Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Veteran Blues Band, Savoy Brown Are Still Leading The Way Through The "City Night"

Legendary blues band, Savoy Brown recently released their 40th studio album titled "City Night." This new release will be followed by a short U.S. tour which begins on August 24th at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA. After a trio of shows on the east coast, which includes stops in Uncasville, CT and Boston, MA, Savoy Brown will head out west to close out the month of August with a string of shows.

The band's new album features a dozen tracks led by original Savoy Brown guitarist Kim Simmonds. He's been the one constant member since the band began back in 1965. Simmonds guitar work highlights the entire album, beginning with the sonic shreds of "Walking On Hot Stones" and "Payback Time." While his guitar work continues to impress us on the tracks "Red Light Mama" and "Neighborhood Blues," his vocals are what make Savoy Brown a classic rock act, as he digs deep into the slow blues of "Selfish World." Simmonds and the rest of the band finish up the new Savoy Brown album with the blazing, guitar-boogie shuffle of "Hang In Tough" and "Ain't Gonna Worry." For a complete list of upcoming U.S. shows and to find out more about their new album "City Night," please visit

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Anna Wiebe, Aaron Goldstein, Eden Warsaw and Pekoe Cat

Canadian singer/songwriter Anna Wiebe recently released her second full-length album on July 12th, titled "All I Do Is Move." It features eight tracks, beginning with the alternative pop melody of "Fortune," as her new set of songs deal with mental growth and moving forward from life lessons. She quiets down for the stunning ballad "Fish Out Of Water" that matches her angelic vocals. Anna brings a blues tone to "Nothing To Fear," while "It's A Good Thing" has an uplifting vibe and message. She wraps up her new album with the gentle, acoustic folk strumming and sweet vocals of "Clean." To find out more about Anna Wiebe and her latest release "All I Do Is Move," please visit her Facebook page at

Pedal steel guitarist Aaron Goldstein (City And Colour, Cowboy Junkies) steps up for his latest solo album "Espanola." It features eleven tracks that have been in the works for the better part of five years now. It also features a cast of friends and local musicians to help Goldstein flesh out this new set of American rock anthems, beginning with the strong, southern rock groove of "Tricks Of The Heart." Aaron keeps the energy flowing with the mainstream tale of "A Lesson" and the guitar-boogie shuffle of "That Old Feeling." The title track, "Espanola" is a country song about reflecting on your mistakes and showcases some exceptional guitar work from Goldstein. He picks the tempo back up for the classic rock and roll feel of "Ever Kind And True" and "Outside Saskatoon," before reprising the song "Espanola" as strictly an acoustic track. To find out more about Aaron Goldstein and his latest release "Espanola," please visit his Facebook page at

Fellow Canadian artists, Eden Warsaw recently released their new twelve-song album titled "Calm The Coast." The album debuted at #39 on the iTunes Alternative Chart upon its release earlier this month. The album kicks off with the electronic pop/rock groove of "Fade Away," as you can't help but get hooked by their modern sound. Eden Warsaw get more industrial with the beats and electronics of "Pink California," before the more melodic vibe of "Her Gold" grabs your attention. The lead single "The Sunrise" slowly builds, as you focus on the song's harmonies and emotional lyrics. Eden Warsaw finish their new album with the upbeat tempo of "Ecstasy," followed by the quiet R&B tone of "Angel Dust" and the mainstream alt-pop flow of "Boulevard." To find out more about Eden Warsaw and their latest release "Calm The Coast," please visit

Multi-instrumentalist Kyle Woolven recently released his new album under the moniker, Pekoe Cat. His new album titled "Jungle Cop," showcases Kyle's many influences spread across these new eight tracks. The album kicks off with the electronic pop of "Invisibility Cloak," as the music feels like it came from the eighties keyboard era. Next, Pekoe Cat delivers a more modern beat with "Door Knockers," as he combines elements of pop, rock and dance music to give his sound a unique style. The title song "Jungle Cop" is purely crated for the dance floor with its beats and remixed sound. Pekoe Cat also showcases his alternative rock side with "A Maze," certainly one of the highlights of the album, as the song's melody will surely draw you into his musical world. Pekoe Cat finishes his new album with the return of the manufactured, electronic pop of "Weary Of A Clown" and "My Baby." To find out more about Pekoe Cat and his latest release "Jungle Cop," please visit his Facebook page at

Monday, July 29, 2019

New Music From Veteran Artists Arthur Adams, Dave Schoepke and Bayonics

Celebrated blues veteran Arthur Adams recently launched his farewell tour, after fifty years of performing live. To co-inside with that tour, he is also releasing his new studio effort "Here To Make You Feel Good." Adams has collaborated with everyone from B.B.King to Bonnie Raitt to Dr. John to Jerry Garcia. He recently teamed up with Cleopatra Records to reissue his earlier albums, as he continues to create great new music.

