Friday, May 10, 2019

Expand Your Musical Palette With New Releases From Akku Quintet, Jon Durant, Fraud Prophets and SHOB

The Swiss jazz fusion ensemble Akku Quintet are preparing to release their fourth studio album on May 17th, titled "Depart." This is the band's first album to be featured on Trey Gunn's 7d Media Label, as the album's title suits the band's driving and expressive sound. Beginning with the nearly fifteen-minute adventure "Largo," the band are ready to take you on a sonic trip, as they float between tempo changes and styles. The Akku Quintet get a little funkier with "Made In China," as they work off a steady combination of horn and drums. They wrap up their new five-song album with lush, electronic soundscape of "Depart" and the space-rock jam of "Cyan." To find out more about the Akku Quintet and their latest release "Depart," please visit

Instrumental guitarist Jon Durant quickly followed his 2018 album "Parting Is" with a the new release titled "Alternate Landscapes." Both albums allow Durant to examine and experiment with the limitations of the guitar, but his new release allows him to use old school synthesizer techniques to create different layers to his music. The new four song release have a very ambient feel as Durant's music simply floats on by during "Systravatn," while "Ciel du Ceval" has the grace of a orchestral string section. Jon Durant closes his new album with the space exploration sounds of "Dinkeisbuhl," as this song seems to have the most elements in play. To find out more about Jon Durant and his latest release "Alternate Landscapes," please visit

The duo of Nate Morton (drummer extraordinaire) and Sean Halley (multi-instrumentalist) have teamed up as Fraud Prophets to release their debut album "Poptosis." It features ten tracks, beginning with the funk-infused rhythm of "I Think I Just Said That." Nate and Sean take care of all the music, with the help of Matt Rohde (Hammond B3 organ), Jenee Fleanor (fiddle) and Oz Noy (guitar). The band just grooves along to the mellow sounds of "Scrubs," before jamming out to the eight-minute rock/jazz fusion of "Homer's Journey." Fraud Prophets pick the tempo and the energy up with the swift pace of "Eat A Frog," as Nate and Sean play off of the "Fiddle Ninja" Jenee Fleenor. The boys deliver a more ambient sound with the help of Oz Noy for the relaxed feel of "The Phiebotomist," before wrapping up their new album with the aggressive, chaotic rock of "Skronktastic" and the exciting, pop tones of "Two Steps Back." To find out more about Fraud Prophets and their latest release "Poptosis," please visit

French bassist SHOB returns after only 14 months with a brand new studio album titled "Solide." It features eleven tracks, beginning with funky, punk-like groove of "Hostile" and the more aggressive nature of "Primal Fear." Next, SHOB gets a jazzy vibe working through the heavy bass riff of "Memoire," while "Solitude" carries a nostalgic alternative/pop sound with the help of vocalist Celia Marissal. SHOB puts his energy into overdrive with the exciting runs of "Turbo Zulu," before wrapping up his new album with the rhythm fueled "What Now" and the guitar-infused jazz of "Dr Gros Zozo." To find out more about SHOB and his latest release "Solide," please visit

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