Thursday, May 16, 2019

New Hard Rocking Releases From Summoner's Circle, Janet Gardner and The Accused A.D.

Arriving May 17th is the Pavement Entertainment debut release from the theatrical, hardcore metal band, Summoner's Circle. Their new album titled "Become None" features ten tracks, beginning with the two-minute atmospheric build-up of "Ex Terra," which leads into the aggressive attack of "Worm Tunnel." Their music takes on a more epic feel during the nearly ten minute romp of "Minotaur" and the darker twelve-minute journey of "Legion." After another short instrumental ("In Ut Ambustio"), Summoner's Circle come roaring back with the heavy-hitting "Balrog General" and the more mainstream progressive metal appeal of "Temple Of Suffering." To find out more about Summoner's Circle and their latest release "Become None," please visit

Former lead vocalist for the band, Vixen, Janet Gardner returns with their sophomore effort titled "Your Place In The Sun." After teaming up with guitarist/songwriter/producer Justin James for her solo debut album back in 2017, the duo deliver another dozen tracks of hard rocking anthems. Gardner begins her new album with the quick pace of the title-song "Your Place In The Sun," as she delivers one of her best songs in years. Her music still carries that Vixen-vibe, as in the mainstream rocker "Standing" and the power ballad "Try." She continues with the energetic blast of "Kicks Me Back" and "You Said," before closing her new album with the punk-like fury of "Flame Thrower." To find out more about Janet Gardner and her latest release "Your Place In The Sun," please visit her Facebook page at

On May 10th, we got the new full-length album from The Accused A.D. titled "The Ghoul In The Mirror." It features thirteen tracks, beginning with the album's lead single "Juego Terminado," which is filled with high-powered guitar riffs and screaming vocals. The band pick up the energy with the wild bashing, punk-like rhythm of "Diabro" and "Hate Your Friends." The Accused A.D. try their hand at a cover of "Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo," before returning to the aggressive thrashing comfort of "And The Devil Walks" and the album closer "A Comfort Of Death/When Tomorrow Never Comes." To find out more about The Accused A.D. and their latest release "The Ghoul In The Mirror," please visit

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