His new ten song release begins with the R&B/funk groove of "Tear The House Down," as Adams' love is definitely placed in the sound of the seventies. He picks the tempo up with the addictive pop melody of "Full Of Fire" and "Sweet Spot," before swooning you with his smooth vocals on "Forgive Me." Arthur Adams lets his guitar do the talking on the bluesy/jazz of "Gonna Make Some Money," before wrapping up his new album with the slow, laid-back blues vibe of "By Myself" and the stellar guitar work of "A Little Dab Will Do Ya." To find out more about Arthur Adams and his latest release "Here To Make You Feel Good," please visit

Drummer Dave Schoepke (Martin Barre band) recently released his first solo drum album titled "Drums On Low." It features eleven tracks that will certainly take you on a journey into the different rhythms and vibrations explored through Schoepke's extensive experience with the instrument. You are first invited into the world of drumming with the opening tribal flow of "War Of The Grasshoppers" and the solid, repetitive beats of "Which One Are You?." Schoepke works on the snare drums to lay down the basic track to follow on "The Throw," while "Sound On Low" has a more experimental vibe going on. He incorporates some spoken word segments to give "The Thing From The Darkness" a storyline, before finishing with the solid rock drum solo of "Tangles" and the sound experiment of "Four Twenty Six." To find out more about Dave Schoepke and his latest release "Drums On Low," please visit

From the San Francisco Bay area comes the latest release "Resilience" from the veteran reggae band, Bayonics, led by lead singer Jairo Vargas. Their brand of music combines the beats of reggae music with a Latin flair, as they follow the path laid ahead of them by Santana and Sly and the Family Stone. Bayonics new album includes a dozen tracks, beginning with the reggae/rock vibe of "Exile," which carries a powerful message of being displaced from your home. The Latin melody of "El Bajo" and "Soldier Dance" will get your hips swinging with its club beats and pop melody. Next, Bayonics take you out to the islands with the groove of "Olvidaste" and "We Gon Show'em," before finishing with the Spanish sung numbers "Batalla en Babylon" and "Sospechosos." To find out more about Bayonics and their latest release "Resilience," please visit

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Bobby Rush Is "Sitting On Top Of The Blues" With His New Album

On August 16th, blues legend Bobby Rush will release his 26th studio album "Sitting On Top Of The Blues" on his own label, Deep Rush through the Thirty Tigers label. Rush is a Grammy Award winning artist and in the Blues Hall of Fame, as he enters his seventh decade as a performer.

Age is just a number, as Bobby Rush sounds a fresh as ever on his new eleven track release, beginning with the appropriate introduction of "Hey Hey Bobby Rush." He showcases his blues swagger on "Good Stuff," then Rush and his band display a funkier groove on "Get Out Of Here (Dog Named Bo)." The nostalgic vibe of "Sweet Lizzy" pays homage to his past with a feel of the Delta blues, as Rush wails on the harp. He strips the music down to the bone on "Recipe For Love," in order for you to focus only on his lyrics. Bobby Rush wraps up his new album with the loving, R&B flow of "Slow Motion" and the swamp rock of "Bowlegged Woman."

Bobby Rush is currently on tour in the U.S., performing at a number of festivals this summer. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about Bobby Rush and his latest release "Sitting On Tip Of The Blues," please visit

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Omnivore Recordings Reissues Albums By Singer/Songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill

On August 2nd, Omnivore Recordings will release two out-of-print albums on CD from singer/songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill. Berryhill was part of the anti-folk music along with fellow artists Beck, Michelle Shocked and John S. Hall and her 1987 debut album turned heads in the California music scene. The two albums that are getting reissued are her 1994 release "Garage Orchestra" and the 1996 release "Straight Outta Marrysville."

Berryhill returned to California, after a six-month stint in New York, in order to revive her musical career. She developed a friendship with some local musicians and writers, which included her soon-to-be husband Paul Williams (editor of "Crawdaddy!" magazine). Williams would peak her interest of the late-sixties music of The Beach Boys, especially the songwriting of Brian Wilson. Cindy Lee Berryhill took the love for this music into the studio to create the album "Garage Orchestra." The original album featured ten tracks, including the experimental pop tone of the opening track "Father Of The Seventh Son" and "Gary Handeman." You can certainly hear Wilson's influence throughout the album, as Berryhill even wrote a song for the artist with "Song For Brian." The new reissue includes nine bonus tracks, which include a live version of her song "My Little Broken Heart," as well as instrumental and alternate versions of songs from the "Garage Orchestra" album.

