Sunday, June 30, 2019

New Music Arriving From Christina LaRocca and Lasers Lasers Birmingham

Soul singer Christina LaRocca is preparing to release her new album "These Are My Whiskey Dreams" on July 12th. It features the work of producers Andros Rodriguez, Alex Arias, Gene Micofsky and Khalid Philipe, who helped Christina hone her sound, mixing influences of rock, reggae, pop and Americana. She begins her new album with the country infused sound of "A Man Like You" and the pop-oriented beats of "Capsized." Her voice naturally gravitates to the southern swagger of "Home," before stepping out of her comfort zone with the island groove of "Smoke Marijuana." Christina wraps up her new new eight song release with the bluesy ballad "Whiskey Dreams" and the powerful country rocker "Breathe." To find out more about Christina LaRocca and her latest release "These Are My Whiskey Dreams," please visit

Los Angeles-based country band, Lasers Lasers Birmingham have recently released their full-length debut album "Warning." It features eleven tracks beginning with the title track "Warning," which just glides along with the warming vocals of Alex Owen. Their classic country sound shines so bright on "Perfection In 3/4 Time" and "Sugar Momma," that you wouldn't even think this was their first album together. Lasers Lasers Birmingham's sound is perfected on the laid-back country vibe of "Lead Me On" and the "Phantom Vibration." The band wrap up their new album with their country rock love letter to "Emmylou" and the slow blues of "What A Shame." To find out more about Lasers Lasers Birmingham and their latest release "Warning," please visit their Facebook page at

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