Sunday, June 30, 2019

New Music Arriving From Christina LaRocca and Lasers Lasers Birmingham

Soul singer Christina LaRocca is preparing to release her new album "These Are My Whiskey Dreams" on July 12th. It features the work of producers Andros Rodriguez, Alex Arias, Gene Micofsky and Khalid Philipe, who helped Christina hone her sound, mixing influences of rock, reggae, pop and Americana. She begins her new album with the country infused sound of "A Man Like You" and the pop-oriented beats of "Capsized." Her voice naturally gravitates to the southern swagger of "Home," before stepping out of her comfort zone with the island groove of "Smoke Marijuana." Christina wraps up her new new eight song release with the bluesy ballad "Whiskey Dreams" and the powerful country rocker "Breathe." To find out more about Christina LaRocca and her latest release "These Are My Whiskey Dreams," please visit

Los Angeles-based country band, Lasers Lasers Birmingham have recently released their full-length debut album "Warning." It features eleven tracks beginning with the title track "Warning," which just glides along with the warming vocals of Alex Owen. Their classic country sound shines so bright on "Perfection In 3/4 Time" and "Sugar Momma," that you wouldn't even think this was their first album together. Lasers Lasers Birmingham's sound is perfected on the laid-back country vibe of "Lead Me On" and the "Phantom Vibration." The band wrap up their new album with their country rock love letter to "Emmylou" and the slow blues of "What A Shame." To find out more about Lasers Lasers Birmingham and their latest release "Warning," please visit their Facebook page at

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Expand Your Musical Horizons With New Music From Mark Wingfield with Gary Husband, Frederic L'Epee and Stratus Luna

British guitarist Mark Wingfield is preparing the release of his latest album "Tor & Vale," but this time he invited fellow musician Gary Husband along for the ride. The two artists are combining their love for jazz and classical music together on this new eight track release. The album begins with "Kittiwake," as Husband lays down a fluent classical melody on the piano, which allows Mark to take the first lead on guitar. The song's progression finds the two artists finding a common ground in order to let the song flow throughout its seven minutes. The soaring chords of "Night Song" and the mellow soundscape of "Shape Of Light" bookend the album's epic sixteen-minute experimental piece "Tor & Vale." Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband close out their new album with the lush harmonies of guitar and piano on the twelve-minute ballad "Silver Sky," before ending with the more striking chords of "Vaquita." To find out more about the new album "Tor & Vale" from Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband, please visit

Multi-instrumentalist Frederic L'Epee recently released his new solo album titled "The Empty Room." It features twelve tracks that showcase Frederic's wonderful talents on the guitar. Beginning with "Badong," he slowly works up the song's intensity, beginning with a strumming acoustic melody that gets overtaken by the more attention-grabbing electric guitar. Frederic explores his musical space with only the sound of a guitar and flat bells on the moody tones of "Descending The Slow River." He builds the energy back up on the electrifying, eight-minute "Delta," before the stunning, inspirational piece "Mist." Frederic L'Epee finishes his new album with the guitar/piano duet of "Parle-Moi Encore (Keep Talking To Me)" and the subtle workings of "Hyme Aux Ancetres Z" on his fretless guitar. To find out more about Frederic L'Epee and his latest release "The Empty Room," please visit

From San Paulo, Brazil comes the self-titled debut album from Stratus Luna. These four kids have a combined age of 76 and most of them are family (two brothers, a cousin and their best friend). Their new release features seven tracks, beginning with progressive, space-like jazz fusion of "Nimue" and the nostalgic, Deep Purple/Styx like rock assault of "O Centro do Labirinto." Stratus Luna showcase their worldly sound on the nearly ten-minute epic "Zarabatana," while the short, two-minute "NREM-1" sounds like an extension of Van Halen's 69-second instrumental "1984." The boys wrap up their new album with the seventies rock groove of "Onirica" and the funk-fueled "Efemera." To find out more about Stratus Luna and their new self-titled release, please visit their Facebook page at

Friday, June 28, 2019

Chick Corea Continues His Legendary Career With A New "Antidote"

Legendary jazz artist Chick Corea is preparing to release his latest studio album on June 28th, titled "Antidote." It is the first album of Corea's career to feature the Spanish Heart Band, along with special guests Ruben Blades, Gayle Moran Corea and Maria Bianca. This new release features eleven tracks that find Corea revisiting tracks from his classic albums "My Spanish Heart" and "Touchtone."