After a two year break, in which Cindy Lee Berryhill would take care of Williams after a serious brain injury, she returned with her follow-up album "Straight Outta Marysville." This album continued her re-invented musical style, highlighted by the acoustic folk storytelling of "Unknown Master Painter," her seven-minute cover of Donovan's "Season Of The Witch" and the beautiful melody of "Elvis Of Marysville." The new reissue includes an additional six songs tacked on to the album's original fourteen track listing. The new additions enhance the album perfectly with the acoustic strumming of "Antifolk Squatter's Riot" and a cover of Bob Dylan's " I Don't Believe You," along with a demo run through of "Just Like Me." Both new reissues come with 12-page, full-color booklets that feature unpublished photos and brand new essays. To find out more about these new reissues of Cindy Lee Berryhill's albums "Garage Orchestra" ( and "Straight Outta Marysville" (

Friday, July 26, 2019

Roger Daltrey Gives "The Who's Tommy" The Orchestral Treatment For 50th Anniversary

In celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of The Who's landmark album "Tommy," lead singer Roger Daltrey went on a U.S. summer tour last year performing the entire rock opera with a full orchestra. Back on June 14th, Polydor/UMe released "The Who's Tommy Orchestral," which was recorded at the site of the original Woodstock, where "Tommy" was performed by The Who in August 1969.

Composer and arranger David Campbell led the orchestra through the 24-song rock opera, as Roger Daltrey's vocals brought it all back home. The rock intensity of "1921" and "Christmas" is supported by a chorus of singers to give the songs that extra boost of energy. The orchestra plays a key role in the production of songs like "Pinball Wizard" and "I'm Free," by giving the music a more classical feel, while members of The Who's touring band provide the tunes their rock vibe. Simon Townshend (brother of The Who's Pete Townshend) sings lead on "Sally Simpson" taking his brother's place, who sang lead on the original track. The show closes with an epic, eight-minute version of "We're Not Gonna Take It," which turned The Who into American legends fifty years ago at the original Woodstock festival.

Since it's release last month, "The Who's Tommy Orchestral" has topped the Billboard Classical Albums charts. The Who will return to the U.S. in September for their Fall tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about the new "The Who's Tommy Orchestral" release, please visit

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Discover New Music From Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster, Ward Hayden & The Outliers and David G. Smith

Arriving August 30th on Big Legal Mess Records is the latest release from singer/songwriter Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster. His new album "Take Heart, Take Care" was a challenge for Justin to write, as his band, Water Liars have found success on Spotify with over 14 million streams. He wanted to focus on his songwriting, as this new ten track release invites you into the world of Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster. He begins with the mellow, Americana/country vibe of "Plenty Wonder" and the more pop-oriented melody of "Friend Of Mine," as you find yourself following his every word. Justin slows down for the beautiful poetic folk/rock ballad "Cut Your Teeth," while "Take Heart, Take Care" is an instructional manual for making it through the dark times in your life. He dives into the country rock of "Educated Guesses," before finishing his new album with gentle acoustics of "Name What You Are" and the picture perfect lyrics of "Held My Own." Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster will be hitting the road in September, following the release of his new album "Take Heart, Take Care." For a complete list tour dates and to find out more about his new album, please visit

Boston band, Ward Hayden & The Outliers (who recently changed their name from Girls Guns & Glory) are preparing to release their new album "Can't Judge A Book" on August 23rd. The new release features songs by Nick Lowe, Chuck Berry, Fountains of Wayne and other songs made famous by Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello. They begin with the thick country blues of "Hackensack," before picking the energy up with a lightning quick rendition of "Promised Land." Everything slows down for the classic tale of "The Ballad Of Ira Hayes" and the honky-tonk, country sway of "Viva Law Vegas." Ward Hayden & The Outliers find the perfect recipe for that classic country sound with "Can't Stop A Train," before closing with the loud, rocking return of energy in the form of "Naturally Crazy." Ward Hayden & The Outliers just started out on their east coast tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their upcoming new album "Can't Judge A Book," please visit

