Monday, June 3, 2019

Check Out New Music From Metal Blade Records Artists Vulture and Hate

The first half of June gives us a couple of new releases from Metal Blade Records artists, Vulture and Hate. The new Vulture album titled "Ghastly Waves And Battled Graves" features nine tracks, beginning with the high-powered speed of "Fed To Sharks." Fans will be impressed with the band's growth since their 2017 debut album, as Vulture look to establish themselves as a rising force in thrash metal. The band delivers a classic, aggressive metal sound in "The Garotte" and "Dewer's Hollow," while "Stainless Glass" will simply overtake you with its wave of metal riffs and prog-metal feel. Vulture finish up their new album with the sonic blast of "Murderous Militia," (which is the album's heaviest song) and the final thrash attack of "Killer On The Loose." The new release from Vulture will arrive on June 7th, for more info please visit

Arriving the following week, on June 14th is the new album from the established hardcore, black-metal band Hate. Their new album titled "Auric Gates Of Veles" features eight songs, beginning with the steady guitar riffs and growling vocals of "Seventh Manvantara," before picking up the tempo with the swift pace of "Thiskhelion." Hate continues to showcase their darker side with the evil tones of "Sovereign Sanctity," while "Generation Sulphur" showcases the band's growth as a metal act over the last two decades. To find out more about Hate and their latest release "Auric Gates Of Veles," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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