Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Alan Simon Tackles The French Revolution With "Chouans" & Magma Revisits Their Past With "Zess"

Composer Alan Simon, creator of the legendary "Excalibur" rock opera series, returns with his musical interpretation of the French Revolution. The two-disc set titled "Chouans" was released back in May to coincide with the 230th anniversary of the beginning of the revolution. Simon uses his knowledge of the "Excalibur" rock opera to bring together the worlds of classical music and rock to make an outstanding statement.

The complete 23-song set start out with the strong, exciting energy of the beginning "Overture" and the striking "L'Incorruptible." Simon also points out the hardships of the French Revolution with the ballads "Ma France, Mon Esperance" and "L'Amazone." The way they are sung (in French), with such beauty and grace, allows the listener to feel what is being sung in each song. The straight up rock of "L'Infernale Dase" and "God Save The King" will place Alan Simon among some of the best songwriters in progressive rock music.

He closes out his new musical with the passion of "Un Nouveau Monde" and the inspirational build-up of "Le Vent De La Memoire." To find out more about Alan Simon's latest work "Chouans," please visit cherryred.co.uk

The French progressive rock band Magma return with their new studio album "Zess." The release features a seven track suite that's origins date back to 1977. The "Zess" suite debuted at a concert in 1979 and became part of the band's concert repertoire until 1983, when it was retired for good, until this new release. Now, for the first time in it's 38-minute entirety is "Zess," performed by Magma, in association with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. While the words may be a mystery, unless you speak French, the music and the harmonies are amazing and finally have their proper place among the rest of the extensive Magma catalog. To find out more about their new release "Zess," please visit seventhrecords.com.

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