Singer, songwriter and guitarist David G. Smith is preparing to release his fourth studio effort titled "Who Cares" on August 23rd. The album is also dedicated to Blue Miller, who produced and performed on the album. We begin with the blues rock of "Where Is The Medicine," which has a southern, swampy style, while "Jesse James" leans more in the country direction with its swift pace and steady acoustic strumming. David G. Smith tackles the situation of US/Mexico border patrol with the emotion and grace of "Mi Familia," then lightens the melody with the acoustic folk appeal of "Mary Alice." The album wraps up with the inspirational lyrics of "Shine" and the blues shuffle of "Who Cares." To find out more about David G. Smith and his latest release "Who Cares," please visit

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Check Out The Return Of Alliance, Stranded and American Tears With Their Latest Releases

The trio of guitarist Gary Pihl (Boston), drummer David Lauser (Sammy Hagar) and vocalist/bassist Robert Berry (Greg Kihn Band) have finally regrouped for a new Alliance album. The new release titled "Fire And Grace" features a dozen new tracks. It will be the trio's first album in over a decade, as a renewed sense of energy flows through their new songs. The album kicks off with the sonic blast of "The Wheel Keeps On Turning" and the up-tempo rhythm-fueled rocker "Good Life." They display a more progressive rock approach to "Uncertain," while "I'll Have Some Of That" is pure gold, highlighted by Pihl's stellar solo and Berry's strong vocal delivery. Alliance showcase their more pop/rock oriented sound with the radio-built anthem "Time," that just grabs your attention and keeps you focused from start to finish. They wrap up their new album with the intense, hard rock assault of "Reason" and the power ballad "The Same." Alliance released their new album "Fire And Grace" back in May, for more information, please visit

Also recently released was the latest album titled "New Dawn" by the band, Stranded. Led by multi-instrumentalist Lewis Nitikman (Stonebolt) and vocalist Troy Reid (Agent), this new eleven-song release focuses more on the melody, in order to make these songs an enjoyable, relaxing experience. They begin with the keyboard driven, mellow pop/rock tone of "Not Enough Sorry" and the Latin rhythmic flair of "I'll Be The One." The beautiful piano ballad of "Power Of Love" and "Arrow" along with the jazz vibe of "More Than Words Can Say" showcase the diversity in their brand of music. Stranded close out their new album with "Cindy," and "I Believe In This Love," the two most rock-oriented tracks on this release. To find out more about Stranded and this new album "New Dawn," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release from the keyboard trio, American Tears. Their history dates back to the mid-seventies when they released their first couple of studio albums on Columbia Records. Now 45 years later they return with the latest release "White Flags" (only the band's fifth full-length album). Beginning with the eighties, keyboard frenzy of "Turn U On," American Tears are prepared to take you on a journey with their electronic brand of pop/rock music. They get things rocking with "Wake Up City" and "Hell Or High Water," as their sound shifts to a seventies-style Deep Purple sound. Next, they deliver a progressive rock epic with the nine-minute adventure "Fire Down Below," before slowing things down for the power ballad "Give Me More." American Tears wrap up their new album with a return to the eighties rock vibe of "Love Is Love" and the modern inspiration of the album's title song "White Flags." To find out more about American Tears and their latest release "White Flags," please visit

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

New Studio Effort From Hard Rockers Flaw and Jolly Roger Records Reissues Album From Witchwood

Louisville hard rockers Flaw recently released their seventh full-length studio album of their twenty-plus year career. The new album titled "Vol IV: Because Of The Brave," looks to pick back up where their 2016 album, "Divided We Fall" and 2017 EP "United We Stand" left off. Flaw's new ten song release begins with the sonic blast of "Persistence" and the aggressive juggernaut of "Walk The Line." Flaw recently performed the album's lead single "Conquer The Climb" on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," a song that displays the band's signature tempo changes and stellar hard rock melodies. Next, they take the energy up another notch with the chugging, heavy metal rhythm of "Wake Up" and then deliver another mainstream, radio-built anthem with "Everything." Flaw wrap up their new album with the instrumental "Least We Forget," which is filled with recordings of political spoken word dialect. To find out more about Flaw and their latest release "Vol IV: Because Of The Brave," please visit

Italian progressive hard rock band, Witchwood are re-issuing their 2016 album "Handful Of Stars" through the Jolly Roger Records label. The seven-track release begins with a short instrumental, "Presentation (Under The Willow)," before the band dive into their vintage sound on the nearly eight-minute "Like A Giant In A Cage." Their sound gets more aggressive on "The Grave Is A River," which sounds like a combination of seventies rockers Deep Purple and Jethro Tull. Witchwood's vibe is certainly nostalgic on their delivery of "Flaming Telepaths," before finishing their newly released album with the twelve-minute, progressive rock epic, "Handful Of Stars," which displays the band's outstanding musicianship. To find out more about Witchwood and their latest release "Handful Of Stars," please visit their Facebook page at

Monday, July 22, 2019

New Cover Albums By British Punk Legends U.K. Subs & The Members, Plus The Latest "Punk Goes Acoustic"

What began in 2000 as a way to get punk music to reach the general masses, the "Punk Goes" series has reached its 19th volume titled "Punk Goes Acoustic, Volume 3." Former releases included award-winning artists performing some of their favorite pop songs and Christmas carols. It has been twelve years since the last volume of "Punk Goes Acoustic" was released and this new installment is a welcome addition to the family.

