Saturday, April 13, 2019

Time To Remember The Power Of Pearl Harbor And The Explosions With New Re-Issue

On April 12th, Blixa Sounds will reissue the debut album from the San Francisco new wave band, Pearl Harbor and the Explosions. This new release features the band's only studio effort, remastered with seven bonus tracks. The band found moderate success with their debut single "Drivin'," and with the promise of an album that helped usher in the New Wave sound into the U.S. The band was short-lived, as Pearl Harbor left the band to move to England and married The Clash's Paul Simonon.

The album also incorporated the band's love for jazz and rockabilly as heard in the songs "Don't Come Back" and "Keep Going," while still keeping the punk aspect with "Shut Up And Dance." To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the album, Blixa Sounds dug into the vault to uncover the rare, high energy "Busy Little B-Side" and a trio of live tracks. They really showcase their youthful energy and talents on the live versions of "Black Slacks" and "I Can Feel The Fire." The new release closes with a one-minute radio spot for band in 1979. A 16-page booklet accompanies this release and features a bunch of unreleased photos and new essay by Bay Area music critic Joel Selvin. To find out more about this new re-issue of Pearl Harbor and the Explosions debut album, please visit

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