Wednesday, April 17, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Kelly Hunt, J.K. Matthews and Racket Man

On May 17th, Kansas City-based singer/songwriter Kelly Hunt will be releasing her debut album titled "Even The Sparrow." It features a dozen tracks of folk wonderment, as Kelly uses her talents for songwriting by painting the perfect pictures with her words. The album begins with the gentle folk roots delivery of "Across The Great Divide" and the soaring vocals of the title song "Even The Sparrow." She picks the tempo up for the country/bluegrass strumming of "Back To Dixie" and "Fingernail Moon," as the sounds of the roots-based music supports her strong, operatic-like vocals. The simpleness of "Bird Song" and the passion of "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" are a couple of the highlights of the album with their descriptive lyrics and emotional presentation. Kelly finishes with the gospel-like "Gloryland," as her music is aged beyond her years. To find out more about Kelly Hunt and her latest release "Even The Sparrow," please visit

Singer/songwriter J.K. Matthews recently released his new album titled "Young EP." He describes the songs as a "snapshot" of his music up to this point in his life. The new five-track release begins with the upbeat rocking rhythm of "Thick Skin," as he sings about the tales of growing up in Toronto. He keeps the energy flowing with guitar riffs of "The Blue," then takes a turn toward the blues with the pounding beat of "Fool Outta Me." Matthews quiets down for the emotional ballad "Young," before finishing his new album with the raw, quiet acoustics of the pleading of "Workman's Blues." To find out more about J.K. Matthews and his latest release "Young EP," please visit

Finally from Cleveland, Ohio comes the latest release from the musical foursome, Racket Man. Their new album titled "Recreational Magic" features only five tracks, beginning with the airy pop/rock melody of "Burt Sleeves" and the more upbeat dance vibe of "Independence." The energy continues with the strumming up-tempo of "Scaredformore," before finishing their new album with electronic flow of "A Bit More Obscure." To find out more about Racket Man and their latest release "Recreational Magic," please visit

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