The new release begins with Dance Gavin Dance pouring their all into an intimate performance of their song "Story Of My Bros." Highlights of this set include a gentle run through Taking Back Sunday's "A Decade Under The Influence" and Mayday Parade's emotional rendition of "Take This To Heart." Don Broco add a pop/dance beat to "Come Out To LA," which feel slightly out of place on this release, while "Okay" by As It Is becomes unrecognizable in this mellow setting, which is the perfect reason to keep the "Punk Goes" series going. To find out more about "Punk Goes Acoustic, Volume 3," please visit

British punk legends, U.K. Subs stepped out of their comfort zone last year to record covers of some of their favorite songs from the likes of David Bowie, MC5 and Motorhead. This year, they return with part two of their covers project titled "Subversions II." It was released back in June and features a dozen new cover tunes, beginning with the song "Diversion," which was an underground hit for the British pop band, The Equals. Many of the songs on this new release are well-known rock classics that the U.K. Subs put their own spin on. They speed up Donovan's folk/pop ballad "Season Of The Witch" and Tom Petty's "You Wreck Me," but find more comfort in their own renditions of The Stooges' "Search And Destroy" and The Who's "My Generation." The U.K. Subs finish off their new album with an all-out punk assault on Queen's "We Will Rock You" and The Rolling Stones' early classic, "The Last Time." The U.K. Subs will be hitting the road this fall with a string of dates in the U.K. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their latest release "Subversions II," please visit

Fellow U.K. punk band, The Members have also released a new album of cover songs titled "Version." The Members had a couple of hit singles in late-seventies and early eighties in the U.K. and Australia, before calling it quits in 1983. After 24 years apart, The Members reunited for a string of shows in 2008 and have been recording and performing on a regular basis since then. Their new album features fourteen tracks, beginning with a ska-like rendition of Prince's "When You Were Mine." The Members seem to be having fun with their choices as songs by Abba and Grandmaster Flash seem out of their comfort zone, but sound great. They deliver a reggae sound to the Buzzcocks' "What Do I Get" and John Holt's "Police In Helicopter." They also flex their punk muscle with covers of The Ramones' "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" and Johnny Thunders' "Chinese Rocks." The Members wrap up their new album with a spot on version of The Velvet Underground's "Waiting For My Man." The Members are currently on the road with a list of shows in the U.K. For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about their latest release "Version," please visit

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Lionel Richie Brings All Of His Hits To The Mohegan Sun Arena

Legendary music icon Lionel Richie is taking his hits on the road this summer, as he performed Saturday night to a packed arena at Mohegan Sun. The stop is part of his "Hello Hits Tour" and this tour follows a residency that Richie performed out in Law Vegas, which will also supply a new live album later this year.

Many of the fans in attendance grew up on Lionel Richie's music, as his music touched people in different ways. Richie explained that he would see people in the audience crying during a "happy" song and see other people laughing during a "sad" song. One thing was for sure, that everyone in that arena knew every word to his songs.

Immediately following the night's opening song, "Running With The Night," Lionel Richie received a loud standing ovation, the first of many that evening. Richie was very personable with the crowd, telling stories and making jokes, while being genuinely amazed at the response he received that evening.

The audience sang along to his many hits, including "You Are" and "Stuck On You," before leaving their seats to the excitement of one of Richie's biggest hits "Dancing On The Ceiling." He would also pay respect to his seventies career when Richie was a member of the funk/soul group, The Commodores, performing melody of classics like "Fancy Dancer," "Sweet Love" and "Lady (You Bring Me Up)." 

One of the sweetest moments of the night was when Lionel Richie stopped in the middle of one of his stories to point out a little girl in the audience who was fully enjoying the show. The ninety-plus minute performance capped off with the dance club favorite "Brick House," the undeniable "Hello," the outstanding "Say You Say Me" and a sing-along to "We Are The World."

