Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Southern Rockers Black Oak Arkansas Return As The "Underdog Heroes" Of Rock Music

Southern rock legends Black Oak Arkansas are still at it, releasing their first album of new material in over thirty years. The new release titled "Underdog Heroes" celebrates the band's 50th anniversary, as some young blood joins founding members Jim "Dandy" Mangrum and Rickie Lee Reynolds on this new album.

They begins with the bluesy feel of "Don't Let It Show," as Jim's singing carries the emotion of the vocals to heart. They pick the tempo up with the growling guitars of the title-song "Underdog Heroes" and "Wrong Side Of Midnight." The rawness of "The Devil's Daughter" brings back memories of the earlier days of Black Oak Arkansas and also features vocals by Sammy B. Seauphine. The band keep the energy flowing with the stellar guitar work of Shawn Lane on "Do Unto Others," which was recorded before his passing in 2003. Black Oak Arkansas wrap up their new album with the backwater blues of "Love For Rent" and the last gasp of blazing guitars on "Johnnie Won't Be Good." To find out more about Black Oak Arkansas and their latest release "Underdog Heroes," please visit


Unknown said...

Thank you so much brother

Unknown said...

Gotta git it!

Jeff Launiere, P.A., said...

Am enjoying the album. Some great music, and Sammy has quite a voice too.