Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New Music On The Horizon From Carousel Kings, Gabriel And The Apocalypse and Sister Shotgun

Arriving May 31st, is the brand new studio album from Carousel Kings titled "Plus Ultra." It features eleven new songs that were written on the road during the band's 2018 tour. Beginning with the title-song "Plus Ultra" looks to build upon 2017's album, "Charm City," a high mark for the band. The youthful energy and punk-like rawness comes blasting through right from the beginning. Carousel Kings move on with the addictive pop tones of "Shellshocked" and the guitar frenzy of the album's lead single "Code Breaker (Smile)." The band look to develop their songwriting with the built-up chorus of "Ghost" and the wonderful pop melody of "Lock Meowt." The energy just radiates from the Carousel Kings on this new album with the great riffs of "Truth Seekers" and "Monarch." To find out more about Carousel Kings and their latest release "Plus Ultra," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Next, from Minnesota comes the new studio album from Gabriel And The Apocalypse titled "Alpha Bionic." It will be released on April 12th through Pavement Entertainment and features ten new industrial rock anthems, beginning with the sonic blast of "Systematic Chaos." The band continues to blur the lines of hard rock and electronic dance music with "Sonic Bionic" and "Cellophane Nation," as vocalist Lindy Gabriel holds the chaos together. Gabriel And The Apocalypse step away from their edgy rock vibe for the more pop aspects of "pointTHREE," and "Bleed Me An Ocean." They finish up their new album with a new goth-like rock anthem cover of Midnight Oil's "Bed's Are Burning" and the dark, steady rhythm of "Disgraceful Bliss." To find out more about Gabriel And The Apocalypse and their latest release "Alpha Bionic," please visit

From Birmingham, England comes the full-length debut album from the heavy metal band, Sister Shotgun. Their new album titled "Fragments" features eleven tracks, beginning with the intense delivery of "Sacred Heart," as you will easily be drawn in to the band's accessible power metal sound. They keep the energy flowing with the shredding guitar riffs of "She Lives" and the bashing rhythm of "From The Ashes." The album's title-song "Fragments" has a progressive feel as lead vocalist Chloe Ozwell lets loose on this sonic masterpiece. They slow the pace down for the more melodic tone of "For The Love Of Hate," before returning to the aggressive sounds of "Kill The Lights." Sister Shotgun wrap up their new album with addictive, mainstream hard rock delivery of "Mourning Iris" and the final energetic blast of "Scorn." To find out more about Sister Shotgun and their latest release "Fragments," please visit their Facebook page at

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