Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Music From Singer/Songwriter Greg Felden & Discover The Nostalgic Rock Sound Of The Last Bees

Singer/songwriter Greg Felden has found a home in the Los Angeles music scene, since moving south from Eugene, Oregon, but his music  still lies back in his folk/country roots. Felden is preparing to release his full-length debut album on June 14th, titled "Made Of Strings." It features ten tracks, beginning with the heartfelt lyrics of "Every Time," as Felden delivers them with a sincere tone to his vocals. He sticks close to his country roots with the gentle strumming of "When The Change Comes," while "Take You Back Home" is a burning emotional ballad that showcases a power and maturity to his songwriting. Felden plugs in for the raw, southern rock of "Tell Me What's Broken," before finishing up his new album with the wonderful harmonies of the acoustic ballad "Incoming" and the dark, sparse tone of "Ghosts." To find out more about Greg Felden and his latest release "Made Of Strings," please visit

Next from Milwaukee comes the debut release from the nostalgic pop/rock band, The Last Bees. There new self-titled EP features six tracks, beginning with the sixties, British-invasion pop sounds of "Can't Wait" and "Crusade." The Last Bees look to mirror the success of bands like The Beatles and Herman's Hermits with their simple, but addictive sound on songs like "True or False" and "Saturday." The Last Bees wrap up their short new album with the darker tone of "The Final Sting," as they make you feel like you stepped back in time with their brand of music. To find out more about The Last Bees and their new self-titled release, please visit

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