Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Check Out The Return Of Alliance, Stranded and American Tears With Their Latest Releases

The trio of guitarist Gary Pihl (Boston), drummer David Lauser (Sammy Hagar) and vocalist/bassist Robert Berry (Greg Kihn Band) have finally regrouped for a new Alliance album. The new release titled "Fire And Grace" features a dozen new tracks. It will be the trio's first album in over a decade, as a renewed sense of energy flows through their new songs. The album kicks off with the sonic blast of "The Wheel Keeps On Turning" and the up-tempo rhythm-fueled rocker "Good Life." They display a more progressive rock approach to "Uncertain," while "I'll Have Some Of That" is pure gold, highlighted by Pihl's stellar solo and Berry's strong vocal delivery. Alliance showcase their more pop/rock oriented sound with the radio-built anthem "Time," that just grabs your attention and keeps you focused from start to finish. They wrap up their new album with the intense, hard rock assault of "Reason" and the power ballad "The Same." Alliance released their new album "Fire And Grace" back in May, for more information, please visit

Also recently released was the latest album titled "New Dawn" by the band, Stranded. Led by multi-instrumentalist Lewis Nitikman (Stonebolt) and vocalist Troy Reid (Agent), this new eleven-song release focuses more on the melody, in order to make these songs an enjoyable, relaxing experience. They begin with the keyboard driven, mellow pop/rock tone of "Not Enough Sorry" and the Latin rhythmic flair of "I'll Be The One." The beautiful piano ballad of "Power Of Love" and "Arrow" along with the jazz vibe of "More Than Words Can Say" showcase the diversity in their brand of music. Stranded close out their new album with "Cindy," and "I Believe In This Love," the two most rock-oriented tracks on this release. To find out more about Stranded and this new album "New Dawn," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release from the keyboard trio, American Tears. Their history dates back to the mid-seventies when they released their first couple of studio albums on Columbia Records. Now 45 years later they return with the latest release "White Flags" (only the band's fifth full-length album). Beginning with the eighties, keyboard frenzy of "Turn U On," American Tears are prepared to take you on a journey with their electronic brand of pop/rock music. They get things rocking with "Wake Up City" and "Hell Or High Water," as their sound shifts to a seventies-style Deep Purple sound. Next, they deliver a progressive rock epic with the nine-minute adventure "Fire Down Below," before slowing things down for the power ballad "Give Me More." American Tears wrap up their new album with a return to the eighties rock vibe of "Love Is Love" and the modern inspiration of the album's title song "White Flags." To find out more about American Tears and their latest release "White Flags," please visit

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