Thursday, May 9, 2019

More Upcoming Heavy Metal Releases From Monasterium, Pulver, Vultures Vengeance and TIR

Another round of heavy metal music releases arrive from the bands, Monasterium, Pulver, Vulture Vengeance and TIR. First up, from Poland, comes the sophomore effort from the doom metal band Monasterium. Their new album titled "Church Of Bones" features eight tracks that look to build upon the band's experience of releasing their debut album and performing at a number of heavy metal festivals over the course of the last three years. Monasterium kick off their new release with the solid, steady pounding rhythm of the title song "Church Of Bones," as vocalist Michal Strzelecki livens up the song's monotone sound. The energy pick up with the chugging guitars of "La Danse Macabre" and the aggressive attack of "Ferrier Of The Underworld." The dark and moody tones of "The Order Of The Dragon" gives us a classic Black Sabbath vibe, before Monasterium close out their album with the nearly eight-minute epic adventure of "The Last Templar." To find out more about Monasterium and their latest release "Church Of Bones," please visit their Facebook page at

Next up is a trio of Gates Of Hell Records releases from Pulver, Vulture Vengeance and TIR. Pulver's new release titled "Kings Under The Sand" is the band's full-length debut effort and contains eight tracks that carry a very nostalgic sound from the early days of British heavy metal. They kick things off with the "Phantom Hawk," which sounds like it came straight from the early Iron Maiden albums. They pick up the tempo with the exciting title-track "Kings Under The Sand," as the heavy metal guitar riffs and steady rhythm section keep the energy going throughout this six-minute piece. Pulver wrap up their new album with the battle cry of "Warrior Caste" and the darker tones of "Curse Of The Pharaoh." To find out more about Pulver and their latest release "Kings Under The Sand," please visit their Facebook page at

The Italian underground hardcore metal band Vultures Vengeance are preparing the release of their full-length debut album, "The Knightlore" on May 10th. It features eight tracks, beginning with the thrash metal speed of "A Great Spark From The Dark." They continue to keep the adrenaline flowing with the exciting "Pathfinder's Call" and the classic metal guitar riffs of "The Knightlore." Vultures Vengeance deliver a more progressive metal sound on the seven-minute "Dead Men And Blind Fates," before closing out their new album with the chaotic energy of "Chained By The Night." To find out more about Vultures Vengeance and their latest release "The Knightlore," please visit

Finally we arrive at the return of TIR with their new album "Metal Shock." It has been eight years since the release of their last album and every effort by the band has been placed on this new album, in order to make it one of their best. TIR kick things off with the sonic blast of "Citta In Fiamme" and the more mainstream metal of "La Sfida," which is sung in their native Italian language. The album's first four songs are all sung in Italian, before reaching the thrash-like energy of "Crazy Mama." After 40 years, TIR still showcase their youthful energy on the tracks "Lasciateci Fare" and "Metal Shock," before finishing up their new album with electrifying delivery of "Mitra" and the acoustic instrumental "Memoria (Faber)." To find out more about TIR and their latest release "Metal Shock," please visit their Facebook page at

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