Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists All The Saints, Catacomb Saints and Mirrorball

All The Saints, a three-piece from Atlanta, GA, recently released their third full-length album titled "Look Like You're Going Somewhere." It features eight tracks filled with raw, fuzz-tone garage rock, beginning with the slow and steady pace of "Gold" and "Lites." They expand upon their sound, stretching out with the more experimental, seven-minute "Look Like You're Going Somewhere," which features a space interlude to break up the song's rhythmic pattern. All The Saints show off their softer side with the piano ballad "Casket," before returning with the more energetic grunge attack of "Creak." They finish up their new album with the punk-like riffs of "Old Order" and "Closer, Owner." To find out more about All The Saints and their latest release "Look Like You're Going Somewhere," please visit their Facebook page at

The Canadian duo of Neil Holyoak and Devon Beggs have come together under the name Catacomb Saints to release their debut EP "Cruel As The Grave." It features only four tracks, but give you a glimpse at what to expect from the duo's upcoming full-length debut album. The new set begins with the slow burn of "Stone Cold" that's highlighted by the sonic starkness of Neil's voice and a subtle guitar melody. The song "Green Lady" has slightly more going on musically, but it's the poetic words of the song that grab your attention. Catacomb Saints wrap up their new album with the seven-plus minute experimental soundscape of "Shanghai Grill." To find out more about Catacomb Saints and their latest release "Cruel As The Grave," please visit their Facebook page at

Another duo beginning their musical journey are singer/songwriter Alexandra Johnstone and guitarist Scott Watson. They have recently released their first couple of tracks by the name Mirrorball. This musical team showcase their new sound, beginning with the alternative pop melody of "Natural World." The duo's collaboration is addictive, especially on the more upbeat rhythm of "This Time," as Alexandra's vocals have a certain quality and tone that feels familiar, but also new at the same time. To find out more about Mirrorball, please visit

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