The album begins with the title-song "Antidote," a new track that Chick Corea specifically wrote for Blades to sing, as he does a magnificent job on the Latin flair of this nine-minute opener. Next, Corea expands upon the song "Duende" (from his "Touchtone" album), as the Spanish Heart Band add their signature sound on this ten-minute version of the song. Corea showcases his wonderful bandleader skills on "Yellow Nimbus Parts 1 & 2," with the band fully supporting his talents on keys. Gayle Moran Corea revisits her vocals on "My Spanish Heart," as the song has become more well-rounded compared to the 1976 original. Another track that benefited from being revisited is the nearly twelve minute flamenco masterpiece "Zyryab," before closing out the album with the Latin rhythm of "Admiration." 

At 78 years old, Chick Corea is still out touring with shows lined-up in Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain and the Nertherlands, before coming back to the U.S. to perform. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new album "Antidote," please visit

Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Music From Don Vail, Krief, JoJo Worthington and The Black Fever

Musical artist Mitch Bowden has enlisted the help of some other musicians to help him record the latest Don Vail album titled "Stand The Tide." It features thirteen tracks beginning with the highly energetic blast of "Pulse Of Disappearing," as you can instantly feel the chemistry between the band. The album's lead single "On The Wire," is alternative rock/pop gold with it's addictive melody and uplifting tone. The harmonies of "Holiday" are spectacular, while "New Danger" and "Stand The Tide" are strong statements of modern rock youthfulness. Don Vail close out their new album with the nostalgic vibe of "Electric Man & The Nowhere Drones" and the experimental sounds of "Fireflies." To find out more about Don Vail and their latest release "Stand The Tide," please visit their Facebook page at

Next from Montreal comes the latest release titled "Dovetale" from singer/songwriter and guitarist Patrick Krief. His new eleven-track album begins with the steady build-up of "Daydream Lover" and the more graceful ballad of "Autumn." Krief picks the energy backup with the pop/rock melody of "Idols" and the shaking rhythm of "The Moon Is On My Shoulder." His voice sings pure poetry on the gentle flow of "Million Star," while "Take The Night" has a certain swagger which fits his deep vocals perfectly. Patrick Krief wraps up his new album with the light-hearted energetic pop feel of "Tonight" and the quieter piano ballad "Venus." To find out more about Patrick Krief and his latest release "Dovetale," please visit his Facebook page at

Experimental folk artist JoJo Worthington recently released her new five-song EP titled  "The Company You Keep." It begins with the sweeping instrumental soundscape of "Company," which leads into the sonic layers of "Argument," as JoJo showcases her expanding musical approach. She delivers a more pop oriented sound with "Stabilize," before closing her new short release with the warming, gentle folk melody of "Small Encounters." To find out more about JoJo Worthington and her latest release "The Company You Keep," please visit

From Toronto, Canada comes the new five-song EP "Unarticulated Wants" from the melodic rock trio, The Black Fever. Their new release kicks off with the steady sonic flow of "Cold Open," which continues to build during the songs final two minutes. The Black Fever get more energetic on the album's lead single "Keep You," which is highlighted by the song's addictive underground rock vibe. They wrap up their new short release with upbeat pop/rock delivery of "Marketing." To find out more about The Black Fever and their latest release "Unarticulated Wants," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists All The Saints, Catacomb Saints and Mirrorball

All The Saints, a three-piece from Atlanta, GA, recently released their third full-length album titled "Look Like You're Going Somewhere." It features eight tracks filled with raw, fuzz-tone garage rock, beginning with the slow and steady pace of "Gold" and "Lites." They expand upon their sound, stretching out with the more experimental, seven-minute "Look Like You're Going Somewhere," which features a space interlude to break up the song's rhythmic pattern. All The Saints show off their softer side with the piano ballad "Casket," before returning with the more energetic grunge attack of "Creak." They finish up their new album with the punk-like riffs of "Old Order" and "Closer, Owner." To find out more about All The Saints and their latest release "Look Like You're Going Somewhere," please visit their Facebook page at

