Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Music From Don Vail, Krief, JoJo Worthington and The Black Fever

Musical artist Mitch Bowden has enlisted the help of some other musicians to help him record the latest Don Vail album titled "Stand The Tide." It features thirteen tracks beginning with the highly energetic blast of "Pulse Of Disappearing," as you can instantly feel the chemistry between the band. The album's lead single "On The Wire," is alternative rock/pop gold with it's addictive melody and uplifting tone. The harmonies of "Holiday" are spectacular, while "New Danger" and "Stand The Tide" are strong statements of modern rock youthfulness. Don Vail close out their new album with the nostalgic vibe of "Electric Man & The Nowhere Drones" and the experimental sounds of "Fireflies." To find out more about Don Vail and their latest release "Stand The Tide," please visit their Facebook page at

Next from Montreal comes the latest release titled "Dovetale" from singer/songwriter and guitarist Patrick Krief. His new eleven-track album begins with the steady build-up of "Daydream Lover" and the more graceful ballad of "Autumn." Krief picks the energy backup with the pop/rock melody of "Idols" and the shaking rhythm of "The Moon Is On My Shoulder." His voice sings pure poetry on the gentle flow of "Million Star," while "Take The Night" has a certain swagger which fits his deep vocals perfectly. Patrick Krief wraps up his new album with the light-hearted energetic pop feel of "Tonight" and the quieter piano ballad "Venus." To find out more about Patrick Krief and his latest release "Dovetale," please visit his Facebook page at

Experimental folk artist JoJo Worthington recently released her new five-song EP titled  "The Company You Keep." It begins with the sweeping instrumental soundscape of "Company," which leads into the sonic layers of "Argument," as JoJo showcases her expanding musical approach. She delivers a more pop oriented sound with "Stabilize," before closing her new short release with the warming, gentle folk melody of "Small Encounters." To find out more about JoJo Worthington and her latest release "The Company You Keep," please visit

From Toronto, Canada comes the new five-song EP "Unarticulated Wants" from the melodic rock trio, The Black Fever. Their new release kicks off with the steady sonic flow of "Cold Open," which continues to build during the songs final two minutes. The Black Fever get more energetic on the album's lead single "Keep You," which is highlighted by the song's addictive underground rock vibe. They wrap up their new short release with upbeat pop/rock delivery of "Marketing." To find out more about The Black Fever and their latest release "Unarticulated Wants," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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