Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Check Out Debut Albums From Am I Dead Yet?, She Rides Tigers and The Chicago Afrobeat Project

First from The U.K. comes the self-titled debut album from the electro-rock duo, Am I Dead Yet? Their new album features eleven tracks, beginning with the slow-building, moody rocker "Leaving Me Behind" and the blues-type stomp of "Loneliness." Am I Dead Yet? always keep you guessing, as they include an orchestral backdrop to "Ghosted" and a worldly, Indian rhythm to "Futuristic Paranoia." The duo wrap up their new album with the grand pop appeal of "Master Of Disguise" and the dark, goth-like rock of "Thanks For Sharing." To find out more about Am I Dead Yet? and their new self-titled release, please visit amideadyet.co.uk.

Next, from Chicago comes the debut release "Scars," from the rock trio, She Rides Tigers. The new eight-track release begins with the up-tempo, alt-pop feel of "Scars Of Allegory," followed be the fuzz guitar drive of "Perfect Crime." The trio inject a blues groove into the rawness of "Take A Bow," while "Out Of My Mind" is a steady rocker built for modern rock radio. She Rides Tigers wrap up their new album with pop-infused addictive nature of "Something To Believe In" and the alternative buzz of "Should've Known Better." To find out more about She Rides Tigers and their latest release "Scars," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/sheridestigers.

Back in April, the Future Rootz record label released a new remix album by the Chicago Afrobeat Project. This new release titled "What Goes Up" features seven tracks, beginning with the jazz/funk backdrop of "I No Know," as the music is build for the dance floor. The beats continue with the Latin-infused groove of "Cut The Infection" and the fun, island vibe of "Afro Party." The album finishes with seventies, disco-like swing of "White Rhino" and the R&B flavor of "Sunday Song." To find out more about this new release from the Chicago Afrobeat Project, please visit futurerootz.com.

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