The Canadian duo of Neil Holyoak and Devon Beggs have come together under the name Catacomb Saints to release their debut EP "Cruel As The Grave." It features only four tracks, but give you a glimpse at what to expect from the duo's upcoming full-length debut album. The new set begins with the slow burn of "Stone Cold" that's highlighted by the sonic starkness of Neil's voice and a subtle guitar melody. The song "Green Lady" has slightly more going on musically, but it's the poetic words of the song that grab your attention. Catacomb Saints wrap up their new album with the seven-plus minute experimental soundscape of "Shanghai Grill." To find out more about Catacomb Saints and their latest release "Cruel As The Grave," please visit their Facebook page at

Another duo beginning their musical journey are singer/songwriter Alexandra Johnstone and guitarist Scott Watson. They have recently released their first couple of tracks by the name Mirrorball. This musical team showcase their new sound, beginning with the alternative pop melody of "Natural World." The duo's collaboration is addictive, especially on the more upbeat rhythm of "This Time," as Alexandra's vocals have a certain quality and tone that feels familiar, but also new at the same time. To find out more about Mirrorball, please visit

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Check Out New Releases From Neshama Carlebach, Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen and Pearl The Girl

Singer/songwriter Neshama Carlebach recently released her new album "Believe," which circles around the message of having faith. Neshama has sold millions of albums and has toured the world, spreading the word of love through her music. Her new release begins with the uplifting, gospel-like delivery of the title-song "Believe," as her voice is something to behold. She continues her new album with the R&B/pop strength of "Hear Our Prayer" and the graceful ballad "How Long," as Neshama pours her all in her music. The beauty of "Shine" and "Only Love" are highlights of the album as you focus on her words of inspiration and faith. To find out more about Neshama Carlebach and her latest release "Believe," please visit

Next, from Louisville comes the latest release from the country rock band Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen. Their latest album "Speaking Of Witches" features ten tracks, beginning with the introduction build-up of "Fear, Love And Greed," which begins as a gentle folk ballad before rising up the song's emotions with the rest of the band joining in the fun. They pick the energy up with the swinging rhythm of the title song "Speaking Of Witches," before slowing down for the emotional ballads "Magic" and "Lost The Light," which showcases Rebecca's amazing vocals. The band delivers a nostalgic country vibe on the steady pace of "Find Something Real," before finishing off their new album with the bluesy country rock of "Maybe It Was Easy" and the beautifully simple folk ballad "Tiny Boats." To find out more about Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen and their latest release "Speaking Of Witches," please visit

Finally from Sydney, Australia comes the latest release from indie rocker Pearl The Girl. The new album titled "Just A Phase" features ten tracks, beginning with the high-energy post-punk feel of "Charms" and the melodic pop ballad "Dead End Road." The album's lead single "Little Animal" received regional airplay on radio across Australia and is a great snapshot of Pearl The Girl's passion and stellar songwriting. She wraps up her new album with "She's Fine Now," which showcases the strength of her vocals on this pop gem, along with the pounding rhythm of "Mr Informative." To find out more about Pearl The Girl and her latest release "Just A Phase," Please visit her Facebook page at

Monday, June 24, 2019

Mitch Ryder Invites Some Guests Along For His "Detroit Breakout!"

American soul artist Mitch Ryder is entering his fifth decade and decided to pay homage to his past by re-recording some rock classics with an all-star cast of friends. The new release titled "Detroit Breakout!" features fourteen tracks that Mitch Ryder has put his own stamp on with the help of  members of the MC5, New York Dolls and The Stooges, just to name a few.

Ryder kicks things off with his top 5 hit single "Devil With The Blue Dress" with help James Williamson on guitar. He keeps the party going with "Cool Jerk," featuring Wayne Kramer on guitar and Brian Auger on keyboards. Mitch Ryder also performs new, re-imagined covers of some of his favorites like The Standells' "Dirty Water" and "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone," made popular by The Monkees. The album is one big party with Mitch Ryder at the helm, as he breathes new life into Jim Croce's "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and Sam Cooke's "Twistin' The Night Away." The album closes with The Isley Brothers' "Shout," as Ryder receives support from Linda Gail Lewis. Mitch Ryder's "Detroit Breakout!" is available on CD and on red-colored vinyl. For more information, please visit

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Dave Matthews Band Continue Their Summer Tradition With A Stop At Hartford's Xfinity Theatre

Connecticut has become one of the favorite stops for the Dave Matthews Band, having played here three times in the last year, including Saturday night at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford. Their summer tours have always been a huge draw, going all the way back to the mid-nineties and has become the concert event of the summer for fans of Connecticut and the Northeast.