Nobody exited the arena, knowing that there was one more song that needed to be played by the legendary artist. After a quick change to a white sequence jacket, Lionel Richie brought the house down with his number one hit single "All Night Long (All Night)."

With career that has lasted over five decades, Lionel Richie continues to entertain his loyal fans that have grown up on his music. Whether young or old, Lionel Richie's music has been a part of everyone's soundtrack to life.

Setlist: Running With The Night, Easy/My Love, Penny Lover, Truly, You Are, Stuck On You, Dancing On The Ceiling, Three Times A Lady, Sail On, Fancy Dancer/Sweet Love/Lady (You Bring Me Up), Just To Be Close To You, Endless Love, Brick House/Fire, Hello, Say You Say Me, We Are The World
Encore: All Night Long (All Night) 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

New Highly Anticipated August Releases From Beth Bombara, Eilen Jewell and Rob Laufer

Arriving August 9th, is the latest release from Americana music artist Beth Bombara. Her new album "Evergreen" was inspired by the works of Tom Petty and Aimee Mann, while spending time in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains. She starts off her new album with rich melodic rock tones of "I Only Cry When I'm Alone" and the more upbeat country rock vibe of "Upside Down." One of the highlights of Beth's new album is the wonderful roots-filled sweetness of "Tenderhearted," as her vocals and lyrics perfectly match the music. She slows down for the gentle, inspirational ballad "Growing Wings" and the blues of "Good News," before wrapping up her new album with the heartfelt emotions of "All Good Things." To find out more about Beth Bombara and her latest release "Evergreen," please visit

Another highly anticipated August release features the first collection of original new music in four years from singer/songwriter Eilen Jewell. Her new album "Gypsy" will arrive on August 16th and features a dozen new compositions that will have you fall in love with her music all over again. She kicks things off with the country rocker "Crawl," as she starts off strong with this memorable number. Eilen continues with the more laid-back country swagger of "Miles To Go" and the nostalgic vibe of "You Cared Enough To Lie." Eilen showcases her beautiful vocals on the ballad "Gypsy," before the classic honky-tonk sound of "These Blues." She finishes her album with the quiet softness of "Who Else But You" and the acoustic folk ballad "Fear." Eilen Jewell is currently on tour in the U.S. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about her new album "Gypsy," please visit

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Rob Laufer is preparing to release his first new album of music in almost a decade. The album titled "The Floating World" will be released on August 23rd and was inspired by the music of Bon Iver and the untimely passing of Tom Petty. He starts off his new release with the poetic lyrics of "Avalanche," while Laufer and pedal steel guitarist, Dave Pearlman lay down the perfect melody. The album continues with the traveling tune of "Highway Machine" and the more up-tempo acoustic shuffle of "Bolt Of Blue." He keeps the energy flowing with the steady rock rhythm of "Space + Time," before slowing down for the quiet acoustic folk ballad "Fence." Rob Laufer finishes his new album with the upbeat energy of "As Long As You Belong" and the swinging acoustic rhythm of "Hippie Love." To find out more about Rob Laufer and his latest release "The Floating World," please visit

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Paul McCartney Archives Latest Releases Delivers A Treasure Of Live Vinyl Albums

Back on July 12th, MPL, Capitol Records and UMe joined forces to release a decade spanning set of new vinyl LPs from Paul McCartney. It features newly remastered versions of "Wings Over America" (1976), "CHOBA B CCCP" (1988), "Paul Is Live" (1993)" and for the first time in its entirety, the full "Amoeba Gig" performance. All four releases come in a number of different configurations, which includes colored vinyl, black 180-gram vinyl and also on CD.

The gem of this new treasure is the official release of Paul McCartney's performance at Amoeba Records on June 27, 2007. This once-in-a-lifetime performance took place in front of one of McCartney's most intimate crowds of only a few hundred fans, as he performed songs from his most recent release "Memory Almost Full" and of course classics from The Beatles and his own solo career. The sound on this new vinyl release of the "Amoeba Gig" is exceptional. You can feel the deep bass groove of "Drive My Car, before warming up to the wonderful acoustic strumming of "Dance Tonight," "Calico Skies" and "Blackbird." McCartney gets a little emotional when he performs "Here Today," which he dedicates to his former songwriting partner, John Lennon. Even though this was recorded in a record store, the raw power of "Back In The USSR," "I Got A Feeling" and "Get Back" are noticeably striking and will certainly shake your speakers. Plus, to add even more excitement to this new release is a vinyl-only soundcheck recording of "Coming Up."

