Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Discover New Music From Jack Spann, Jukka Iisakkila and Kepa Harkonen

Singer/songwriter/keyboardist Jack Spann will be releasing his latest album titled "Propaganda Man" at the end of the month. Spann has worked along side a number of artists, including the late, great David Bowie on what would be his last studio album, "Blackstar." Spann's new release features a dozen tracks, beginning with opening, jaunty rhythm of the title song, "Propaganda Man" and the contemporary rock approach of "Rage In The Garden." His music takes on a nostalgic, sixties British-type vibe on "Her Majesty," then taps the Steely Dan vein on the seventies pop/rock feel of "She's My Love Line." Jack Spann delivers the epic tale of "Marry The Flag With The Cross," before closing his new album with the energetic rocker "Dead Man's Clothes" and the quietly peaceful "Goodnight Lullabye." To find out more about Jack Spann and his latest release "Propaganda Man," please visit

Multi-instrumentalist Jukka Iisakkila recently released his new studio effort titled "Clocks And Clouds." Jukka is one of Finland's most renowned symphony conductors, but on his new release he ventures into the progressive jazz-rock fusion genre. He begins with the intense seven minutes of "Freefall" as Jukka proudly displays his skills on the guitar with some electrifying solos. He continues to rock with the swift pace of "Inner Universe Fever," before slowing down and taking a break from the guitar for the two-minute piano experiment "Interludes." Jukka Iisakkila finish up his new album with the stellar, bluesy guitar work of "Clocks And Clouds" and the most jazz infused number "Shakin' It On." To find out more about Jukka Iisakkila and his latest release "Clocks And Clouds," please visit

Next, we have another Finnish sensation, surf-rock guitarist/composer Kepa Harkonen and his latest album titled "Spicy Tales & Spacey Tones." His new twelve song release begins with the bluesy guitar swagger of "Havana Dream," before delivering the sixties-style boogie of "Funky Hi-Heels." Kepa slows the tempo down for the jazz feel of "Lime Green Blues," then tries his hand at a cover of the timeless song "Mr. Moto," originally by The Bel-Airs. The album continues with the spaghetti-western themed "Lapache," before closing with a cover of Freddie King's "Fish Fare" and the more laid-back vibe of "Blue Flames." To find out more about Kepa Harkonen and his latest release "Spicy Tales & Spacey Tones," please visit

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