Sunday, April 28, 2019

Thor Wields The "Hammer Of Justice" On His New Studio Album

The heavy metal superhero thunder god, Thor, returns with a brand new studio album titled "Hammer Of Justice." After the success of his last two studio albums ("Beyond The Pain Barrier" and "Christmas In Valhalla") Thor decided to keep on giving the fans what they want. The new eleven song album begins with "Beginning Of The End," which features that classic, old school metal vibe that will get the adrenaline flowing. Thor and his band pick the tempo up for the thrash-like speed of "Warp 5000," followed by the big guitar riffs of "Victory." Thor's music continues to impress, as he still delivers songs about riding dragons ("As The Dragon Flies") and fighting battles ("Beyond The Wall"). He wraps up his new album with the high-powered energy of "Destroyinator" and the marching rhythm of "The End."

This new release also includes a brand new documentary titled "The Return Of The Thunderhawk" on DVD. It picks up the adventures of Thor, following where the award-winning documentary "I Am Thor" left off. This new 75-minute film talks about the success of the "I Am Thor" documentary and what it has meant for the life of Jon Miki Thor. Thor went on a world tour after the documentary gave him a renewed success, and the cameras followed. This new video shows Thor and his band mates, conducting interviews, intertwined with new and classic footage of the band performing live on stage. It is a great, in-depth documentary that shows what Thor has gone through in the last five years. For more information on "Hammer Of Justice," the latest release from Thor, please visit

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