The nearly three-hour set began with the entire band jumping into "#41" (rumor was that this was the Dave Matthews Band's forty-first show in Hartford), which was highlighted by solos from guitarist Tim Reynolds and trumpeter Rashawn Ross. Watching the band lock in together on a jam is always a sight to behold. The band keep the energy flowing with early favorites "So Much To Say," "Too Much" and "Warehouse," which also featured an extended jam to close out the song. The Dave Matthews Band are also still promoting their latest studio release "Come Tomorrow," with performances of "Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)," "Do You Remember" and "She."

The audience exploded into cheers when the first notes of "Don't Drink The Water" rang from the speakers, before organist (and newest member) Buddy Strong brought the crowd to church with his solo during "Everyday." A huge grin was noticed on the face of Dave Matthews when the band played "Jimi Thing" and the audience sang the entire first verse and chorus of the song, before Matthews was even needed to join in. The song was one of the highlights of the set, as Tim and Buddy traded solos, before the horns of Rashawn Ross and Jeff Coffin joined in the fun. Then, the band played their only cover song of the evening, a condensed version of Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like An Eagle."

Drummer Carter Beauford got his moment with a short drum solo that began the country/rock of "Cornbread," which Tim Reynolds took to new heights with another amazing guitar solo. The Dave Matthews Band closed out their set with the fan favorite Pantala Naga Pampa/Repunzel," which only left the crowd wanting more.

The short, two-song encore began with the locomotion rhythm of "Two Step," which led into a raucous version of "Halloween." As the band exited for the evening, Dave Matthews stood at the front of the stage taking selfies with the audience members in the pit. This signaled the close of another great, memorable evening from one of the premier touring acts in the world, the Dave Matthews Band.

Setlist: #41, So Much To Say, Anyone Seen The Bridge, Too Much, You Never Know, Warehouse, Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin), Don't Drink The Water, The Space Between, So Right, Do You Remember, Seven, Everyday, Jimi Thing, Fly Like An Eagle, She, Corn Bread, Typical Situation, The Song That Jane Likes, Pantala Naga Pampa, Repunzel
Encore: Two Step, Halloween

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Discover Unreleased Treasures From Brothers Chip & Tony Kinman With New "Sounds Like Music" Release

Brothers Chip and Tony Kinman were members of some of the most influential underground bands of seventies, eighties and nineties. Omnivore Recordings has gathered twenty-two unreleased gems that the brothers have performed as members of The Dils, Rank and File, Blackbird and more recently as Cowboy Nation. The selections for this new release titled "Sounds Like Music" were chosen specifically by Chip Kinman to give a well-rounded view of the brothers work on the rising "cowpunk" scene.

After a short instrumental introduction, the compilation dives back to their earliest tracks "Folks Say Go" from The Dils. The quality of the recordings vary in quality, even though every track was remastered for this release. As the album continues with the brothers work in Blackbird, you can appreciate their experimentation on songs like "Liberation" and "Dope." The raw, punk-like fury of "Rank And File" and "Citizen" showcases one side of Chip and Tony's talents as members of the band, Rank And File. The new compilation closes with the wonderful sounds of "Old Paint" and "All The Same" from their late-eighties output from Blackbird. This new compilation will be released on June 28th through Omnivore Recordings. To find out more about "Sounds Like Music," please visit

Friday, June 21, 2019

New Live Release From Eagle Vision Finally Brings Us The Rolling Stones "Bridges To Bremen"

Arriving on June 21st from Eagle Vision is the live concert film (and soundtrack) from The Rolling Stones. The new release titled "Bridges To Bremen" features the band on the second leg of their hugely successful "Bridges To Babylon" world tour, performing a show in Bremen, Germany. The show was originally filmed and broadcast on European television and showcases the full touring force of The Rolling Stones in the nineties.

After kicking off the show with a couple of classics from their sixties catalog ("(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and "Let's Spend The Night Together"), The Stones mix in some deep cuts from their latest "Bridges To Babylon" album. The quality of the film is excellent and the cameras are right on stage next to Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood, but their are so many cutaways during a song that you start to loose track of what's going on.

This tour also featured the band's first permanent b-stage and the first time that the audience was able to select one of the songs to be performed that evening, which happened to be "Memory Motel." The b-stage was filmed nice and tight and allowed you to watch everyone feed off each other, as they performed classics like "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But It Like It)" and "You Got Me Rocking." Highlights of the show include watching Keith Richards and Ron Wood trading solo during "Symphony For The Devil" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash."

