Thursday, May 30, 2019

Get Ready To Explore New Rock Music With Releases From The Jins and Year Of The Dragon

Canadian alternative rock band, The Jins recently released their new five song EP titled "Death Wish." It begins with the raw, Seattle grunge influence of "She Said," as the band's hard edged sound explodes during the song's chorus. The title-song, "Death Wish" carries an aggressive tone, while "Throw It Away" has a slower pace, as The Jins seem to be following the Nirvana blueprint for songwriting. The Jins wrap up their new album with the mainstream, youthful energy of "Pop Song." To find out more about The Jins and their latest release "Death Wish," please visit
Next up is the five-piece metal/funk band from Los Angeles, CA named Year Of The Dragon. They recently released their new album "Take Control," which features eleven tracks, beginning with the hip-hop lyrical delivery of "Fly Or Die" and the more aggressive metal attack of "Fitz And Starz." Year Of The Dragon bring on the funky breaks during the thrash metal speed of "The Wreckoning," while "Hammertowe" has a more classic metal sound from the nineties. They spill the lyrics to "Junkie" like a wordsmith, while "Dame Shame" certainly has that west coast feel. Year Of The Dragon finish up their new album with the addictive metal groove of "Simple Man" and the final energetic blast of "Destroys Us All." To find out more about Year Of The Dragon and their latest release"Take Control," please visit

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