Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A Handful Of New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving This Month From Metal Blade Records

Welcome to Heavy MAY-tal with a handful of new releases this month from Metal Blade Records artists Amon Amarth, Arch/Matheos, Abnormality, Tanith and Destrage. Over the course of the last two decades, Amon Amarth have established themselves as the modern masters of Viking metal, producing countless epic metal anthems. Their new album titled "Berserker" was released back on May 3rd and features a dozen tracks that keep the excitement and energy alive. We begin with the aggressive attack of "Fafner's Gold" and "Crack The Sky," before paying an electrifying tribute to the god of thunder's weapon "Mjolner, Hammer Of Thor." The band's classic sound is hear on "Valkyria," before the epic blast of "Raven's Flight," which proves why they are one of the premier heavy metal bands in the world. To find out more about Amon Amarth and their latest release "Berserker," please visit

Next up is the reformation of Jim Matheos and John Arch (who were both original members of Fates Warning) for their brand new studio album "Winter Ethereal." It has been eight years since their 2011 album "Sympathetic Resonance," as the two began writing this record back in 2017. With time off from Fates Warning, the two convened in the studio to create some exceptional new music. Their energy and passion are still present on the nine-minute opener "Vermilion Moons" and the chugging, classic metal appeal of "Solitary Man." The epic numbers like "Wrath Of The Universe" and "Kindred Spirits" is where their songwriting shines, as they present some modern progressive metal anthems. To find out more about the new Arch/Matheos album "Winter Ethereal," please visit their Facebook page at

From Marlborough, MA comes the new album from the death metal band, Abnormality. Their new release titled "Sociopathic Constructs" sets a new level of intensity and aggression by the band. The album comes blasting right out of the gate with the growling attack of "Monarch Alpha" and the quick-hitting "Penance." Abnormality deliver an even more evil sound on the slower pace of "Dying Breed," while "Curb Stomp" has great explosive energy that just attacks your eardrums. To find out more about Abnormality and their latest release "Sociopathic Constructs," please visit their Facebook page at

 Closer to the end of the month, we get the debut album from the New York City hard rock band, Tanith. Their new release titled "In Another Time" perfectly sums up the band's sound, as they deliver a seventies rock vibe with songs like "Citadel" and "Wing Of An Owl." Tanith know how to rock with the energetic blast of "Under The Stars," which combines a classic Thin Lizzy sound with a modern hard rock assault. They even showcase a more progressive rock vibe with the tale of "Dionysus." To find out more about Tanith and their latest release "In Another Time," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Another May 24th release arrives from the hardcore metal band, Destrage. The band's fifth studio album is titled "The Chosen One" and features eight songs that showcase the band's growth and desire. The album begins with the guitar introduction to the album's title-song, "The Chosen One," which just breaks down the barriers of modern hardcore metal music. They keep the energy and passion flowing through the songs "About That" and "At The Cost Of Pleasure," as the band hit their strive with their latest piece of work. To find out more about Destrage and their new album "The Chosen One," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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