Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A New Wave Of Album Releases From These Up & Coming Independent Artists

As we make our way to warming weather, the independent release schedule is also heating up with a number of new releases, beginning with the new album from rock songstress Alejandra O'Leary. Her new release titled "Everest" is due June 7th and includes eleven tracks that show that Alejandra has a passion to rock, as displayed in the opening track "Wires." She finds a more melodic pop tone with "Easy Fool," before delivering the bluesy guitar sound of "Don't You." She picks the tempo up with the alternative pop addiction of "Never Always Never," before closing with soaring vocals of "Damage." To find out more about Alejandra O'Leary and her latest release "Everest," please visit

Next up, is the debut album from Norfolk singer/songwriter Michael Paul Lawson. His new release titled "Some Fights You'll Never Win" arrives on July 12th and features seven tracks, beginning with the heartfelt vocals and steady pace of title-song "Some Fights You'll Never Win." The album's lead single "Wolf" is an Americana gem that centers around the song's amazing lyrics, as you get lost in Lawson's storied words. He wraps up his new album with the emotion filled ballad "Best That We Can" and the slow, country vibe of "Valleys." To find out more about Michael Paul Lawson and his latest release "Some Fights You'll Never Win," please visit

Arriving July 12th is the new release titled "Supertoys" from electro-pop artist, Eli Raybon. His new ten song album begins with the uptempo, dance-pop beats of "Id Of The Android" and the fun, addictive sound of "Battery Brain." He delivers a new wave, 80's pop sound with "Empathy Test" and "Primitive Man," which feels like a flashback to neon clothes, rolled jeans and big hairstyles. Eli wraps up his new release with the album's lead single "Saturday Night In Space," which feels like you should be breakdancing to its beats. To find out more about Eli Raybon and his latest album "Supertoys," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter James Parm recently released his debut album titled "Oh My Darling." Parm seems to draw his inspiration from acts like Radiohead, Elliot Smith and Sufjan Stevens. His new release begins with the moody, atmospheric tone of "Dark Meat," before picking the tempo up with the steady sonic build-up of "I Know I Know I Know." James Parm experiments with layering his sounds on "Something About True Luv," while "Ur Dark" is a grasp at mainstream alternative rock success. He finishes up his new album with the electronic melody of the title-song "Oh My Darling" and the seven-minute sound collage of "Re Arrange." To find out more about James Parm and his latest release "Oh My Darling," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Paul Doffing takes a more basic approach to his music on his new album "Running In The Dark." The new nine track release begins with the swift acoustic strumming of "The Fragile Modern Day," before slowing down for the more atmospheric vibe of "Easy As You Come." Paul quiets down for the gentle folk ballads "Renegade Heart" and "Shake You," before finishing off his new album with the emotional acoustics of "In Your Eyes." To find out more about Paul Doffing and his latest release "Running In The Dark," please visit

On May 24th arrives the new album "Dance, Cartoon, Skeleton" from the Brooklyn-based band, Psychic Lines. It features ten tracks, beginning with the quiet, Americana feel of "Contingency" and the steady strumming of "Color The Picture." Psychic Lines paint the perfect pictures with their words, as in the songs "See You In Hell" and "Out Of The Blue." They wrap up their new album with the steady, addictive folk melody of "Snowball's Chance" and the storied lyrics of "NiteLite." To find out more about Psychic Lines and their latest release "Dance, Cartoon, Skeleton," please visit

The Southern California duo of Nathan and Jessie recently released their new album titled "You're The Star." It features fourteen tracks, beginning with the jazz/folk blend of the title song "You're The Star," which features the duo's sweet, soulful harmonies. They add a bit of Cuban flair to "Chiguitita" and "Maria," while the addictive swinging rhythm of "A History On Lost Art" gets sandwiched between the two songs. Nathan and Jessie pay tribute to one of their favorite artists with "Petty Tom Blues," before delivering the nostalgic feel of "Sailer Song." The duo wrap up their new album with the playful chorus of "How Do You Do You" and the most pop oriented song in the set "No More Second Guessing." To find out more about Nathan and Jessie and their latest release "You're The Star," please visit

Next, we travel back to the east coast for the latest release from NYC singer/songwriter Chapell. His new album, "Penultimate" drops June 15th and features a dozen tracks, beginning with the steady rocker "Ride" and the pop aspirations of "Sandinista." The album's lead single "I Am Zuck," revolves around Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerburg's 2018 testimony to congress regarding the use of personal data. Chapell goes back to the fun, energetic melodies of "Time To Be Kind" and "The Radio," before wrapping up his new album with the guitar driven rock of "Freedonia" and the addictive mainstream pop of "If You Like It." To find out more about Chapell and his latest release "Penultimate," please visit

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