Saturday, June 22, 2019

Discover Unreleased Treasures From Brothers Chip & Tony Kinman With New "Sounds Like Music" Release

Brothers Chip and Tony Kinman were members of some of the most influential underground bands of seventies, eighties and nineties. Omnivore Recordings has gathered twenty-two unreleased gems that the brothers have performed as members of The Dils, Rank and File, Blackbird and more recently as Cowboy Nation. The selections for this new release titled "Sounds Like Music" were chosen specifically by Chip Kinman to give a well-rounded view of the brothers work on the rising "cowpunk" scene.

After a short instrumental introduction, the compilation dives back to their earliest tracks "Folks Say Go" from The Dils. The quality of the recordings vary in quality, even though every track was remastered for this release. As the album continues with the brothers work in Blackbird, you can appreciate their experimentation on songs like "Liberation" and "Dope." The raw, punk-like fury of "Rank And File" and "Citizen" showcases one side of Chip and Tony's talents as members of the band, Rank And File. The new compilation closes with the wonderful sounds of "Old Paint" and "All The Same" from their late-eighties output from Blackbird. This new compilation will be released on June 28th through Omnivore Recordings. To find out more about "Sounds Like Music," please visit

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