Monday, May 27, 2019

The North Sea Radio Orchestra Pays Homage To Robert Wyatt & His "Rock Bottom" Album

In honor of one of the best critically acclaimed albums in Europe, The North Sea Radio Orchestra has re-arranged and re-recorded Robert Wyatt's 1974 masterpiece "Rock Bottom." This new version of the album will receive a very limited release of only 500 audiophile handcrafted numbered vinyl and less than a thousand CDs.

The new ten song album begins with the amazing angelic vocals of Annie Barbazza on the slow build up of the orchestra on the opening track, "Sea Song." The North Sea Radio Orchestra finally gets to rock out on the progressive feel of both versions of "Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road." This new release also includes four bonus tracks from other of Wyatt's other albums.  Guitarist/vocalist Craig Fortnam handles the singing on the gentle folk/rock of "The British Road" and "O Caroline." To find out more about this new release titled "Folly Bololey: Songs From Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom," please visit

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