Friday, May 3, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Belaver, Slow Pulp, The Pinheads and Flamingods

From New York comes the new album titled "True Love Of Crime," from singer/songwriter Belaver. It features nine tracks, beginning with the atmospheric, acoustic strumming of "Prisoner," as Belaver sets the mood from this stark opening number. The album's lead singe, "Partner" carries a more pop tone with it's steady beat and addictive vocal duet between Belaver and Nona from the band, Dark Dark Dark. The album continues with the lo-fi poetry of "Swimmer," laid across a gentle electronic beat and the more up-tempo keyboard wizardry of "Dancer." Belaver wraps up his new album with alternative folk/rock of "Vampire," the new wave pop of "Finder" and the nearly seven-minute monotone journey of "Driver." To find out more about Belaver and his latest release "True Love Of Crime," please visit

Next up is the new four-song EP from the Chicago-based rock band, Slow Pulp. Their new album titled "Big Day" begins with the build-up of rock chords on "Do You Feel It," followed by the steady pop/rock groove of "New Media," as the band seemed to have figured out the secret to their addictive sound. The album's lead single "High" feeds off the nineties grunge sound of bands like Hole and Garbage, as Slow Pulp lure you into their musical world. The band have a U.S. touring following the album's mid-May release. To find out more about Slow Pulp and their latest release "Big Day," please visit

Arriving at the end of the month, is the new studio album "Is This Real," from the Australian rock band, The Pinheads. Right from the the opening guitar chords of "Pure Hate," this band showcases a maturity well beyond their years, as the band's time apart have given them a new purpose to produce some of the best music of their career. They keep the energy flowing with the sonic blast of "Feel It Now" and the big seventies hard rock sound of "For A While." There's no way of escaping their addictive punk-like attitude on tracks like "No Time" and "Satisfied," as you will become a fan after only one listen of their new album. The Pinheads slow down the tempo, slightly, for the melodic tone of "Innocent Crime" and the grunge-like buzz of "So Alone." They wrap up their new album with the raw, rocking rhythm of "Don't Have A Home" and the odd, experimental sounds of the "Outro." To find out more about The Pinheads and their latest release "Is This Real," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release from the four-piece U.K. psych-rock band, Flamingods. Their new album titled "Levitation" features eleven tracks, beginning with the funk infused groove of "Paradise Drive," as the band gather their influences from Middle Eastern and Southern Asian music. The album's lead single "Marigold" is a sonic blast of guitar riffs that overlay a worldly European rhythm. Flamingods continue their high energy assault with the nostalgic rock of "Astral Plane" and the more pop oriented sounds of "Olympia." They wrap up their new album with the six-minute progressive rock trip "Mantra East" and the nearly eight-minute atmospheric, dream-like soundscape of the title-song "Levitation." To find out more about Flamingods and their latest release "Levitation," please visit their Facebook page at

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