Friday, May 17, 2019

Discover The Hardcore Metal Of Serpent Of Gnosis, The Modern Rock Of Eat Your Heart Out and The Melodic Pop Of Twentythreenineteen

Arriving June 14th is the debut album from the death metal band Serpent Of Gnosis. Their new album titled "As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation" is not for the faint of heart. It features ten quick-hitting tracks that will simply blow you away with their speed and aggressive nature. The album begins with the 84-second attack of "Decoherence" and the equally quick "Paroxysmal Dance," which seems to fly by in a blur of noise. The chugging guitars of "Fragile Vessel Of Serenity" gives this song some more structure, while "A Mask Of Lucidity" tries to speed things up as much as humanly possible. Serpent Of Gnosis finish up their new album with the chaos of "Entrenched Euphoria" and the final attack of "Lurid Skin." To find out more about Serpent Of Gnosis and their latest release "As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving May 17th through Fearless Records is the latest effort from the Australian band, Eat Your Heart Out. Their new album titled "Florescence" features eleven tracks, beginning with the powerful, modern rock sound of "Carousel" and "Daydream," which are perfectly built to become hits on mainstream rock radio. The band showcase their raw, grunge-like approach on the energetic "Heavy With Envy" and "Closer To The Sun," before delivering the most pop-build song on the album "Nowhere." Eat Your Heart Out wrap up their new album with the ballad "Pear Tree" and the Evanesence-type rocker "Cold Hands." To find out more about Eat Your Heart Out and their latest release "Florescence," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally we arrive at the new album from twentythreenineteen titled "XXIIIXIX." It comes from multi-instrumentalist Sean McCall and centers around the many ways to experience communication breakdown. The new twelve-track release begins with the folk/pop strumming of "Lost" and the addictive tones of "Losing Touch." McCall finally plugs in for the steady rocker "Tangled," while "Scripted" is pure radio gold. He slows the tempo down for the light, airy ballad "Convince Me," before wrapping up the album with fun, dance/pop energy of "You" and the more melodic, emotional tone of "Drained." To find out more about twentythreenineteen and the latest release "XXIIIXIX," please visit

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