oneiric Realisations" mixes up the tempo between a whisper and a scream. They deliver a more mainstream metal sound on "Rising Oblivion" and "A Reality Of Foreclose," before returning to the more aggressive nature of "Masterpiece's Parallelism." Fractal Universe finish up their new album with the progressive metal build-up of "Madness' Arabesques" and "Chiasmus Of The Damned." To find out more about Fractal Universe and their latest release "Rhizomes Of Insanity," please visit .

Progressive, melodic and technical; those are words that would best describe the latest release from death metal giants, Allegaeon. Their new album titled "Apoptosis" could be a defining moment in the band's short ten year career. The album kicks off with the two-minute instrumental "Parthenogenesis," before blasting through the sonic wall with the aggressive nature of "Interphase/Meiosis." Allegaeon take it up a notch with the swift pace of "Extremophiles" and "Exothermic Chemical Combustion," as the growling vocals and shredding guitar riffs motor the songs energy. They deliver a more progressive metal sound with the six-minute "Tsunami And Submergence," before closing out their new album with the quiet, acoustic instrumental "Colors Of The Currents" and the ten-minute epic wonder of "Apoptosis." To find out more about Allegaeon and their latest release "Apoptosis," please visit the band's Facebook page at .

Finally we arrive at Germany's own Ketzer (which means "heretic" in German) and their latest album titled "Cloud Collider." Their new release features ten tracks, beginning with "The Machine" and "Keine Angst," as they lead you into the world of intense, aggressive, hardcore metal music. The screams of "The Wind Brings Them Horses" will be ringing in your ears, while the shear power of "No Stories Left" will blow you away. Ketzer close up their new album with final sonic sendoff of "Light Dies Last," as you feel the need for more from this German metal giant. To find out more about Ketzer and their latest release "Cloud Collider," please visit . 

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