Monday, April 1, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Porteau, AlphaCub, Kate Schell and William Steffey

Canadian duo, Porteau have recently released their debut album, "Water's Gate" back on March 15th. It features ten tracks, beginning with the exciting sounds of "Re:Brith," as the band's energy flows through this exciting tune. They continue with the addictive pop melody of "Penelope" and the stark, moody tones of "Daughter." Once again, Porteau draw you in with the alternative pop flow of "Stream (Elan Vital)" and "Fall Apart," while "River Song" showcases the full potential of singer Victoria Williams' sweet vocals. The duo wrap up their new album with the flowing ballad of "Wind & Isle" and the album's lead single, the build-up of "Moon Maidens," as you will become an instant fan. To find out more about Porteau and their latest release "Water's Gate," please visit . 

Also just recently release his the debut album from indie-pop artist, AlphaCub. His new release titled "Night Heart" features nine tracks beginning with the steady climb of "The Mood" and the pop/dance beats of the title song "Night Heart." He continues with the pounding rhythm of "Friends," before delivering a more R&B vibe with "Jealous Heart." Next, he finds the perfect pop melody on "Last Year," before closing his new album with the eighties, new wave feel of "Wildfire" and a second hip-hop version of "Friends," featuring OnCue. To find out more about AlphaCub and his latest release "Night Heart," please visit his Facebook page at . 

From Chicago comes the sophomore solo effort from electro-folk artist Kate Schell. Her new album titled "Past Present Future" features ten tracks, beginning with the slow, re-introduction of "Darkroom" and the wonderfully addictive pop melody of "While I'm Away." Her vocals just grab your attention on the pop tones of "Shoeboxes," while "Salt" is a ready-built song for multiple remixes. Kate's voice simply floats on top of the sonic landscape of "Never Let Go," before finishing her latest album with the soaring ballad "Free To Love" and the electronic beats of "You And Your Shadow." To find out more about Kate Schell and her latest release "Past Present Future," please visit .

Finally we arrive at the latest release from Chicago's own, multi-instrumentalist William Steffey. His new album titled "Reality Jockey" kicks off with the swirling keyboards and sonic beats of "Shangri-La," followed by the rock-pop delivery of the title-song "Reality Jockey" and the instrumental ballad "Lampost On Sawyer." He swings on with the jazzy vibe of "Decidedly Blue," before the electronic, new wave takeover of "The Remedy." He slows down once again for the acoustic folk strumming of "Clothes Of The Devil," before wrapping up his latest release with the electronic, eighties-pop melody of "Stay Up Later." To find out more about William Steffey and his latest release "Reality Jockey," please visit . 

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