Monday, April 15, 2019

New Releases From The Janitors, Los Mundos and Wasted Cathedral

A trio of new releases are on the horizon from the Cardinal Fuzz music label. First up is the celebration of one of Sweden's premier independent rock bands, The Janitors. Their new release titled "15 Years Of Fuzz And Folkol" is a collection of some of their work that has been featured on the band's 3 full length albums and 5 EPs. The album will be pressed on 180-gram yellow vinyl that features only nine of the band's top tracks, but a download card includes an additional 80 minutes of music from The Janitors. The band's raw, rock side is heard on the energetic tracks "Firefly" and "Epileptic City," while they also showcase their softer side on the ballad "Oh Lord" and the psychedelic tale of "City."

Another new Cardinal Fuzz label release arrives from the Mexican band, Los Mundos. Their new 6-song EP titled "Calor Central" is based on the Jules Verne story "Journey To The Center Of The Earth." Their new release begins with the tribal drums of the title song, "Calor Central," as a sonic trip awaits you. The guitar buzz of "Sin Vertigo" and the nine-minute rock epic "Subterraneo Mar Jurasico" showcases the passion that Los Mundos put into their music, as their music demands your attention.

Next we arrive at the latest release from Wasted Cathedral. Their new album titled "Atmospheric Hangover" has been limited to only 200 vinyl copies. It features the latest work of Saskatoon-based artist Christopher Laramee, who has been working on this music for the last couple of years. This new four-song release begins with the wildly chaotic soundscape of "MeanStreets Dub," before delivering the more atmospheric melody of "Revenge On The Highway." Laramee closes out his new album with the twenty-minute sound experiment "Winnipeg Noir." To find out more about these and other new releases from Cardinal Fuzz, please visit

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