This new live show is a critical part of The Rolling Stones catalog and will be released in a number of different formats including a 2-CD/DVD set, 2-CD/Blu-ray set, a triple-vinyl set and in digital format. The DVD and Blu-ray both contain bonus tracks recorded in Chicago from earlier in the tour. To find out more about The Rolling Stones "Bridges To Bremen" release, please visit

Thursday, June 20, 2019

America Celebrates Their Hits With A New Deluxe Version Of "Live At The Palladium"

For 50 years, the British-American rock band, America have been entertaining audiences with such classic hits as "Tin Man," "Sister Goldenhair" and "Horse With No Name." In 2018, they recorded their concert at The Palladium in Worcester, MA for their latest release titled simply "Live At The Palladium." It showcases the band celebrating their anniversary by performing over twenty of the their most well-known songs like "You Can Do Magic" and "Daisy Jane."

The set is released as a double CD and DVD with a replica tour pass, 24-page full color booklet along with a numbered and signed certificate. America still sound amazing as they harmonize during the beautiful ballad "I Need You" and the California soft rock sound of "Ventura Highway." They can also still rock with the best of them, as displayed in "Cornwall Hollywood" and "Green House." America's strength still lies in the emotional harmonies of songs like "Only In Your Heart" and "Lonely People."

America has a bunch of live shows lined-up all throughout the summer. For a complete list of concert dates and to find out more about their latest release "Live At The Palladium," please visit

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Mindi Abair Performs "No Good Deed" & Chuck Mead Brings Us "Close To Home"

Newcomer Mindi Abair is preparing to release her new studio album titled "No Good Deed" on June 28th through Abair's own Pretty Good For A Girl record label. The album was produced by Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith), who returned to control desk after also producing Mindi's debut album. The new ten track release is a mix of originals and re-worked covers, as Mindi makes the music all her own, along with her amazing backing band, The Boneshakers.

She starts off with the blazing guitar shuffle of "Seven Day Fool," as Mindi Abair gets the energy flowing early. The album continues with the arena-built rockers "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" and her re-imaged cover of the Young Rascals' "You Better Run," before reaching for the blues of "Sweetest Lies." After the swampy swagger of "Bad News," Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers pick the energy up once again with the in-your-face rocker "Movin' On." The album closes with a duet of Abair and drummer Third Richardson on their explosive cover of Ike and Tina Turner's "Baby Get It On." Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers have shows lined-up in June and August all over the U.S. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about their new album "No Good Deed," please visit

Nashville-artist Chuck Mead is preparing the release of this new studio album "Close To Home," arriving June 28th through Plowboy Records. It features eleven tracks, recorded at Sam Phillips' historic recording studio in Memphis, TN. Mead delivers the music on this album with a new sense of inspiration and energy. The set begins with the classic rockabilly swing of "Big Bear" and the nostalgic sixties country vibe of "I'm Not The Man For The Job." As you listen to this new album, you'd think that it was from another era, as the songs "Better Thank I Was" and "Close To Home" have that old-fashion vibe that is certainly hard to capture in today technical world. Chuck Mead can still get you up to dance with the energetic blast of "The Man Who Shook The World" and the swagger of "Shake." Chuck Mead will be hitting the road this summer. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about his new album "Close To Home," please visit

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Collective Soul Draw "Blood" With New Release Before The Jacks Showcase Their Debut EP

Nineties rock band, Collective Soul have returned with their first new album in four years titled "Blood." Collective Soul have topped the U.S. Mainstream music charts all throughout the nineties and may be best know for their top ten single "Shine." They have consistently delivered great music and this new album may be their hardest rocker in the last decade or so.

The new ten-song release begins with "Now's The Time," which features the well-known vocals of E Roland and a chugging guitar melody that will simply get lodged in your memory. They take the energy up another notch with the raw rocker "Over Me" and the Tom Petty-esque melody of "Right As Rain." They still know how to grab on to your emotions with the power ballads "Them Blues" and "Changed," before closing up their new album with the uplifting, beautiful harmonies of the relaxed "Porch Swing." 

