Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Paul K Experiments With "The Fermi Paradox" & Tapio Ylinen Wants To Leave Nothing "Left Unsaid"

Electronic musician, composer and producer Paul K (Paul Kirkpatrick) has returned with a new instrumental album titled "The Fermi Paradox." The name of the album is a homage to the Italian scientist/physicist Enrico Fermi, who's vision sparked a pop culture revolution to search for life beyond Earth. Paul K's new fourteen track release begins with "Anomaly," a stark atmospheric piano melody that builds up with the addition of strings. He continues with the subtle touch of electronics and spoken word segments through the gentle flow of "Sagan." The mood of his music brightens with "Twelve Million Eyes," as you can hear speech from what sounds like astronauts, laid upon a beautiful orchestral melody. Paul K's music feels like a soundtrack to outer-space, with the discover of "KIC 8462852 (Boyajian's Star)" and the electronic rock of "Parallax." He wraps up his new album with quiet tones of "FRB" and sweeping, avant garde soundscape of "Arecibo." To find out more about Paul K and his latest release "The Fermi Paradox," please visit paulk-music.com

Finnish artist Tapio Ylinen recently released his new album titled "Left Unsaid." He is joined on this album by the rhythm section of Tatu Ronkko (drums) and Miikkael Anttila (bass), as Ylinen handles the rest of the instruments. His new six-song album begins with the pop/rock, hook-filled melody of "Bright Young Star" and the more energetic classic rock vibe of "Brother Come Back." Next, he slows down the tempo down for the ballad "Life Of A Bird," which fully showcases his beautiful songwriting. Tapio Ylinen wraps up his new album with the experimental bluesy feel of both "Noble Heart" and "Snake In The Grass." To find out more about Tapio Ylinen and his latest release "Left Unsaid," please visit tapioylinen.bandcamp.com.

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