Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Check Out New Releases From Neshama Carlebach, Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen and Pearl The Girl

Singer/songwriter Neshama Carlebach recently released her new album "Believe," which circles around the message of having faith. Neshama has sold millions of albums and has toured the world, spreading the word of love through her music. Her new release begins with the uplifting, gospel-like delivery of the title-song "Believe," as her voice is something to behold. She continues her new album with the R&B/pop strength of "Hear Our Prayer" and the graceful ballad "How Long," as Neshama pours her all in her music. The beauty of "Shine" and "Only Love" are highlights of the album as you focus on her words of inspiration and faith. To find out more about Neshama Carlebach and her latest release "Believe," please visit neshamacarlebach.com

Next, from Louisville comes the latest release from the country rock band Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen. Their latest album "Speaking Of Witches" features ten tracks, beginning with the introduction build-up of "Fear, Love And Greed," which begins as a gentle folk ballad before rising up the song's emotions with the rest of the band joining in the fun. They pick the energy up with the swinging rhythm of the title song "Speaking Of Witches," before slowing down for the emotional ballads "Magic" and "Lost The Light," which showcases Rebecca's amazing vocals. The band delivers a nostalgic country vibe on the steady pace of "Find Something Real," before finishing off their new album with the bluesy country rock of "Maybe It Was Easy" and the beautifully simple folk ballad "Tiny Boats." To find out more about Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen and their latest release "Speaking Of Witches," please visit rebeccaregoandthetrainmen.com.

Finally from Sydney, Australia comes the latest release from indie rocker Pearl The Girl. The new album titled "Just A Phase" features ten tracks, beginning with the high-energy post-punk feel of "Charms" and the melodic pop ballad "Dead End Road." The album's lead single "Little Animal" received regional airplay on radio across Australia and is a great snapshot of Pearl The Girl's passion and stellar songwriting. She wraps up her new album with "She's Fine Now," which showcases the strength of her vocals on this pop gem, along with the pounding rhythm of "Mr Informative." To find out more about Pearl The Girl and her latest release "Just A Phase," Please visit her Facebook page at facebook.com/pearlthegirlmusic.

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