Collective Soul are heading out on the road this summer with fellow nineties rockers the Gin Blossoms for the "Now's The Time Tour." For a complete list of shows and to find out more about Collective Soul's new album "Blood," please visit

Arriving the following week, on June 28th through Edgeout Records/UMe is the self-titled debut release from The Jacks. This four-piece band combine their love of southern rock with their influences of '60s and '70s rock to make some amazingly addictive songs. The new five-song release begins with the big guitar riffs of "Who Are You" and the album's lead single "Walk Away" (video: The band have developed their raw, classic hard rock sound performing gigs for the last three years up and down the Sunset Strip. They showcase a more melodic pop tone with "Hello My Friend," before closing out their new album with the steady hard rock pace of "Understand." To find out more about The Jacks and their latest release, please visit

Monday, June 17, 2019

Manifesto Records Showcases The Allan Holdsworth Trio During Their "Summer Jazz Days"

The Manifesto Records label has done an exceptional job keeping the music of legendary British guitarist, Allan Holdsworth alive and vibrant. Back in December of 2018, the label kicked off the Allan Holdsworth "Live Archive Series" with a show from 1984 that was filmed in Japan (review: Now, six months later we get the second release in the series, the "Warsaw Summer Jazz Days '98" CD and DVD release.

The show was professionally filmed for Polish television and is included on the DVD, along with bonus footage from the show that was also performed, but not shown during the original broadcast. The show features the Allan Holdsworth Trio running through an eight-song set in front of a small audience. The film does a great job capturing the band as they work together and it also allows each member to get their turn showcasing their talents. You will simply be in awe watching Holdsworth take on a guitar solo with strength and power, and then just let the music float on into the next track.

The CD features the entire hour long show in its original order, while the broadcast was eventually edited down to only 45 minutes. The bonus footage on the DVD contains the songs that were not shown on Polish television. The video quality of the bonus footage is not as sharp as the parts of the show that were featured during the broadcast, but having all of the footage is a great plus for this new release. To find out more about the newly released Allan Holdsworth Trio "Warsaw Summer Jazz Days '98," please visit

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Chris Stamey Creates "New Songs For The 20th Century" Featuring Exceptional Singers & Musicians

American songwriter, musician and producer Chris Stamey is preparing to release his new album titled "New Songs For The 20th Century." This album has been three years in the making as Stamey was inspired by the classic songs of Cole Porter, George and Ira Gershwin, Henry Mancini, Irving Berlin and Richard Rodgers to create these new modern standards. Chris Stamey wanted the songs to be recorded by some of the top musicians in the business and sung by some of his favorite vocalists.

This two-volume, two-disc set features twenty-six tracks, beginning with the velvet voice of Django Haskins singing the swinging sound of "Manhattan Melody (That's My New York)" and the sweeping ballad "It's Been A While." Chris Stamey does an amazing job matching the songs to the singers, like the innocent vocals of Kristen Lambert performing the lush ballads "What Is This Music That I Hear?" and "On An Evening Such As This."

Vocalist Millie McGuire is one of Stamey's favorite singers, as she appears five different times on this new release. Her stellar vocals grace the jazzy ballad "I Fall In Love So Easily" and the gentle flow of "Pretty Butterfly." Chris Stamey also brings together Marshall Crenshaw, Don Dixon and Django Haskins for the upbeat, gospel-like New Orleans-style jazz of "Beneath The Underdog," before Django Haskins goes solo once again on the showtune feel of "In-tox-i-cho-cli-fi-ca-tion." Millie McGuire duets with Prestce Baez on the beautiful waltz of "Unpredictiable," then Baez closes out the album with the bluesy tone of "Occasional Shivers (reprise)." To find out more about Chris Stamey and his latest release "New Songs For The 20th Century," please visit

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Alarm Continue Their Triumphant Return With "Sigma"

The Welsh alternative rock band, The Alarm want to make 2019 their biggest year ever. Earlier this year, they reissued their 1985 album "Strength" as a deluxe 2-CD edition. The album gets remastered from the original master tapes and includes the rare B-sides "Majority" and "Caroline Isenberg." It also includes the 7" single versions of their hits "Strength" and "Spirit of '76," along with an acoustic version of "Absolute Reality." An additional 25-track disc of bonus material is included and is filled with studio sessions and outtakes recorded during the making of the "Strength" album. Highlights include covers of "Communication Breakdown," "Maggie May" and "Maggie's Farm" along with an improvisational jam session.

