Monday, June 10, 2019

Get Ready To Rock With New Music From Baker's Dozen, Fire Follows, Despyre, Blacklist Regulars and The Aristocrats

First up is the May 31st release from the Las Vegas hard rock band, Baker's Dozen. Their debut album titled "Cake And Chaos" contains ten tracks, beginning with raw, energetic blast of "Love Slave," as you can hear the band's influences immediately. The album continues with the Sunset Strip-style swagger of "24 Hours In El Salvador" and the addictive chorus of "Gone With The Breeze." They pick the tempo up another notch with the intense rhythm of "Hang Time" and "Idiot," before they finish up their new album with the punk-like feel of "No Shame." To find out more about Baker's Dozen and their latest release "Cake And Chaos," please visit their Facebook page at

Also released on May 31st is the new five song EP "If It's War You Want" from Fire Follows. Artist Chris Watt created Fire Follows after experiencing almost total loss of his voice due to paralyzed vocal chords. His voice has come back strong, as displayed on the opening track "If It's War You Want," while "Loaded Gun" is more aggressive and in-your-face. He slows down for the power ballad "Carry This Dagger," as you can fully appreciate his comeback, before closing his new album with the mainstream rock appeal of "No Ashes Remain." To find out more about Fire Follows and the latest release "If It's War You Want," please visit

Arriving the first week of June is the latest release "Rise Up" from the Long Island heavy metal band, Despyre. It features nine tracks, beginning with the aggressive, hard-hitting blast "Liberate" and the heavy pounding of "Regret." Despyre deliver a more mainstream metal sound with "Evil Inside," before returning to the hardcore attack of "Complicated." They finish up their new album with the classic metal chugging guitar riffs of "Hell Freezes Over" and the quiet acoustic of "Blu Sky (Reborn)." To find out more about Despyre and their latest release "Rise Up," please visit

The following week features the arrival of the debut album "Through The Blast," from the hard rock band, Blacklist Regulars. Their new eleven-song release kicks off with the strong, raw and aggressive nature of "Blind" and "Falling From The Sun." Their music carries a modern edge that should get them recognition on the radio with the addictive flow of songs like "Denial" and "Don't Give Up." The chugging guitar riffs of "Break The Chain" and the swift pace of "Beyond" combine the elements of early Seattle-grunge rock with a classic heavy metal vibe that makes Blacklist Regulars one of the most exciting bands to arrive on the hard rock scene. To find out more about their new album "Through The Blast," please visit

On June 21st, arrives the new album from modern metal/rock pioneers (Hed) P.E. The band's eleventh studio release titled "Stampede" looks to continue the popularity of their 2016 album "Forever." They have been known to combine heavy metal, punk, hip-hop, reggae and whatever else they can throw together in order to make a sound that they are proud of. The album kicks off with "NoApologies," a pop/hip-hop rhythm that gets overtaken by big guitar riffs. (Hed) P.E. bring together a hardcore metal sound, while spilling lyrics like a reggae/rap act on "CanIRock." They work in more electronics on "BossUp," before speeding things up with the intense punk fury of "WhyNotMe." The hip-hop mold continues with "Rise" and "Untouchable," before closing with the accessible "TimeOfMyLife." To find out more about (Hed) P.E. and their latest release "Stampede," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally we arrive at the instrumental rock-fusion trio, The Aristocrats with their fourth full-length studio album "You Know What...?," which will be released on June 28th. The new album features nine amazing musical numbers, beginning with the hard rock assault of "D Grade F@ck Movie Jam" and the more melodic, jazzy tone of "Spanish Eddie." The Aristocrats return to rock out with the energetic blast of "When We All Come Together," before showcasing their more experimental side with the King Crimson-like vibe of "Spiritus Cactus." They finish up their new album with the slow build-up to the aggressive attack of "Burial At Sea" and the more atmospheric, solo-driven of "Last Orders." To find out more about The Aristocrats and their latest release "You Know What...?," please visit

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