Saturday, June 29, 2019

Expand Your Musical Horizons With New Music From Mark Wingfield with Gary Husband, Frederic L'Epee and Stratus Luna

British guitarist Mark Wingfield is preparing the release of his latest album "Tor & Vale," but this time he invited fellow musician Gary Husband along for the ride. The two artists are combining their love for jazz and classical music together on this new eight track release. The album begins with "Kittiwake," as Husband lays down a fluent classical melody on the piano, which allows Mark to take the first lead on guitar. The song's progression finds the two artists finding a common ground in order to let the song flow throughout its seven minutes. The soaring chords of "Night Song" and the mellow soundscape of "Shape Of Light" bookend the album's epic sixteen-minute experimental piece "Tor & Vale." Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband close out their new album with the lush harmonies of guitar and piano on the twelve-minute ballad "Silver Sky," before ending with the more striking chords of "Vaquita." To find out more about the new album "Tor & Vale" from Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband, please visit

Multi-instrumentalist Frederic L'Epee recently released his new solo album titled "The Empty Room." It features twelve tracks that showcase Frederic's wonderful talents on the guitar. Beginning with "Badong," he slowly works up the song's intensity, beginning with a strumming acoustic melody that gets overtaken by the more attention-grabbing electric guitar. Frederic explores his musical space with only the sound of a guitar and flat bells on the moody tones of "Descending The Slow River." He builds the energy back up on the electrifying, eight-minute "Delta," before the stunning, inspirational piece "Mist." Frederic L'Epee finishes his new album with the guitar/piano duet of "Parle-Moi Encore (Keep Talking To Me)" and the subtle workings of "Hyme Aux Ancetres Z" on his fretless guitar. To find out more about Frederic L'Epee and his latest release "The Empty Room," please visit

From San Paulo, Brazil comes the self-titled debut album from Stratus Luna. These four kids have a combined age of 76 and most of them are family (two brothers, a cousin and their best friend). Their new release features seven tracks, beginning with progressive, space-like jazz fusion of "Nimue" and the nostalgic, Deep Purple/Styx like rock assault of "O Centro do Labirinto." Stratus Luna showcase their worldly sound on the nearly ten-minute epic "Zarabatana," while the short, two-minute "NREM-1" sounds like an extension of Van Halen's 69-second instrumental "1984." The boys wrap up their new album with the seventies rock groove of "Onirica" and the funk-fueled "Efemera." To find out more about Stratus Luna and their new self-titled release, please visit their Facebook page at

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