Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Discover Exciting New Music With New Releases From These Independent Artists

First from New Jersey come the new short, two song EP from The Brothers Union. The new album titled "Silhouettes" begins with the gentle acoustics of the love ballad "Bluebird" and then quickly closes with the the slightly more, up-tempo folk strumming of "Another Remedy." To find out more about The Brothers Union and their latest release "Silhouettes," please visit thebrothersunion.com.

Next, we have a pair of songs from the stellar, soulful vocals of Miss Olivia and her band, The Interlopers. Their debut album is on its way, later this year, but just to give you tease, they released the songs "Leaving You Behind," which carries a classic R&B vibe, and "Blacklisted," which is a much more aggressive rocker that will get your blood flowing. To find out more about Miss Olivia and The Interlopers, please visit missoliviaandtheinterlopers.com.

New York City, songwriter Daniel Coloprisco is also releasing a two song EP titled "Winter's Song." Coloprisco composed the beautiful melody of the title song, while the amazing vocals of Jes Hudak gives emotion to the music. The other song on Daniel's new release, "A Touch Of A Feeling," is a breathtaking instrumental that brings you on journey with only his piano. To find out more about Daniel Coloprisco and his latest release "Winter's Song," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/dcoloprisco

The next pair of songs are from the Detroit punk band, Come Out Fighting. Their new release is a preview to their upcoming full-length album "Any Port In A Storm," which is coming later this year. This new two song EP begins with the quick-hitting attack of "Blackout," and as soon as you get into the groove of the music, it's over. The other song on this new EP, "Soundtrack To A Shipwreck" is just as aggressive, but allows you to enjoy the song's blast of adrenaline. To find out more about Come Out Fighting and their upcoming release "Any Port In A Storm," please visit comeoutfightingdetroit.com.

Back in March, 17 year old, singer/songwriter Sam Levin released his latest full-length album titled "A General Air Of Regret." It features thirteen tracks, beginning with the gentle folk balladry of "TV Show" and the acoustic pop of "Bookmark." Next, he delivers the atmospheric instrumental "Change The Channel," before diving into the electronic beats of "The Fourth One." Sam Levin quiets back down for the poetic melody of "Ill See You Tomorrow," before wrapping up his latest album with the addictive pop tones of "Psych Ward" and the spaced out instrumental piece "Welcome To The Ward." To find out more about Sam Levin and his latest release "A General Air Of Regret," please visit thesamlevin.com.

Fellow teenagers, Finding September recently released their debut album "History." This foursome from Texas have their finger on the pulse of modern, alternative rock radio with the up-tempo anthems "Summer Club" and "Darkest Greys." They close out their new five song EP with the aggressive, heavy metal-like delivery of "Let It Burn." To find out more about Finding September and their latest release "History," please visit findingseptember.net.

Last, but certainly not least we arrive at the latest release from Americana/folk artist David Anderson. His new album "Lake Placid Blue" features nine tracks, beginning with the country western sounds of "Charline Arthur" and the storied lyrics of "Mystic Knights Of The Folk-Rock Wars." He slows down for the emotional ballad "I Won't Break Your Heart" and the gentle, melodic tones of the title-song, "Lake Placid Blues." David Anderson wraps up his new album with the guitar blues of "Trouble All My Life" and the ten-minute tale of "The Belle Of New Haven." To find out more about David Anderson and his latest release "Lake Placid Blue," please visit davidanderson4.bandcamp.com.

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