The other Paul McCartney live solo release in this set is "Paul Is Live," which was remastered at Abby Road Studios for this new vinyl version. It definitely sounds noticeable better than its original 2 CD release from the mid-nineties. The acoustic performances that take up the entire second side of this vinyl set, just lays out beautifully as a perfect unplugged set. The horns on "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Penny Lane" are sharp, but not piercing as the loudness is certainly in check on this new version. The energy of "Lady Madonna" and "Live And Let Die" is also felt, as you crank up the volume. The soundcheck on side four of this double LP set, has never sounded better and is a much welcome addition to the vinyl.

This set of new releases is rounded out by the former Russian only vinyl release of Paul McCartney's "CHOBA B CCCP" album. It features Paul performing covers of some rock and roll standards like "Twenty Flight Rock" and "That's All Right Mama." This new remastered vinyl version sounds stellar and the artwork keeps all the original Russian notes on the back cover. The original Capitol label on the vinyl is also a nice touch, as you can hear Paul's love for performing these classics during a jam session with some British musicians in East Sussex.

The "Wings Over America" triple vinyl release follows its 2013 box set release as part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection series. It was originally only reissued on CD and now a new triple, colored-LP set takes its proper place as one of Paul McCartney's greatest live albums. This release also includes a copy of the original souvenir poster that came with the original vinyl issue of this album. To find out more about these new releases from the Paul McCartney Archives, please visit

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Dickey Betts Band Keeps The Spirit Of The Allman Brothers Band Alive With "Ramblin' Man"

Guitarist, singer, songwriter Dickey Betts (original member of The Allman Brothers Band) returned from an extended hiatus to begin performing live once again with The Dickey Betts Band. Members of the band include his son Duane Betts, Frankie Lombardi, Mike Kach, Pedro Arevalo, Damon Fowler and Steve Camilleri. On July 26th, The Dickey Betts Band will release their first live album in over a decade and it features their historic 2018 performance at the St. George Theatre in New York. It will be released on CD and on vinyl, as well as capturing the entire performance on Blu-ray.

The 90-minute set features a load of The Allman Brothers Band classics, beginning with the blazing back-to-back instrumentals "Hot 'Lanta" and "Blue Sky." The show also includes a guest performance from Devon Allman (son of Gregg Allman) on The Allman Brothers Band original "Midnight Rider." The highlight of the night is certainly the 21-minute jam of "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed," as the band sound in perfect unison. Dickey Betts and Mike Kach take the lead vocals on "Whipping Post" and "Ramblin' Man," before closing out the evening with a jazzy rendition of "Jessica." To find out more about The Dickey Betts Band's new live album "Ramblin' Man: Live At The St. George Theatre," please visit

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

New Music From Indie-Rock Bands Custard Flux, Towner, The Prime and Radio Free Honduras

From Detroit, MI comes the sophomore effort titled "Echo" from the psychedelic rock band Custard Flux. Custard Flux is led by multi-instrumentalist Curvey, who also leads the progressive, psych-rock band, The Luck Of Eden Hall for over 30 years. The new eight-track album begins with the up-lifting, rock/pop melody of "Supernatural," which would have fit in perfectly during the sixties "summer of love." Custard Flux continue with the more experimental instrumentation of the title song "Echo" and the nostalgic British pop/rock vibe of "America." Custard Flux wrap up their new album with the acoustic build-up of "Gold" and the six-minute, final trip of "Suns And Daughters," which showcases the wonderful songwriting talents of Curvey on this latest release. To find out more about Custard Flux and their latest release "Echo," please visit

Next, from Ann Arbor, MI comes the debut release from the four-piece alternative rock band, Towner. The new four-song EP was recorded live (mostly) and showcases the addictive quality of their raw, garage-rock sound. They begin with the uptempo, pop-rock anthem of "Freaks In Common," as their minimalist approach draws you into their sound. The short, thirteen-minute EP keeps the energy flowing with "Calm Down," before closing with the nostalgic, new wave appeal of "Moving Target." To find out more about Towner and their new self-titled EP, please visit

Moving on to Chicago comes the latest release "Eternal Sky" from the alternative rock band, The Prime. The new five song release signals the 2.0 version of the band, which re-grouped back in 2018. The band's original beginning dates back almost a decade ago, but this latest release features a strong showing of commitment. They kick things off with "Paradox," a rock number that slowly draws you into the band's sound, as you get hooked by its chorus. They pick the energy up with "Live On" and display a heavier rock sound on "Simple Town," before closing their new short release with the power pop melody of the title song "Eternal Sky." To find out more about The Prime and their latest release "Eternal Sky," please visit

