Tuesday, June 4, 2019

More Heavy Metal Music Arriving In June From The Cruz Del Sure Music Label

As the first official day of summer approaches, we have a trio of new releases arriving June 21st through the Cruz Del Sur Music label. First up is the new full-length release from the Portuguese metal band, Ravensire. Their new album titled "A Stone Engraved In Red" features eight tracks, beginning with the hardcore attack of "Carnage Of Karnag," as the band's sound get bigger with each new album. Ravensire deliver a classic heavy metal sound with "Gabriel Lies Sleeping," as the guitar solo will simply blow you away. The rawness of their music is felt in pounding rhythm of "Dawn Of Darkness," before picking up the pace with the intense thrash metal appeal of "The Smiting God." Ravensire finish up their new album with the eight-minute prog-metal epic "The Game Of Titus." To find out more about Ravensire and their latest release "A Stone Engraved In Red," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Ravensire.

Next from Scandinavia comes the new full-length album from Lunar Shadow titled "The Smokeless Fires." It features seven tracks, beginning with the guitar frenzy of "Catch Fire" and the heavy metal tempo waves of "Conajohara No More." The band showcase their more mystical side with the ballad "Pretend," before launching back into the intense metal delivery of "Laurelindorenan." Lunar Shadow wrap up their new album with the grand, epic sounds of "Hawk Of The Hills." To find out more about Lunar Shadow and their latest release "The Smokeless Fires," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/lunarshadowband.

We also have the tenth studio album from The Lord Weird Slough Feg titled "New Organon." This album came about from a very creative time in the band's songwriting process, as they wanted to pick only the ten best songs for this new release. They begin the album with classic metal guitar riffs of "Headhunter" and "The Apology." Slough Feg pick up the tempo with the energetic romp of "Being And Nothingness" and the title-song "New Organan." They continue with the nostalgic metal sound of "Uncanny," before wrapping up their new album with the mainstream rock approach of "The Cynic." To find out more about The Lord Weird Slough Feg and their latest release "New Organon," please visit sloughfeg.com.

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