Also happening this year is the release of The Alarm's brand new studio album titled "Sigma." It features a dozen tracks and will be available on June 28th through Concord Bicycle Music on CD and on vinyl. The album kicks off with the sonic blast of "Blood Red Viral Black," which features a contribution from The Cult's Billy Duffy, giving the song that edgier guitar sound. The energy continues with flow with the classic Alarm sound of "Can You Feel Me?" and "Love And Understanding." Sandwiched in-between is the more melodic pop tone of "Time" and the politically charged build-up of "Equals," featuring The Alarm's original guitarist, Dave Sharp.

The album closes with the new wave-type rocker "The White Count," which is only included on the CD edition and the nostalgic eighties sounding "Armageddon In The Morning." The Alarm will be spending the summer on the road with fellow alternative rockers Modern English and Gene Loves Jezebel. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Sigma," please visit

Friday, June 14, 2019

New Craft Recordings Vinyl Reissues From R.E.M., Much The Same and James Taylor

Rock and Roll Hall Of Famers, R.E.M. called it quits almost a decade ago, but it feels like their music is as timeless as ever. Back in 2003, Warner Bros. Records released the platinum selling greatest hits set "In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003." It featured 18-tracks (two previously unreleased) that established the band as one of the biggest musical acts in the world.

Now, for the first time since its initial release, this greatest hits set will be released on vinyl on June 14th through Craft Recordings. It includes the exact same line-up as the original release and will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl in audiophile quality. A special translucent blue vinyl edition will be available exclusively through Barnes & Noble.

The music sounds stellar on this new pressing of the album, as songs like the all-out rock assault of "What The Frequency Kenneth?" and "Orange Crush" will make your speakers shake when the volume is cranked. Plus, you can also appreciate the delicately of "Daysleeper" and "Nightswimming," as the instruments sound so pure. To find out more about the new double-vinyl release of "In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003," please visit

Chicago punk-rock band, Much The Same climbed their way up the alternative rock ladder, beginning as an opening act on the Vans Warped Tour, but constant line-up changes would eventually derail the band. They would release of their biggest album to date, "Survive"  in 2006, before disbanding for eight years. Then, in 2015, Much The Same regrouped and is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year with a new studio release this summer and for the first time ever, a vinyl reissue of their album "Survive." 

The band's sound on this album was as strong as ever and still feels relevant almost fifteen years later. Much The Same deliver pure energy on the tracks "The Greatest Betrayal" and "What I Know," while also showing that they are more that just speed and energy on the well crafted hymns "Gut Shot" and "For Those Left Behind." To find out more about this new vinyl release of Much Of Same's album "Survive," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Iconic singer/songwriter James Taylor has had an illustrious career that has lasted over 50 years. He may be best known for the songs "Carolina In My Mind," "You've Got A Friend" and "Fire And Rain," just to name a few. He only released a handful of live albums throughout his career, with "One Man Band" being his most intimate. The show was recorded at the historic Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, MA in 2007, and was released later that year on CD/DVD under the title "One Man Band."

Now for the first time, on June 7th, the show will be released on vinyl, as a double-LP set. It features Taylor with an acoustic guitar and only accompanied by Larry Goldings on piano and the Tanglewood Festival Chorus on occasion. The setlist touched upon Taylor's entire career up to that point, opening with "Something In The Way She Moves" from his 1968 self-titled debut album. The stark, acoustic nature of the performances allows you to focus on Taylor's timeless vocals and meaningful lyrics. He gets jazzy with "Mean Old Man,"  bluesy with "Slap Leather," and then brings in a gospel sound with the backing choir of "My Traveling Star." He uses the rhythm from the audience for "Chili Dog," before quieting down for the lullaby ballad "Sweet Baby James." He closes his show with the timeless sounds of "Fire And Rain" and "Copperline." To find out more about the new vinyl release of James Taylor's "One Man Band," please visit

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Eagle Vision Uncovers Classic Live Set From Carole King "Live At Montreux 1973"

American recording artist Carole King has had an illustrious musical career that has latest over six decades. She released her first single in 1958 and topped the U.S. album charts three times with the records "Tapestry" (1971), "Music" (1971) and "Wrap Around Joy" (1974). On June 14th, Eagle Rock Entertainment will add another notch to this amazing catalog with the newly discovered concert "Live At Montreux" from 1973.