Finally we arrive at the Chicago-based Latin band Radio Free Honduras, who recently released their new album titled "Mis Suenos." It features only six tracks performed by a diverse collection of musicians from the Chicago area, lead by Dan Abu-Absi (guitarist for JT and The Clouds). The album also includes contributions from Charlie Baran, who was an original member of the Honduran musical group Banda Blanca. The songs on this new release are all sung in Spanish, except for their cover of Badfinger's "No Matter What." The music on this album contains a Santana-inspired Latin rock flair, as displayed in the opening track "Suavecito." Radio Free Honduras perform a Spanish cover of Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again," giving the song that mariachi band vibe. They finish up their new album with the Latin flair of "La Negra Tomasa (Bilongo)" and the emotional acoustic delivery of "Dulce Y Delicada." To find out more about Radio Free Honduras and their latest release "Mis Suenos," please visit

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Alan Simon Tackles The French Revolution With "Chouans" & Magma Revisits Their Past With "Zess"

Composer Alan Simon, creator of the legendary "Excalibur" rock opera series, returns with his musical interpretation of the French Revolution. The two-disc set titled "Chouans" was released back in May to coincide with the 230th anniversary of the beginning of the revolution. Simon uses his knowledge of the "Excalibur" rock opera to bring together the worlds of classical music and rock to make an outstanding statement.

The complete 23-song set start out with the strong, exciting energy of the beginning "Overture" and the striking "L'Incorruptible." Simon also points out the hardships of the French Revolution with the ballads "Ma France, Mon Esperance" and "L'Amazone." The way they are sung (in French), with such beauty and grace, allows the listener to feel what is being sung in each song. The straight up rock of "L'Infernale Dase" and "God Save The King" will place Alan Simon among some of the best songwriters in progressive rock music.

He closes out his new musical with the passion of "Un Nouveau Monde" and the inspirational build-up of "Le Vent De La Memoire." To find out more about Alan Simon's latest work "Chouans," please visit

The French progressive rock band Magma return with their new studio album "Zess." The release features a seven track suite that's origins date back to 1977. The "Zess" suite debuted at a concert in 1979 and became part of the band's concert repertoire until 1983, when it was retired for good, until this new release. Now, for the first time in it's 38-minute entirety is "Zess," performed by Magma, in association with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. While the words may be a mystery, unless you speak French, the music and the harmonies are amazing and finally have their proper place among the rest of the extensive Magma catalog. To find out more about their new release "Zess," please visit

Monday, July 15, 2019

Classic Albums By Bob Marley And John Lee Hooker Get New Anniversary Vinyl Releases

Back on June 14th, The Marley Family, Island Records and UMe celebrated the 35th anniversary of the best-selling reggae album of all time, Bob Marley & The Wailers' "Legend" with a new double vinyl release. Just five years earlier, to mark the 30th Anniversary of "Legend" album, a new remastered double, color vinyl set was released with the addition of of the U.K. only bonus tracks "Easy Skanking" and Punky Reggae Party."

So how do you make it even better for the 35th anniversary? First off, for this new re-issue of "Legend," the record company took the original "BMW1" versions of the songs (not the remixes) and remastered them for this new double, black vinyl release. Every care went into the new 180-gram pressing of this timeless album on vinyl. You can certainly hear the separation of the vocals and instruments, as the harmonies of I-Threes (Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths) come shining through on the tracks "Easy Skanking" and "Satisfy My Soul." The clarity, along with the quietness makes this the new benchmark and the must own version of this album on vinyl. To find out more about the new 35th anniversary release of Bob Marley & The Wailers' "Legend," please visit

Another classic album getting reissued is "The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker." Back in 1959, three different labels gathered the recordings of John Lee Hooker for his different debut albums. The Chess label released "House Of Blues," the Vee-Jay label released "I'm John Lee Hooker" and the Riverside label released "The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker." This last release has become one of the pinnacles of Hooker's career, as it gathered thirteen acoustic blues numbers that showcased the sound of John Lee Hooker at its most basic. The songs only featured Hooker with an acoustic guitar performing traditional songs like "How Long Blues" and "Good Mornin', Lil' School Girl." The legendary John Lee Hooker is know for his storied lyrics, as displayed in the songs "She's Long, She's Tall, She Weeps Like A Willow Tree" and "I Rowed A Little Boat." Even as he was only entering his early 40's, John Lee Hooker played the blues well beyond his years.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this landmark blues album, Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio remastered the recordings from the original master tapes. The Craft Recordings label will release this new remastered version of "The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker" on 180-gram vinyl on August 2nd. To find out more about this new vinyl edition, please visit