It features Carole King at the height of her popularity as she performs an hour long, eighteen-song set that begins with the number one single "I Feel The Earth Move." She is only accompanied by a piano as she graces the audience with the lovely "Home Again" and "Beautiful." She is then joined onstage by a horn section for her original composition of "Up On The Roof." Her full band finally comes out (in St. Louis Blues shirts), as they perform songs from their new album at the time, "Fantasy."

The energy really picks up with the funky sounds of "You've Been Around Too Long" and the jazzy groove of "Haywood," as you can appreciate King conducting the full band through these new numbers. It seems like Carole King really enjoys herself during this performance as she always has a smile on her face as she performs "Believe In Humanity" and "You've Got A Friend." This new live set titled "Live At Montreux 1973" will be released as a CD & DVD set, along with just a stand-alone CD and on vinyl. To find out more about this great new release, please visit

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Shinyribs Develop Their Sound With "Fog & Bling" and Singer/Songwriter Pete Muller Gives Us "Dissolve"

Returning from Austin, TX is the award-winning band, Shinyribs with their new album titled "Fog & Bling." This "supergroup" brings together music genres, like R&B, rock, funk and folk music to create a unique sound which is especially heard on the album's opening track "Sing It Right." They settle down for the more laid-back, seventies folk vibe of "Highway Of Diamonds," before playing around with the jazzy, swamp-rock rhythm of "What A Man." The nostalgic tone of "I'm Clean" is undeniably addictive and "Crazy Lonely" feels like it came from the pages of the Al Green's songbook. Shinyribs wrap up their new album with the swagger of "Good Times And Bad" and the mellow R&B groove of "Doin' It (With Ya)," which will have you hitting repeat on this album. To find out more about Shinyribs and their latest release "Fog & Bling," please visit

American singer/songwriter Pete Muller recently released his latest album "Dissolve" back in May. It was produced by Emmy Award winner Rob Mathes (Sting, Rod Stewart) and features some of Muller's most emotional songs to date. The new 14-song release showcases Muller's rise to one of the top financial minds in the country, before following his dream of performing music. The song "Like A Dream" centers around his journey, as his stellar vocals find support from the song's gentle, melodic tone. Muller delivers an upbeat country/pop tone with "Back To Nothing," before slowing down for the folk-style ballad "This Ain't Me." The album continues with the jazzy, swinging rhythm of "Scraps Of Your Love" and the fun, Americana feel of "Another World," as Pete Muller seems most comfortable in this setting. He wraps up his new album with the grand, orchestral rock of the title-song "Dissolve" and the fun, upbeat delivery of "San Diego (When You Coming Home)." To find out more about Pete Muller and his latest release "Dissolve," please visit

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

"Rise" Up For New Albums From Hollywood Vampires And Poland's Premier Metal Band Batuska

Hard rock supergroup the Hollywood Vampires return with their second full-length album titled simply, "Rise." It will be released on June 21st through earMusic and the band continues with the explosive trio of Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. Unlike the band's 2015 debut album, this new release features the band's first set of original material, with a few covers thrown in for good measure.

The new set begins with the seven-minute energetic blast of "I Want My Now," which finds the perfect blend of Cooper's vocals and the dual guitar attack supplied by Perry and Depp. The band gets down and dirty on the gritty rock tone of "Who's Laughing Now" and show a little tribute to the classic British blues sound of "Welcome To Bushwackers," which features support from Jeff Back and John Waters.

The first of three cover songs that appear on this album is Johnny Thunder's "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory," sung by Joe Perry. The song's raw "grungy" tone fits Perry's deep vocals perfectly. Next, Johnny Deep takes on David Bowie's "Heroes" with a flawless execution, as it sounds almost identical to the original. The Hollywood Vampires close out their new album with the pounding rhythm of "New Threat" and the album's final cover song, "People Who Died," which feel like a modern punk anthem. To find out more about the Hollywood Vampires and their latest release "Rise," please visit

Arriving later on July 12th, through Metal Blade Records, is the latest release from Poland's premier metal band, Batushka. Their new album titled "Hospodi" features ten tracks, all sung in their native language. While you may not understand any of the lyrics, the music's intense rhythm during "Wieczernia" and the extreme heavy metal attack of "Polunosznica" is enough to appreciate the passion Batushka have for their music. The thrash-like metal attack continues with the chugging guitars of "Utrenia," before finishing with epic, progressive metal assault of "Tretij Czas" and the slow-moving sonic blast of "Liturgiya." To find out more about Batushka and their latest release "Hospodi," please visit the band's Facebook page at